With Semji, SEO becomes child’s play again

— In partnership with Semji — SEO is not necessarily something I practice on a daily basis. There are many parameters to consider and it takes a lot of time and proper tools. And yet, SEO is still something essential when running the web. A few months ago the folks at Semji approached me to … Read more

What is natural referencing (SEO)?

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“To be successful in SEO, you need to identify and work with the company’s own experts.”

A recognized observer of Google’s algorithm, New York-based Amsive Digital’s SEO Operations Director shares her recommendations for seducing the search engine today and in the future. JDN. In your speech at SMX Paris 2022, you came back to Google’s algorithm updates in 2021. In general, what do you think are Google’s short-, medium- and long-term … Read more

What is negative SEO?

Understand what negative SEO is and how to protect your business from it. What is negative SEO? The entire SEO market has seen tremendous change over the past few years. As a result, many online marketers have drastically changed their marketing strategies. In recent years, a new form of rather unhealthy referencing has prevailed. What … Read more

▷ Referencing Law Firm: SEO vs. SEA

Since 2014, lawyers have had access to the full spectrum of advertising offered by most other companies. If they are allowed to do so, they rarely show their services in a bus shelter or on television: they very quickly get caught up in advertisements with the Saul Goodman name… On the other hand, lawyers threw … Read more