Answer the question “Why are you and others doing this?” in entretia

In a phase of recruitment, the questions of a commitment that paralyze the simplest are generally for those who want to be prepared. “Why do you and others?” It’s one of those classic questions that’s very important to type. The fake donc is conventionally primed to strike a good balance between humility and persuasion.

“Why you and another?” »This question is usually the goal at the end of the event to assess your motivation and the tone of the company integration. The recruiter is looking for the right to be here once you have made the most of your post and bravely find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no ability to ignore other candidates.

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The rules for answering the question “Why do you and others?”

Describe your skills and qualifications

Le fait d’exceller dans plusieurs domaines ne signifie pas forcement que tu es obliges de tous les detailler le jour de l’entretien. Eligible recruits are candidates who provide details and facts. It is highly recommended to select the key elements that you can appreciate on the day of the event and choosing when to agree to the post description and tasks that may be important to you.

For example, we have the tips to remember your passwords. You are unable to respond appropriately “I am very excited about the sale and am a real attraction for the relationship and the contact customer“Without pretense and specific precision. It is the report of anecdotes that these words are prendront tout leur sens and that your interlocutor does not understand.

See the balance between modesty and confidence in soy

To answer that you are the best person on this question is suicidal. The Recruiters look forward to all the humble people who are desperate for new stories and to grow into their children. As explained by Jay Florestal, RH is said to be from L’Oréal: What he wanted to do beforehand, at least before the remarks and experiences mentioned in the CV, is basically the potential that makes a candidate. We are looking for the effect of brilliant diamonds used to make and make the best. We offer candidates the ability to be employable and employable.”

You can talk about compatibility with the job and the ability of the team to work. The search has the effect of profiles that bring real added value and that the font is very modest. En imant imbu de toi-même et arrogant, tu feras fuir le recruiteur et, par la meme occasion, tes chances d’inter l’entreprise.

You return to the entrance

Report #1: Answer this question without preparation

answer what you are”main part of this action“What you are doing”Reasons for posting“Without dismantling, they are not adjusted. You have to keep in mind that the recruiter wanted to rate you Difficult Skills (Compétences Techniques et savoir-faire), Mais également et surtout tes soft skills (Ability to work in groups and communication etc.). In addition to the answers and short arguments, you have the opportunity to involve this company.

Mistake #2: Refusing to answer the question

To ensure that honor is not strong, the good strategy is to live in this house. Ask for an answer to this question and an answer that you are not ready to enter it. The recruiter will also determine that you have no interest in the company and that the company has no interest in the force.

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Entertainment: Some examples of responses to the report

Example #1

« You mentioned that you are looking for someone who can afford a team of plus people and is very interested in social media. I have the opportunity to complete several stages at the same time as a community manager and team member. J’essie toujours d’être à l’écoute des gens qui m’entourent pour savoir ce dont ils ont besoin et répondre de manière precisione à ce qu’ils recherchent. In my previous roles, I am motivated by my colleges to visit objective objects. I have a solid experience in social media marketing. Last year I participated in the launch of a massive advertising campaign with a 200% increase in Instagram subscriptions. »

Why is it a good answer?

The candidate is unable to provide details and factual information. It’s almost a cipher example that can be used to deploy some of them in your company.

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Example #2

“The job description is the only thing that makes you look for someone who has solid communication skills and a rapport with clients. Lors de me precedente fonctions, j’ai collaboré avec de nombreuses entreprises de renom. I tried to trust in the long term. I love you so much, in a way like mine, communication is the key to justice. I would like to take care of the availability and transparency of my customers. If you are accepted for this position, you cannot challenge my decision to contribute to the development of your company. »

Why is it a good answer?

This answer does not provide the details of the main points of the candidate’s candidacy, but he also gave an opinion on the performance of his clients. She will also comment on the relationship between the owner and the owner of the company.

Example #3

“I don’t want you to say you have more qualitative qualifications. Et, me si je suis loin d’être parfaite, je pense que, grâce à my competencies et à ma détermination, je dépasserai de loin vos attentes pour ce rôle, non seulement parce que j’ai fait mes preuves en matière de ventes et of the marketing strategy, but also that I have solid skills. My manager also has a demand for an animator of business ensemble presentations on the best manners and to build a solid life with clients in the way of offering our services plus attractions. »

Why is it a good answer?

The candidate should be able to accept humility and recognize that other candidates are better suited for the job. Toutefois, elle poursuit en explicant que son atout principal est son intelligence émotionnelle, qui se trouve être l’une des competences les plus importantes recherchées par les les Contours aujourd’hui. She also brought a selection of concrete examples to be offered.

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