AIDA, a marketing method to identify the purchase process

AIDA, what do you want to say?

AIDA is a public acronym that has a reference model for marketers. Original formula by American publisher Elias St. Elmo Lewis at the end of the 19th century to structure a sales discourse, this popularization plus review by copywriter Gary Halbert. The 4 phases of the decision according to this methodology correspond to the phases that fulfill the message of a publicist and the consumer, but in the future the act of action or an action marketing.

This publishing method is designed to attract and convert a potential customer into a customer, a visitor into an acquirer on a website, in a magazine, through an email campaign or any type of marketing. AIDA provides an easy-to-use reflection framework to map out customer parks and create a conversion tunnel.

Each definition phase for the AIDA concept is specific:

  • Attention: Attirer, Capter l’Attention du Consumer,
  • Interests: susciter, aiguiser son interêt,
  • Desire: to provoke, to stimulate their descent,
  • Action: Start the action, declare the action.

The AIDA method can be used as part of an inbound marketing strategy, direct marketing or operational marketing to create any type of content or marketing action, as an email campaign, as a mailing post, as a banner on a website or as a landing page.

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As attention

In the course of this first phase, it is difficult to find the ability to tighten the cable and this is the first second of issuing the message, all to pull a face in competition. The advertising message should be found in the future as well as the prospect of being able to recognize your brand and products or services that are commercialized.

There are several ways to annotate the cable:

  • Use strong images, visual animations with vivid colors,
  • soigner son accroche avec un titre percutant et une police qui va attirer le respect,
  • personalize an email campaign in relation to the prospectus in order to show you your address directly,
  • create the surprise, sort the content of your context, use the humor to see a message,
  • Communicate about a promotion, a new…

The content and its apparent visual representation represent the two fundamental elements of this phase. The context of the message and its execution is almost equally good, a function of the strategy of the masses in the field.

On the Internet

Une fois quos vous avez réussi à capter l’attention de votre prospect, la deuxième phase de la méthode AIDA consiste à susciter son interêt envers le product ou le service quos vous souhaitez lui vendre, ou l’action que vous Attendez de sa part. Convient alors de le convaincre de son utilité en créant une connection between le message délivré et le besoin auquel il va repondre.

For this it is necessary to know well. Employing people with more attention in the prospect of paying more than just waiting for them. The promotional message should present the main characteristics of the product or service, all in the story of a story or anecdote that touches the prospect. The title and first sentences are essential: they must be short and relevant to capture the Cible’s interest.

D for Desir

This is the final stage before the sale. She will always provoke the imprisonment of the prospect exposed in the advertising message. The agit ici de montrer les avantages de l’offre et en quoi elle doit être unresistible aux yeux de la cible. The goal: to develop is to be able to produce the service, use it and live a unique experience with the proposed solution.

To set Parmi les actions, it is possible to prepend:

  • of textual content, with a list of functionalities in the form of lists,
  • of illustrations,
  • explainer videos,
  • of home study,
  • the facts of persons who have used the product or service…

Feeling of support for a community, for the most important or important issues, represents an effective effort to use the framework of this 3rd stage.

As an action

After you have the potential of the customer to spend these different stages of the course, this is the moment to pass on the act that you have to pay so that you have the opportunity to market a product or a product with an action. Using a CTA (or call to action) makes it easier to convert a decision into a specific action:

  • in an email: visit a webpage by clicking on a CTA,
  • on a website: click on a promotional offer and accept your payment for the transaction,
  • on a landing page: ask to test a demo or rappel,
  • in a form: download a piece of content, a blank book…

It is also possible with the feeling of a rarity of a product (dissolution of a stock), the urgency of the main agent (in addition to the last minute) or another exceptional character (its price is low, a cadeau ou a decree against money) for help at conversion.

The alternatives to the AIDA method

If the formula is very useful in marketing, it is also extremely critical. The different stages of the agate process are not determined by the emphasis on considering other stages, such as trust or trust in fidelity, which intervene in customer parks after the agate act. Parmi les autres elements missing du model AIDA, les critiques pointent du doigt l’influence croissante liée à la notoriété de la marque, qui peut faire la difference au be du processus.

Ainsi, deux autres alternatives au model léé il ya plus de 100 ans existent pour s’adapter au mieux aux nouvelles habititudes de consommation et d’achat, en integrant la notion deconfance envers la marque et la Satisfaction Client après l’acte d ‘Buy :

  • the AIDAS model : attention, interest, desire, action and contentment,
  • the AIDCAS model : attention, internet, desire, trust, action and contentment.

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