Avril continues to expand its franchise


from Valentin Puaux

After the brand was founded in Lille in 2012 and launched as a franchise in 2019 via a first store in Rennes, founder Alexis Dhellemmes continues to expand his network in France. And always with the same goal of offering certified organic beauty products that are accessible to consumers. Explanations of the concept.

Make cosmetics organic and accessible to all. That is Alexis Dhellemmes’ aim when the Avril brand was launched in 2012, before opening a first store in Lille in 2016. The goal? Stand out from the competition with attractive prices, but above all inspire future customers to consume skin care, hygiene and make-up products more sustainably (calculate 8 euros for mascara, 7 euros for face care creams, 4 euros for pens.”Here we are ten years later with a network of 45 stores in France, including seven franchises. Namely that we opened our first stores in Paris and Rennes in branches, while the first of them to receive the franchise was that of Rennes in 2019.” says Alexis Dhellemmes, founder of the brand.

The Avril range of products (creams, toothpaste, essential oils, make-up, shampoo bar, etc.) is wide and is available both in stores and via the website or through specialized retailers (health food stores, pharmacies, institutes, etc.). With a turnover of 22.4 million euros (of which 11 million euros through its network of stores), the brand has a clear positioning: to offer cosmetics based on natural ingredients, certified organic and made in France, complying with European standards match and no more. No ingredients unknown to the general public or illegible, especially when seeking transparency in labeling, no samples or bond-forming gifts. The brand also doesn’t want redundant packaging.

“We don’t have a marketing and advertising budget. Our prices are lower according to our margins. That makes Avril attractive and successful.”continues Alexis Dhellemme


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So many valuessensible” this can encourage future franchisees to embark on the adventure. “Today we are looking for different profiles. Either people who want to work in stores, committed to operations, or people who are interested in developing networks of franchise stores, with an investor profile, for example, who already have several signs, but do not want to work there and build teams. Above all, we want to meet conceptual and environmentally conscious profiles. But it doesn’t have to be whether they come from retail or cosmetics.”continues Alexis Dhellemmes.

The latter, convinced of the franchise development model, also intends to open two new points of sale this summer, in Besançon and Poitiers.

We should also end the year with 55 outlets. The potential is 70 to 80 branches within three years with 10 to 12 new openings per year.”

Franchisee not necessarily from cosmetics

In practice, future franchisees must first present their project to the founder and then have the brand evaluate the city chosen for the company’s future location.to determine the potential of this location”, adds Alexis Dhellemmes. “We are not a target brand. We need flow before we do business. That is also the reason why we constantly adapt our layouts to the locations.”. Then comes the validation phase of the business account, then the maintenance of the logo and finally the time of the transfer of know-how.

Upon arrival in the network, future franchisees benefit from training on make-up products and techniques (this category represents 30% of the activities highlighted in each store by the presence of a make-up bar). Executives who are being trained to become shop managers are introduced to management and organizational techniques for a week in order to become familiar with “Checkout, warehouse, replenishment and customer service.”

Finally, 30,000 euros are required for the initial inventory (20,000 euros with good management) and 10,000 euros for the start-up. “You can also count on 1,500 euros per m² for the store layout designed with architects,” concludes the founder.

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