Bringing brands closer to consumers

The brands are now all present on social networks and on the web in general. They produce relevant and engaging content and regularly launch campaigns to work on their image and notoriety.

However, it remains a fundamental element, on which to work a lot to win the trust of consumers. It’s about knowing how to approach the consumer if brands want to be successful and thus shape their future. It is therefore necessary to know them better and bet on expectations related to the environment in particular … but not only!

Brands need to get closer to their consumers, so that together they can shape the future. 3 elements are essential for brands that want to be successful tomorrow: technology, data, people.

It is in the context of this rapprochement between brands and consumers that Talkwalker, consumer intelligence platformintroduces us to his Shape Tomorrow relationship.

The future of brands

A brand cannot exist without consumers and as such they must always take this into account and satisfy their needs. With the amount of data brands have, the technology, but also the many tools, it’s time to do it back to being human.

If brands are to be successful tomorrow and shape the future, they will need to rely on consumers and be very responsive in the face of the unpredictable. Coming out of the crisis, many brands have not been able to recover, they have not been able to take a new turn, adapt andinnovate in a situation which has created a clear fallback towards digital, and more particularly on the Internet.

However, communication is regulated by codes and not all consumers have the same expectations when it comes to the network. Plus the different generations X, Y and Z they are not all on the same channels and they all consume information differently. It is therefore about understand the consumer beyond the relationship it has with a product, but also with the environment and everything that revolves around it. You have to put yourself at his level, and know how to communicate where he is present, according to his expectations.

So you need to be able to entertain if that’s what he’s looking for, produce professional and relevant content for others, etc.

The future of brands

Influencing factors (intelligent marketing) e ecological issues they need to be brought to the fore, and it will be necessary to be strong on these issues win the trust of consumers.

Communication should no longer be monotonous if one wants to relate to the voice, but must change, adapt, innovate, experiment, take risks and above all give proof of listening. In the years to come, brands will have to learn to step aside from what yesterday was absolute knowledge. Everyone must become collaborators and unite to move forward, combining their knowledge and ability to see the future.

Tomorrow is an unknown and unpredictable factor that requires special attention and a more lasting rapprochement and involved with consumers.

Now we must shape our brand for tomorrow and fully integrate respect for the planet!

The Shape Tomorrow report

In this Shape Tomorrow relationship born on the initiative of Talkwalker, you will discover how the relationships committed today with consumers will redefine the future of brands. Reporting many problems and changes in consumption in the aftermath of the crisis, Talkwalker accompanies you with many examples and insights on the subject.

The environmental and social projects are at the heart of consumers’ concerns and it is up to brands to seize them to meet new expectations. If consumers are constantly adapting to evolving phenomena, brands must also follow the same path.

How can you shape the world of tomorrow…… when you cannot predict today?

The biggest hurdle brands have to overcome is the growing gap between them and their consumers. There is a critical disconnect between what brands say and what consumers expect from brands.

Only 33.1% of conversations they are shared by consumers and brands. Brands do not participate in more than half of the conversations (54.1%), while 12.7% of conversations they’re brand-driven, but don’t resonate with their audience. (Sources within the report)

Report the form tomorrow, Talkwalker

The Shape Tomorrow report is the ultimate guide for the consumer of tomorrow! What the brand needs to know to get close to him and create a closeness in line with his expectations.

What is the future that consumers want today?
Consumer conversations never stop! It is through these exchanges, talking and sharing that we discover consumers. Thus, by analyzing consumer expectations of 100 international brands over a 2-year period, Talkwalker was able to identify the different areas in which consumers expect brands to work.

More than a guide the Shape Tomorrow report by Talkwalker sheds light on the future of brands. It is thanks to the power of the consumer intelligence solution that they put at the service of brands, which can thus understand the future and what will shape their future.

Are you ready for tomorrow?

Report the form tomorrow, Talkwalker

Discover the Talkwalker solution

In a world where everything is going very fast and where consumers are becoming more and more demandingit is becoming important to be able to follow trends and changes in consumption.

Thanks to billions of insights analyzed to reflect customers as close to reality as possible, Talkwalkerwhich is a consumer intelligence solution, thus allowing brands and companies to save valuable time in developing their strategies and making business decisions.

The consumer insights at the service of the most influential brands

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