▷ 3 tips for recruiting on LinkedIn

Mal de Crane? Yeux qui piquent? What is the bestseller’s point of view? no You can add more hours to launch your LinkedIn profile and you’ll be fine. Nombreux sont les recruiteurs qui passat plus de temps a éplucher des centaines de profilit plutôt que de s’encombrer de CVs papier. One of the main reasons … Read more

how do you like the good format?

partager tweet partager partager E-mail What possibilities and options do Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer to make public? Whose social network uses the notorious marketing, recruitment and ROI feature? First goal: branding Branding consists of more engagement generation (likes on posts, comments, partial pages, etc.) for sponsored publications (Facebook), tweets (Twitter) and updates (LinkedIn). For … Read more

HELIADES / MARIETTON DEVELOPPEMENT – Charge E-Commerce & Webmarketing H / F – CDI – (Aix-en-Provence – 13) | Small Announcements

Recruit: COSTS (E) E-COMMERCE & WEB MARKETING H/F at the CDI in Aix en Provence (13) THE COMPANY: The group MARIETTONSpecialist in travel and tourism since 1968, as part of its development, is looking for a (e) Charge(s) E-Commerce & Webmarketing H/F for your tour operator HELIADESbase a Aix en Provence. After more than 40 … Read more

Qu’est-ce que le growth hacking?

Le Growth Hacking! A mot you can’t pass last year anyway! but qu’est-ce que le growth hacking exactly? And would you like to comment on these sales thanks to this technique? That’s what we need to find out in this article. Qu’est-ce que le growth hacking? As in the English language Growth hacking consists of … Read more

What is their content strategy on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn knows the current record of engagement levels. Cela a suscité l’intérêt de nombreuses marques, quie cherchent desormais à mettre davantage l’accent sur le reseau social profesionanel. But what works on LinkedIn? What are your thoughts on your content marketing strategy and your social media strategy on LinkedIn? What’s the Best LinkedIn Content Strategy for … Read more

Les Années Folles: «LinkedIn is a community of people who can’t afford their subscriptions»

Les Nouvelles Publications: Après avoir créé l’an dernier Chasseur de job, vous avez fondé à Paris, avec Clifford Mahu, l’agence Les Années Folles. What’s the idea? Julien Morrison: We had the agency in 2020. With all the French, we are limited, available and very present on social issues. We realized that we know the connections … Read more

Comparison of advertising and performances

Social ads are just a topic for you. If you don’t have time, find the formats that can be performed by three performers. Chez HelloWork (not part of the BDM), we use all platforms of the market for us: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. They offer very different performance and skills that are not matched. … Read more