CEPI Management – the CPA program

Who is the CPA – Business Manager Title program suitable for?

This training program is designed for managers or aspiring business leaders who want high-level practical training in the managerial profession, from taking responsibility to being able to execute a strong business project. The program is currently being piloted and delivered by CEPI Management; Its creation in 1930 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris was intended to train men capable of helping to rebuild the country after the crisis of 29. This seems all the more important today when crises have followed one another for several decades and especially with the most recent one being that of Covid-19. To date, more than 11,000 leaders have benefited from CPA training. It is a diploma program, level Bac+5, which takes place three days a month over a year in different French cities: Lille, Toulouse and Lyon-Grenoble. The challenge is to prepare for all facets of the general management profession, including the practice of that management. The concrete dimension of this teaching not only enables access to the function, but also its success.

What learning phases are there?

The CPA includes three main phases: the cross-functionalization of our participants to make them master all the functions and processes of the company, the identification of a company strategy in the international context and finally the implementation of this strategy with a strong people, managerial and leadership dimension. Since the beginning of the program, the term “transformation” has been a driving force. Today more than ever, three transformation axes concern us: the digital transformation, the importance of which will still be emphasized in 2020, the ecological transformation and the management transformation. Management methods, organizations and innovative economic models inspire corporate success.

Within the CPA, leadership training is primarily led by managers, accompanied by experts, professors, etc. They intervene with our participants to promote exchanges supported by concepts and methods and to support the production of learner responses. These intervening managers come from different companies, very large companies, SMEs or ETI, from different sectors of activity. There are about fifty of them who, beyond their established teaching capacities, form a strong network for our participants. We have also entered into a number of partnerships as part of the CPA. We work with international schools, French institutions in France and abroad. In particular, we work on the challenges of digital and ecological transformations with the Ecole Polytechnique, leadership with SCYFCO, a structure that starts from the Saint-Cyr school, etc.

What is the final challenge of the training?

The CPA provides even more than training. It’s about learning by doing. We remember better what we do, what we produce ourselves. Our pedagogy is based on the situation of the participants. They work on real business cases, for which they assume the managerial position, present the company’s problem and then have to build as a team and defend an answer to that problem. Participants are encouraged to question their projects, to excel personally and to gain skills, experience and confidence. Our mission is to provide them with the tools, concepts and hands-on experience that will enable them to build the future of their business. It is not always easy for a manager to take the time for their own further training. However, we believe that this is an essential measure. The program is organized in a way that allows for a balance of participants. Training is an investment; Leaders invest in themselves for the benefit of their business project with personal and professional returns.
The education opens the field of possibilities for them, enables them to build and participate in strong business projects that hold promise for the future. Dare to do something…


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