An original CV, McDo command control device, to grant a first job

INSOLITE – Condemn a CDI in the study variety who was not lightly chosen, especially at this time. Alors, Thibault Hébert has an idea of ​​his own: Postuler chez McDonald’s with a CV … like the menu that comes from the automatic command in the fast food kitchen.

The 24-year-old young man, who graduated from a business school in strategic marketing and communication in Montpellier, will graduate in October. Depuis la mi-juin, il recherche son premier emploi. Being an active candidacy, he quickly agreed that he would be interested in recruiting face-to-face with the variety of resumes required to be inventive.

The brand image, a definition

You can find the communication fee at McDonald’s on the site and familiarize yourself with the proposed missions. “It corresponded to what I did in my alternative to Peugeot. Depuis tout petit, j’aime McDo, meme si je n’y vais pas tous les jours,confie-t-il au HuffPost. And the best experience he can have is working in a company with an image recognized worldwide but also in France.”

The young man and voit un défi: contribute to the positivity of the McDonald’s brand image.

In fact, the offer is one of the most important things to find, and usually Thibault would say, “12 to 14 days to respond, after that I think recruits are too many candidates.” It looks like many days of inspiration , in vain.

19 hours on Photoshop

The goal is in an Insignia restaurant and commands to vending machines. “I know you are the lender, why not make it because my work is the identity of the brand and the customer experience. And it can be made easier to represent a numeric interface on paper that has, say, a BigMac sandwich,” sourit-il.

Ni une, ni deux, le jeune homme se plonge dans la realization de sa creation. “A la base, je voulais faire ça sur une seule page. But I don’t want you to be too busy and like the Bornes the menu is run down I want to poke fun at the little ones. Two days and 19 hours of Photoshop plus tard, the result is amazing.

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

Capture d’écran LinkedIn, Thibault Hebert

“Summary of Your Command”

On July 22, Thibault submitted his candidacy. You can also post a poster on LinkedIn’s resume to find the time to “fit well into the recruiting stack.” “I don’t want to be able to do things that you can’t measure by force, and the object doesn’t have to do that.”

Cinq jours plus tard, il se lance. And find an immediate successor. “I have more than one day in the department. les 4-5 premier jours, je suis passé de 0 à 20,000 ‘j’aime’, se remémore-t-il. It’s great content, but you can tell me what to do, you don’t see it at all.

Thank you on LinkedIn

And the latest views: 1.8 million per moment, over 1,500 comments and 900 packages. Malgré “some annoying comments, like “I don’t understand what you’re posting about McDo”, Thibault a“ I say a lot of messages that help me have a good chance and make me feel good about my boldness and creativity” .

A riot for the young man. “I want to be a staff standpoint to bring this creation to fruition. Related to LinkedIn visibility, I’m very excited to bring my skills to Photoshop and I’m ready to put it to work today.”

In Parmi’s comments on the social network, the names of the responsible McDonald’s are identified. “One of the recruitment charts in my post will appear and I will be privately messaged on LinkedIn to promote a premier telephony event.”

A first stage that can be done well, the Thibault can pass a meeting between March 18 and the person in charge of the post. An entry that is “passed well” will be.

Protect feet on the ground

“I am confident that I will be able to inject a mix of the buzz LinkedIn which is a very important goal for you with the help of people who are unable to reply to you, that is dommage de leur part ‘, et le fait que mon profile profile interest.

Le jeune homme saura en septembre s’il a obtenu ou non le poste. .

In all cases, Thibault could make a mistake. The Message from Expert Messages proposed to “integrate a group’s communication/marketing service” and carry over to other announcements for the “brand manager” posts.

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