Bordeaux ahead of Lyon and Paris

Bordeaux, Lyon, Montpellier, Rennes… What is that » city ideal to spend a weekend there From where move there ? What is that the liveliest ? BravoPromo, the bargain portal, has researched the 25 largest cities in France to reveal the trendiest this year.

For this, the site has selected various factors that define a trendy city and considered more than 80,000 trendy places, covering six different categories (gastronomy, arts and culture, music, fashion and shopping, tourist attractions, health and well-being). be).

All categories together, #Bordeaux outclasses Paris !

The study examines a selection of trendy places by city, including (but not limited to): cafes, parks, vintage shops, food markets, yoga studios, cycling infrastructure.

PFirst in the ranking in all categories, Bordeaux proves that » trend reference and outperforms the competition at the top of this list; even leaving Paris two places behind. The city has no shortage of appeal for locals and tourists alike. Number 1 for its cafes, museums, flea markets, vintage shops, yoga or pilates studios and even for fashion and shopping! With a total of 1,025 branches Bordeaux offers the 4th largest selection of shops in the country ; impressive for the ninth largest city in France.

With a large student population, it’s no surprise that #Lyons take the second place of this ranking ! The city features in the top 5 in most categories of the study, coming in for example with a concert hall for 9,083 inhabitants compared to Marseille’s for 15,584. As one of the most expensive cities in the cost of living ranking (5th place), it occupies first place in terms of the number of spas per inhabitant: 95 spas in total or 1.9 spas per km².

For a large population, #Paris has more than enough to offer in terms of art, culture and sights. third party in the overall rating, the capital takes first place in these two categories and is in the top 5 in terms of gastronomy and music. Although it has significantly more hotspots than the other 24 cities (631% more than second-placed Marseille), the city only comes third in the overall ranking based on the number of inhabitants.

Known for its bookstores, art galleries and famous tourist attractions, it’s no surprise that Paris beats the competition in these categories. But, what is even more surprising, the most populated city in France offers many green spaces to its residents and tops the rankings for its nature and parks with 2.7 parks k; a much higher value than runner-up Marseille with only 0.9 per km².

Paris is also at the forefront of culinary trends and offers many organic restaurants and vegan accessible to all gourmets in the city.

Lille and Grenoble at the foot of the podium

Le attractive culturallies the city in the top 5 for gastronomy, art and culture, fashion and shopping. #Lille has embraced the street food trend and tops the rankings in this category; a perfect combination with the city’s many brasseries (304 bars in total or 5.3 bars per km²)!

5th#Grenoble : With more than 1,600 trendy bars, Grenoble outperforms similar sized cities like Angers and Toulon. With his 2nd place for Sights and Shows in the top 5 for good-be, Grenoble offers a perfect balance between outdoor sports and cultural activities. For those who prefer to relax and have fun, it offers many options for film lovers; from mainstream films to auteur films.

6th#Pretty : Already known as one of the most attractive cities in southern France, Nice can now claim to be one of the trendiest cities in the country. The city offers many activities for its residents or for tourists at the forefront of the trend in terms of choice of local shops, flea markets and food markets. With 1,749 flea markets, vintage shops, thrift stores, and convenience stores, there’s only one place with the most stores: Paris (3,447).
7th#Aix en Provence : The city is special good location for museums, historical sites and wellness centers, not to mention the satisfactory range of organic and vegan restaurants. With a total of 970 restaurants, Aix-en-Provence has one restaurant for every 151 inhabitants. A very impressive proportion.
8thth#Montpellier : Just 10 km from the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier not only ranks among the top 5 tourist attractions, but also excels when it comes to fitness. Classified in 3th position in the Health and Wellness categoryshe suggests many yoga studios (1.2 yoga studios per km²) as well as a first-class network of cycle paths and pedestrian streets.
9th#Toulouse : Firmly established in the top 10 with 4,097 scene bars, the city performs well in the Fashion/Shopping and Wellness categories. “La ville rose” offers many options (8.4 per km²) in terms of flea markets, second hand shops and local shops.
10th#Rennes : Rennes is small but dynamic and full of trendy places that are easily accessible on foot or by bike. The city has them best cycling infrastructure among the cities of this top 10. The city also ranks third in the wellness category above 5 for fashion and shopping, with 6.7 stores in kthanks largely to its many second-hand shops, which have been taken over by fashionistas.
  • gastronomy : Bordeaux dominates

With a total of of 2,661 catering establishments, Bordeaux ranks first and has a cheaper cost of living (€1,402) compared to runner-up Paris (€2,189). The city offers a catering business for 87 residents. An impressive achievement when you consider the average of the other 25 cities in the ranking with one restaurant per 321 inhabitants.

At the top of the ranking for its selection of organic restaurants and veGan, Paris takes these 2th a total of 211.2 restaurants and bars km². Lyon closes the podium with the second highest number of cocktail bars in the country (75), surpassed only by Paris with 394

  • Arts and Culture : Not for nothing Parisian queen of art and culture

As expected from a capital city, Paris wins when it comes to art and culture. With a total of 1,995 museums, theatres, cinemas, art galleries and librariesthe town offers more hip spots than any other city in the top 10. It gets an excellent score thanks to its art galleries and libraries, while Bordeaux, runner-up, tops the rankings for its museum and theater supply per inhabitant.

  • music : Lyons, colorful scene

With an impressive number of concert halls in relation to its 472,000 inhabitants, Lyon tops the music rankings.

The capital of Gaul, the second largest concert hall after Paris, offers a very heterogeneous music scene. Bringing together fans of contemporary, classical and French variety music, Lyon is the perfect city for music lovers.

  • Bordeaux, Lyon and Lille, fashion and shopping metropolises

With a total of 1,025 shops, Bordeaux offers the 4th largest selection of shops in the countrywhich is impressive for the ninth largest city in France.

Lyon ranks 2nd thanks to its many second-hand shops (and its 28.3 shops and stores per km²), the city of Lille comes third and ranks first for its many vintage shops.

  • Paris, Top city for sightseeing

It’s not surprising that the capital stands out in terms of of art, culture and sights. Paris tops the rankings in these categories. Benefit from 26.2 attractions per km²Paris has no competition, although Grenoble, its successor, offers 5.1 per km².

With its many green spaces, historical sites and monuments, French Paris ranks first in the ranking of cities with trendy tourist attractions. That 2th Ort returns to Grenoble with its many historical sites.

  • Southern cities dominate the ranking of hip wellness spots

Thanks to its cycling infrastructure, the south of France seems to be the perfect place for wellness activities such as yoga and pilates or cycling: five cities at the top of the ranking are located there.

Bordeaux is at at the top of the rankings for yoga studios, pilates and for wellness centers. The city ranks first when it comes to the number of wellness activities per capita. There are 1,142 residents per feel-good spot compared to 3,141 in Marseille.


Nationally representative study of all 25 largest cities in France (by population) and compiling a list of trending factors covering different aspects of a city’s attractiveness. Using and, all combinations of cities and trendy places were examined. To get a more accurate picture, each figure was related to the city’s population by calculating the population per locality (e.g. 144,515 inhabitants divided by 80 coffee shops). To highlight the trendiest cities in France, each trending location has been assigned a score between 1 and 25. The data was collected between April 1st, 2022 and April 10th, 2022.

You can download the complete data set here.

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