Comment Jennyfer is the pass in a brand series of new icons from Ados

Longtemps, the Jennyfer brand, is a dormant Cantonnée to a reluisan image. The quality of high quality buildings, very beautiful, sold in the boutiques of small villas in the province or in the shopping centers of the large villas. A tethered brand for prepubescents who are more likely to have the opportunity or how many people have been able to develop. Launched in les Années 1980, l’enseigne a frôlé la faillite quand les H&M, Primark et consorts ont pris de plus en plus de place dans la garde-robe des ados.

All changes in 2018. A consortium of investors including Sébastien Bismuth, ancien d’Undiz, rachet la marque en perte de vitesse. With an item: Jennyfer recovering from the title “BFF” (Best Fashion Friend). “In order to recruit new acquaintances, we must reduce Jennyfer’s identity and presence. explain the new patron in December 2020.

“The brand of resilience, with the process” he resists, he regenerates and he recovers. ” “It is brave to show that he is not on the day, he accepts the statute of the bass mark”, s’enthousiasme Eric Briones, fashion and fashion specialist, with Nicolas André, du livre Generation Z, a revolution in luxury, fashion and beauty.

Be in the area of ​​the young generations

In 2019, when the brand isn’t ready for publicity before the end of the year, elle lance avec l’agence Buzzman la campaign «Don’t Call Me Jennyfer». À cette generation qui refuse toute assignment, nous avons parlé comme une marque qui refuse d’être réduite à son “prénom”. We need to make a name for the name of the symbol of denial of determinisms and labels. “Don’t call me Jennyfer this year,” Se Soviet Georges Mohammed-Cherif, chief of the Buzzman agency. The campaign slogan is accompanied by #ZeroEtiquette announcing the color.

In the publicists’ advertisements, the words intended to designate astronomical travel as cones are “racaille”, “boloss”, “gamine”, “cagole”, sticks from a round of brushes.

“Jennyfer is in the mood for a communications strategy that will help you get the generation you want, the one that refuses to choose between labels.” ahead Eric Briones. And as with all projects that will follow successes on Instagram: the influence of influencers.

An influencer of coins

The mechanics are very good: if a brand can be used to create new foods, it has a place in partnering with influencers. In addition, you have many signals, the placement of the product can be done a shot. An Instagram story, a YouTube video or Parfois, for the best chance of a pub campaign.

Jennyfer on another mission. Dès 2018, Léna Mahfouf – Léna situations on social networks – while one of the most influential people in France and the result of a visit to the center of the profession, is hired to cover the brand’s strategy on the list. At the same time, she and the chain of plusieur collections, which have a lot of cartoons and do not know the scenes, subscribe to the scene on YouTube.

Asleep plus influencer Lances from her Jennyfer collection. Mayadorable, Bilal Hassani, Eva Queen, Marylouleloup and Johan Papz sort by t-shirts, jeans or clothes. “We just noticed that at the time. This is the first collaboration with these, which will prove that the influencers will be able to create a collection that will generate great love. Apart from the collections, they are selling well, they are busy on social issues! Beaucoup nous voient encore comme des gamins mais à notre échelle on peut être des petits chefs d’entreprises. He will be a real entrepreneur », Selon Johan Papz, 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 700,000 on Instagram.

Talking a lot of fashion on heels, the young man had this little surprise while tagging his planned project: “The image of Avant, Jennyfer is based on H&M or Zara: the products are of very high quality. The clothes for the three young girls, which aren’t innovative at all. But it doesn’t work renaming really interesting and funny. » If you want to develop a collection with influencers that young people know who can still be seen by their parents, you have the legitimacy to add a brand close to the cable: “Honnêtement je pense que les autres marques dorment un peu. This has a lot to do with collabs with Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, but most people are different than the people we know.

The values ​​in the air of time

To rehearse the heart of hell, Jennyfer will be able to understand that she can leave on time. In the collections of chains with influencers, the choice of unisex objects: “Jennyfer’s clientele is a female executive. But more than that, a lot of people on the beach and other places on social networks. With my sister [avec laquelle il a développé la collection, ndlr] on tenait vraiment à faire des vêtements mixtes. Donc si on peut ouvrir la voie sur des fringues non genres c’est cool », s’enthusiasme Johan Papz.

The rest is complicated: la fast fashion. According to a study published by Crédoc in December 2019, the reservation of the environment will arrive at the beginning of the occupation for 18-30 years. But in my time, the fashion industry is one of the most polluted in the world. The lesson from fast fashion, who also produces the goods in the other part of the world in the absence of this pollution. On social issues, influencers, very active involvement in the society of social issues, participants in this unison, with enthusiasm editorial (names) of the last days or years of life-giving designs.

A difficult dilemma for brands to resolve is that the economic model is not built on being worth more, says Eric Briones: “It’s easy to make a luxury brand into a great product, it’s more complicated than a brand like Jennyfer. A part of your company. The motto is “Less is more”. But the price of conscience is, and that’s a question about the laquelle les marks doivent travailler. »

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