Are you finding the best content for your marketing?

The main question is to spare your comment from this game of this mass of information.

How can we keep and preserve the imprisonment of our customers, our potential customers and the centers of influence – what will happen to your social media or blog or newsletter?

Information versus communication

First, understand the difference between information and communication.

Informing is a unilateral act – you give information. Google is good for reading and answering people’s questions!

Communicate, that is in relation to the gens, open a dialogue. This is our object!

We have souvenirs, very souvenirs, with a tendency towards them informant the customers in the area communicate with eux. On partage un article, une etude, des static… Attention, je ne veux pas dire de ne pas partager ces informations – mon invitation est de les mettre en contexts.

The contexts are the emerging ideas

He gave me a souvenir and I found my ideas for writing this chronicle or the diffuse capsule ideas on my YouTube page. Quite simply: In my life you know everything!

Auto, voyez-vous, nos meilleures idee marketing font partie de notre quotidien.

  1. Meeting with a client

A customer who raised a question or question engages you in an interesting conversation about an important topic. Without the number, we do not have too many details about the situation, analyze the essence of the conversation and your recommendation – that’s exactly what I did in this capsule.

  1. Find out with a potential client

A prospective client, you have a part of a country, a concern, a question about a report you are making or reporting in your own way? You have an excellent opportunity to respond to this. And that’s exactly what I did in this capsule.

See what I’ve had to say over the years: lorsque qu’une personne vous demande une question ou vous fait part d’une préoccupation – il ya plusieurs autres personnes qui ont la meme, mais qui n’ont pas oser vous le other (or ask for advice!).

  1. Discussion with a center of influence

Are you discussing an issue or situation with a center of influence? Share it! The examples that I made more than one story in the form of a video to write the following story:

“Mardi Dernier, I’ve been arguing with Manon Tremblay, the ABC company, and we’ve exchanged questions to come up with marketing ideas and wrap up our conversation.”

Above all, if you mention (“tag”) the person on social media, you have the good points to double your visibility – your center of influence and yours.

  1. In everyday life

We have examples of all diaries of situations in Leo with our message – it suffers from taking time of consequence. I have told a story about the campfire and I want to enter the world between me and an essay about the campfire – a situation that can be considered a banner – and time management. The comments are hyper bons car gens pouvaient faire le lien entre example que j’ai donné et leur pratique d’affaires.

J’avoue que d’utiliser des faits de la vie quotidienne est ma façon preféfée de créer du content! Most of the strategies at hand, plus the main one, are very useful – I’d like to comment on the generalist’s capsule suite comments versus the gens specialist who will be asking the question.

Maintenant est-ce que je vous deconseille de partager un article, une etude, des static? Definitely no! My invitation is here to place a contexts Author of the information you need to share.

Get inspiration from your life, also write an article, study, the statics for your point.

You don’t have to search anything to find your content marketing – it’s important to take the time, take the time and consider what it is that is present in your life and use that as leverage.

Simplicity is the basis of a long-term strategy…

C’est toujours avec plaisir que je lis vos commentaires. You can help me find and stay in touch with social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, youtube and current Instagram.

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