Best WordPress LiveChat Plugin: Make direct contact with your Internet users

What are the best Livechat plugins available on WordPress?

Having a website is nowadays essential for the growth of a business. Whether it’s a blog or an e-commerce site, increasing digitization requires you to have a platform if you want to thrive in the business world.

For this purpose, there are many platforms that can allow you to create your site. One of the most used is WordPress. It has many advantages, including great simplicity. It has many extensions that allow you to have a better optimization of your site and to interact with your customers. Among them, you will find the Livechat.

Find out through this article, the best Livechat plugins to create direct contact with your Internet users.

What is Livechat?

LiveChat is an English word that can be translated as live chat. It is more precisely a support that allows provide real-time instant messaging customer services. It is generally used to initiate discussions with visitors to a website or online store.

This discussion can be used to handle customer complaints in the post-sales stage or to answer questions in the pre-sales stage. This is a very popular strategy in relationship marketing these days.

Livechat has a multitude of benefits for which its use is important. If used sparingly and at the right time in the visitor’s journey, it is very beneficial. Indeed, it offers a unique opportunity for come into contact with unidentified visitors to a website. The goal is twofold.

In the first place, collect the contact details of these usually anonymous visitors and, later, generate trust through the recommendations. You can thus maximize the conversion rate of an e-commerce site. Because the more the customer is reassured, the more he will tend to buy.

However, despite the advantages it presents, the Livechat is also the subject of some controversy. The excessive use it can make visitors feel constantly observed. This might cause some be wary, especially when transmitting bank details. It would therefore be better not to harass Internet users on every page of the site with proactive solicitations.

On WordPress, Livechat extensions are mostly free. When they are well exploited, you find a maximization of the flow on your sites. You can find a whole range of them. To get the most out of it, it is important to make the right choice.

List of 5 LiveChat plugins for WordPress

Among the Livechat plugins available for WordPress, 5 stand out in particular. It is:

WP LiveChat

Founded in 2002, LiveChat is a plugin that offers a lot of features. It supports a ten languages, a nice chat box and the freedom to chat with your customers. Plus, you have a unique feature that lets you know whenever you miss a chat.

Also, there is a X button which the customer can click to close the chat pop-up. In fact, there is a default setting that uses cookies to prevent the chat from being displayed for 24 hours. You can also add animation effects to your chat box.

However, there is one major drawback to note about this plugin. Several users have complained about problems with support, including delays in responding to support requests.

LiveChat WooCommerce

With LiveChat’s live chat plugin for WooCommerce, you allow customers to talk to you directly from your website. Answer any questions instantly and submit timely responses on shipping or return policies. This helps give customers the confidence they need to make a purchase.

With the latter, you will find a multitude of features. These include: Setting up automated messages to proactively contact customers when they get stuck on the checkout page. Plus, browse archives, visitor analytics, and live chat polls for sales insights. This plugin has been designed with more than 40 translation languages.

Formilla live chat

It is one of the best chat plugins. She has a professional looking chat box, making it practical for serious business. This is a paid extension. However, you do find a free plan for a customer service agent. It must be said that the free plan is almost useless, as it only involves simultaneous discussion. If you are looking for real-time monitoring for users, this is the support for you. You can integrate tools such as:

  • MailChimp;
  • guide tube;
  • Zendesk, etc.

You also have pre-recorded messages that allow you to speed up communications. Also, this plugin lacks a creative design.

The Tidio LiveChat plugin

This is a pretty popular extension. She was founded in 2013. It is a Polish startup that took care of its development. With the latter, you have a chat service automation. In fact, it develops robots that recognize and respond to customer and user requests.

Thereby, this plugin requires little human intervention. It also offers simplified delivery of marketing emails. You also have the option to create one-time or recurring campaigns. Also you will find:

  • A story of conversations;
  • The ability to choose the location of the widget;
  • Integration with Zendesk, GetResponse, SalesForce, etc.

However, there are some minor drawbacks. You don’t have a free version, the site is exclusively in English. Also, when the customer leaves your site page, they no longer receive a notification when you reply to them.

Tawk.To Live Chat

This plugin not only allows you to monitor your site’s customers, but also to get in touch with them. It also allows you to do this follow the path of the latter in real time. The advantages of him are many and varied. First you find that it is free. Then it has 27 languages for users.

Also, you have predefined messages, the ability to make a payment via Livechat, etc. However, there are some drawbacks to note. For example, to remove the “Powered by”Products, it is necessary to subscribe to a paid offer. The same goes for integrating a custom logo for which you need to plan a budget. Also, it takes time to adjust to the dashboard.

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