Ces Français de Barcelone ne veulent plus sacrifier leur qualité de vie pour leur career

Prioriser sa vie personalle plutôt que sa career professionalnelle, c’est la believe de nombreux français venus à Barcelona.

Say goodbye to the responsibility and the salary of € 2,500 per month if you have enough to return to the metropolis or live well. Anne-Laure, specialized in marketing, also following the rhythm of Paris in 5 years for a life plus the best in Barcelona. “In Paris the gens are all under pressure, life is stressful, that’s the Metro, Boulot, Dodo“Explicitly. Lassée du mode de vie parisien, Mélina, 30 years old, at the same time capital of the Catalan city in 6 years. “After a bad professional experience in marketing I’m looking forward to Barcelona and I’m on the first job I found on Linkedin“Expressly.

le”ras-le bol de la vie parisienne et la recherche de sens dans leur travail“, are the main causes of the department, said Anne-Laure Guandara, trainer and employer in Barcelona. The feeling of insecurity after the Paris attacks is an element of a primal weight of mutations, but it is the most authentic and accelerated after the pandemic and the normalization of television. A vision shared by French expert Pierre-Olivier Bousquet, who noted a credible change in the mentality of the desperate Le Covid.the person personally passes in front of the vie pro“. A Frenchman amidst 35 of the 35 affirmations that his professional activity has lost all meaning to him since the start of the pandemic, an informed and opinion-forming poll.

That’s nice because of this sanitary crisis, but it’s not possible to burn or burn or get out of the job to be coach Anne-Laure Guandara.

Paris, between 30 and 40 years

As a souvenir of 30-40 years, there are two types of French profiles only available for Barcelona, ​​employment expert Pierre-Olivier Bousquet. The Premier is a frame or can be a responsible post, with a minimum of Bac + 5 per room. The second is an official who is available, this is the right thing to do plus work, but the guardian of the function statute and looking out for the work that is in the hands of the sonar. Cécile, a 41-year-old, has been in Lyon for Barcelona for the past two months. Ancienne function, it is available at the same time as the installation. « Je pense que je n’aurais pas été dans la fonction publique, je ne l’aurais pas fait. I have a job to secure a job, I think I want it in France »Precision t-elle. Selon les Experts, la Plupart des Français de Barcelone Viennet de Paris or d’une Grande Ville.

The choice of French style on Barcelona for its ambience, the quality of many reconstructions, its beaches, the sun, its proximity to France, but also for its professional and entrepreneurial dynamism. “Ici, beaucoup se lancent dans a project d’entreprise, notamment dans le environnemental et eco-responsive“Affirme la française coach.

A quality of life plus the importance of salary

If you are employed in France to live in Barcelona there is an advantage in the quality of life, it is very nice for the salary. Selon les Experts, il y aurait une baisse de 30% of the revenus en moyenne. Indeed, Melina at home”a very nice Salais base, worth €40,000 net in Paris, €21,000 in Barcelona“Express. From Cécile, which is worth €2,400 for €1,200 in France, you will also find Anne-Laure and Mélany, who have found a price of €300 to €400. By the way, if you don’t want to move something or make something more important, should you not be able to train the expatriates Pour elles, il ne s’agit pas d’un victim, car la qualité de vie n’a pas de prix.

The hierarchy of priorities is completely reversed this year, “i.ebeing on the positive side of your hierarchical and economic ambitions but having the ability to adapt and create a job that allows you to subsidize the level of your search“, explained the expert Anne-Laure Guandara.

A life without regrets?

Si Anne-Laure et Mélany do not regret being new to Barcelona, ​​Melina, quant à elle, avoue posséder quelques regrets. « For the first time in a row we have a small opportunity to cover opportunities and vacancies in Paris which are very nice plus names“. Pourtant, elle pense ne jamais revenir en France, étant tropattachee à sa qualité de vie ici.

Mais le soleil de la ville catalane n’est pas suffisant pour tous, car, en moyenne, la moitié des Français de Barcelona repartent dans les cinq années après leur arrivée.

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