Classification 2021 of professional schools in sport

Le sport attire de nombreux etudiants d’écoles de commerce et fait pleinement partie de la vie en business school. Nombreux sont Ceux qui creéent ou rejoignent des association dédiées. If you want to narrow your attitude to sport and sport studies, other interesting things about this school and the interest of prestigious institutions such as the French Football Federation, the CIO or the top of football clubs or the top 14! Discover the ranking of the assignments of vocational schools 2021, special sports.

Business schools agree that the subject of sport is important. They are named after the young students who pursue the sport at a very high level. You may be inside the website of Chun-Wing Lam, a Grenoble EM graduate and dancer at the Paris Opera.

In the field of elite sport, French business schools are the source of three major events linked to world sport. At nottera la Course Croisière EDHEC, the last year of the 3,200 participants, the Challenge Ecricome, the triple sport étudiant de France, or the GEM Altigliss Challenge, the world cup étudiante of ski and snow.

Sports and vocational schools: a great love story

The sports associations are braided in France’s vocational schools. Every business school has a BDS, or Sports Bureau, which deals with the sports life of the schools. The member associations are present in these institutions such as the Raid ESSEC or the Raid EDHEC. The sports clubs also maintain the life of the commercial schools, the image of the XV de la Chouette, the BSB rugby team, or the Jacquots, the NEOMA Reims football team.

Plus sports celebrities are also diplomas from commercial schools. On Notary Yannick Agnel, two-time City of London 2012 medalist, in the nation, and also Marie-José Perec, three-time Olympic champion in athletics. L’an passé, the rugby men Sébastien Chabal and Frédéric Michalak integrate the MBA d’Emlyon.

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Former sports professionals

The fau dire dire que, si les ecolles de commerce seduisent les grands noms du sport, c’est aussi parce qu’elles mettent en place des formations dédiées à cet univers. Le management du sport attire moult etudiants chaque année. The Rennes School of Business proposes an MSc in Sports and Tourism Management. His son, Audience of a MS MOS, for the management of sports organizations.

Ainsi, the names of the major institutions that recruit diplomas from business schools such as the FFF (Football Federation of France), the CIO, the International Olympic Committee, Alumni de Business Schools, C’est pourquoi Up2School a analysé l’insertion des diplômés dans ces institutes for savoir sources sont les écoles les plus represented in l’univers du sport.

Methodology of the ranking of technical schools in sport 2021

To realize this ranking, we isolated the trade schools, the members of the Conference of the Grand Schools (CGE). Up2School is based on the links from LinkedIn and the number of alumni, stagnants and alternatives sometimes working in a sports institution that is a team like the Decathlon, a club or an organization like the FFF. Ainsi, si le classement ne donne qu’une image partial de l’sersertion, il donne une tendance plutôt fidèle à la reality.

After receiving the information, Up2School realized two classes. The first, in absolute value, class of institutions to partner with more alumni and students in their institutions. Second, in relative value, is the class of trade schools in the function of alumni and students for the purpose of reporting the total number of students and alumni presentations on LinkedIn for each school. For some of these grades, business schools can give a grade from 1 to 100. To realize the final grade, Up2School creates a Moyenne from two grades to 100.

Analyze the Ranking of Vocational Schools in Sport 2021

KEDGE is ranked first in the 2021 Ranking of Business Schools in Sports. In a geographic position to take a strategic position. Bassée de Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulon or Bayonne, the Business School Baigne dans a ecosisteme sportif incroyable, à proximity to l’Olympique de Marseille, Girondins de Bordeaux, Nîmes Olympiques, Union Bordeaux BèglonAgrouna or Rugby Club bayonnais rugby pro.

What is important is the score between KEDGE and the IESEG, in second place. The School of Commerce lilloise a new privileged relationship with the Decathlon don’t le siege se situe non loin de l’eblissement.

The other 10 top schools are characterized by the excellent reputation of the training teams, the presence of sports competitions in sports and high-profile sports formations such as NEOMA and its double degree in sports management from the University of Rouen.

On notary of the presence of HEC Paris aged 35 yearse a place not very important for trade school, but not for high level sport and sport education or for those who are passionate about sport management.

The ranking of vocational schools in sports 2021

I, you retrospectively the class of the ecoles de commerce that affect the meilleur score in the sector of sport. To find out more about the schools represented by more great League 1 institutions and clubs, we must invite you to visit the Up2School website!



Result U2S

1 KEDGE B.S 87
2 IESEG 70
5 Grenoble EM 51
6 TBS 49
8th Rennes SB 47
9 EM Strasbourg 45
10 ESC Pau 45
11 audience 44
12 ISC Paris 44
13 SCBS 43
14 EMLV 40
15 PSB 40
16 Excelia BS 40
17 ICD 39
18 Emlyon 38
19 Montpellier BS 37
20 EM Normandy 36
21 ESSCA 36
22 ESC Clermont 35
24 EDC Paris 33
25 ESD 32
26 ESSEC BS 31
27 ICN 29
28 Business School Brest 29
29 ESCE International BS 28
30 ESCP BS 27
31 BOD 27
32 EBS Paris 26
33 EXP 25
34 IPAG 25
35 HEC Paris 24
36 TO 19
37 ISG 19
38 IMT-BS 11

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