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The company AntVoice has carried out a mapping of AdTechs 100% made in France that provide media to advertisers: “the French alternative”. A total of 94 companies divided into 11 categories. In addition to this attribution, the company has also created a directory for advertisers to contact these AdTechs. Commentary with Alban Peltier, CEO of AntVoice.

Why did you do this mapping?

Over the past few months, the brands we’ve been in touch with have been giving us several strong signals. First, they are aware that their investment structure today is grossly unbalanced. It is enough to see the weight of the American platforms in the 2021 report on digital advertising in France prepared by the SRI to be convinced: 70% of digital investments go to Google, Amazon and Facebook, according to the SRI! And so 30% goes to the hundreds of gamers, management companies or adtechs that represent the open web that still accounts for more than 60% of the time spent on the internet! From this 70% several trends. There is a sharp increase in CPCs in search (30/40% in certain sectors since the start of last school year). There is a sharp drop in social performance with Apple’s new regulations requiring explicit consent to set a third-party cookie. For example, since much of Facebook’s usage occurs on the iPhone, the platform has been severely impacted by this disappearance of the third-party cookie and associated data. Ultimately, transparency is also lost. With new devices like Google Performance Max, a brand no longer really knows where their campaigns are actually being broadcast, with what formats, what strategies (acquisition or retargeting), what repetition, etc. This is a real problem, especially for the security brand!

Second, consumers are increasingly paying attention to the behavior of brands and broadcasters in relation to the management of their personal data and the quality of the advertising experience, and more generally to responsible use. And it is clear that the American platforms are not necessarily at the forefront of these struggles. Just think of the words of Facebook, which a few months ago threatened to pull out of Europe if GDPR imposed on it… Brands are therefore increasingly asking about the weight and durability of their investments on these platforms. Of course, investments in Google and Facebook aren’t going away, but we could see their market share falling in the coming years.

In addition, more and more brands are choosing to withdraw from social networks, for example Patagonia and Lush. And I think this is just the beginning! If a brand wants to reduce its investments in WHP, the only question is: what are the alternatives? With this logic, we started this mapping project a few months ago. The idea is to introduce the French Adtech team that can help advertisers find a better balance. This was called “La French Alternative”.

How would you define “the French alternative”?

If we take the picture of fashion, we can compare GAF (Google Amazon Facebook) with fast fashion and local actors with DNVB. As individuals, we often prefer to highlight the small, kind and responsible brands we carry. In advertising, it is exactly the opposite to this day. We must be able to create the same reflex in a CMO or an acquisitions manager and in the agencies. It must be “cooler” and more efficient to work with a local adtech or agency than with an American or Chinese platform that is not very responsible.

However, in order for an advertiser to find the right partner, they need to be helped to identify alternatives, as marketing teams often do not have the time to do this research, so that is the purpose of this mapping. We have identified almost a hundred companies incorporated in France and having their decision center in France, which can help brands invest their media budget better. We have divided the digital media providers Made in France, the famous French alternative, into 18 categories and sub-categories so that an advertiser can get an accurate list of potential partners for one of their themes (branding, prospecting, drive to store, membership, games), etc. ) in seconds.

What is your directory?

In addition to this mapping, we have created a complete directory with all identified companies and additional information to facilitate the search for marketing teams: presentation of the company’s offer, contact persons, etc. With this mapping and directory, it is now very easy to find the right alternative ! I have to say that this mapping has really had an extraordinary response in the digital advertising industry! We received dozens of messages from companies to participate, fill out their presentation form, etc. Everyone really played!

We really feel a movement emerging and at AntVoice we are very proud to be able to initiate this momentum! The French digital advertising team is on its way to big wins! It’s up to the marketing teams and general management of advertisers and agencies to grab the ball and trust local partners who are efficient, dedicated and accountable! insolence!

Answer to the point?

AntVoice is, in my opinion, representative of this beautiful team from France. Our mission is to help brands realize the full potential of the ad through a powerful and high-performance approach based on AI (targeting and trading algorithms) and responsible advertising management. We are happy to support dozens of brands, e-commerce or services such as Maisons du Monde, Orange Bank, Damart, Jules, etc. to optimize their attention, customer acquisition and loyalty. Since the beginning of the year, our business has grown by 50%, more than double the market growth! Things are really changing and we are excited to be a part of this dynamic!

To download the mapping and its directory it is here.

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