All the news from Rennes SB for the start of the 2022 school year

It was during a press conference, given this Wednesday, May 11, that the Rennes School of Business unveiled its prospects for the start of the new school year in September 2022. Academic excellence, programs … A look at the main news of the school of management for the coming new year.

Rennes SB: academic excellence as a priority

For this new beginning of September 2022, the Rennes School of Business wishes to place academic and pedagogical excellence at the center of its concerns. First of all, and not least, the management school intends to expand its faculty with the arrival of 15 new teachers, carefully selected and with an average of ten years of professional experience.

Indeed, Rennes SB attaches great importance to the recruitment of its professors and their involvement in the academic aspect of the school. Thomas Froehlicher, general manager of the plant, says: We want to give the best to our students and we are looking for teachers who bring real added value to our teaching. We also want perfect parity and hope to reach 50% of female teachers at the start of the school year in September 2022.

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Main news for Rennes SB programs

During this conference on Wednesday 11 May, Rennes SB announced the reform that will affect the Degree in Management of the school, with a 100% pass French. The school knows that the international environment attracts many students and intends to attract some as well. To do this, Rennes SB announces the launch of a 100% course in English, focused on professionalization and internationality. The aim is also to increase the number of international students.

The tone of the Bachelor in Management is also slightly modified with a strengthening of the CSR component as well as the project Reciprocity, during which students work in partnership with an NGO for a full semester. This experience contributes greatly to the development of their professional skills.

Béatrice Rabet, program director at Rennes SB, also said that there will be an evolution on the work-study side. The school intends to open new work-study places for its students, allowing them to perfect their professionalization and meet the strong demand from them, but also from recruiting companies. The school’s work-study offer began with the PGE, and then extended to the third year of the three-year and master’s degrees.

Furthermore, Rennes SB announces that there will be a differentiated offer per campus, from the beginning of the academic year 2022. If the Rennes branch, which will soon host student residenceswill still host the Bachelor, the PGE and the 15 MSc, those in Paris will be dedicated to apprenticeship training, also to the Bachelor and three Masters of Sciences: International Finance, Digital Marketing Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

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International at the Rennes School of Business

We want to make sense of the international says Thomas Froehlicher. The management school places international at the center of its training and PGE. He wants to offer his students real opportunities beyond the borders of France.

Thomas Froehlicher continues on his ambitions: ” 10 years ago 60% of our foreign students came from China, today they are only 30%. We have thus reduced our dependence on China in half and new countries have entered our landscape, such as India, which now accounts for 14% of our foreign students, Latin America, 20%, or even Asia. South, United States, Canada and West Africa. Furthermore, we want to get closer to Europe and its schools, like ours. In these times, our proximity to Europe is more important than ever.

In addition, the Rennes School of Business has announced the signing of new double degree agreements abroad. Students on the Grande École program will be able to attend Lancaster University, Vilnius University or UAS BFI Vienna. A partnership is being signed with Kingston University.

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