Boulder World Cup Innsbruck: Results semi-finals women PlanetGrimpe

Boulder World Cup Innsbruck: Results semi-finals women PlanetGrimpe


The women’s semi-finals of the Bouldering World Cup in Innsbruck are over. We now know the names of the six finalists who will be fighting for the gold medal one last time this season.

Summary of this particularly demanding tour.

Fanny Gibert, cursed by the finale

Fanny Gilbert just missed the final. Once again… As throughout the 2022 season, the French champion remains close to the top 6. In Meiringen, she finished 8th during the first international round, one zone away from the final. Same scenario in Bressanone, Italy, where she placed 9th, one zone behind 6th. Today in Innsbruck she seemed even closer to that final she had dreamed of so much.

It has to be said that our Frenchwoman started her semi-final round quite well. By multiplying the attempts, she managed to chain the first panel in six attempts. In Block 2, which required coordination, she is more efficient, completing it in just two attempts. But only in the third round does he miss the final. With this finger block, Fanny falls twice on the penultimate hold and will not reach the top. And it won’t make the difference in the final layout. Like almost all semi-finalists, she has to be content with conquering the zone and not reaching the top.

With 2 boulders in 8 attempts and 4 zones, she again placed 9th in this competition, only a few attempts away from the final.

Fanny Gibert just missed the top of block 3, which would have given her a place in the final.

Natalia Grossman flies above the competition!

a new time Natalia Grossman flew over this semifinal. And the American isn’t far from the perfect track! She started off strong, taking the first plate on sight, a feat that would only be matched by the Japanese Futaba Ito.

But strangely enough, she runs into trouble in the second run and has to chain the tests to finally master the final coordination that will allow her to confirm the top. On the other hand, the end of his tour will be quite simply majestic! In the third round, she offers herself another flash, which she connects with incredible ease, only to make everyone agree in the last block. While none of the competitors managed to make the last move for two hours, Natalia literally climbed the boulder on her first attempt! By the end of the competition she will be the only one who made it.

Results of this semi-final for the American: 4 boulders in 8 attempts and a deserved first place because he was the only climber to chain all boulders.

Natalia Grossman on her way to becoming the only competitor to make the last move in Block 4.

Asian climbers present!

As with the men, Asia once again hit hard. Two Japanese and two Koreans competed in the men’s final yesterday. Today three Japanese and one Korean make it into the top 6 of the semifinals, bringing the number of Asian climbers to four in tonight’s final.

Just behind the American Natalia Grossman we find the Japanese Saki Kikuchi. This young 19-year-old climber is none other than the first climber to start this afternoon’s semi-finals after earning the last qualifying spot in qualifying. Then we find the Korean Chaehyun Seowho will play a new final tonight after chaining the first three blocks of the circuit. Miho Nonaka will be there as well as her Japanese compatriot Futaba Ito.

Finally the German Hannah Mel will be the only European climber in these finals, trying to get back on the podium like at the last World Cup in Brixen.

Futaba Ito will play his third season finale tonight.

The results of the semifinals

The rest of the program

Friday June 24th:

7:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.: Final bouldering women

Saturday June 25:

09.00 – 15.00: Difficult qualifications for men and women
7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.: Semi-finals in men’s and women’s level of difficulty

Sunday June 26:

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.: Final in women’s level of difficulty
8:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.: Final in men’s level of difficulty

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