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LinkedIn is the world’s first professional social network. Le français Viadeo est loin derrière et si Facebook donne des signs montrant qu’il veut se rapprocher du monde professionalnel (Appli Social Jobs, skills professionalnelles sur les profils, accord CGPME () il n’y a pas réellement de proposition claire de leur part for this cable For the majority of professionals LinkedIn is a reference and “the place to be”.

Qu’est-ce qu’est (real estate) LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an annual database of professional profiles.

In LinkedIn, it accesses information through a search engine located on the user interface pages. Who is looking for a profile, a competence, etc graduates, a company, a group all pass this search engine. LinkedIn rest on search.

When you perform a search, LinkedIn analyzes it and suggests a series of matching profiles based on their relevance. It works like Google for the content of links that don’t point to LinkedIn. It is also clear that relevance is individual and that the relevant profile for one LinkedIn member is not the only one for others.

Qu’est-ce qu’un mot-clé for LinkedIn?

This is a highly respected motto, open-ended in key areas as an example (more or less) in the titles of posts (which are logical for a career decision) or in the summary. Speaking of summary, he can’t think of a summary of his experience or expertise as a career summary. D’ailleurs, le parcours professionalne vient ensuite.

LinkedIn, like all other websites, relies on this system of keywords. On ne peut être visible on LinkedIn que par les mots-clés recherchés et de la manière dont ils sont ecrits. LinkedIn is very accurate. Faites le test: “Telecommunications engineer” is different than telecommunications engineer. The number of results and results are different. Do you have the following profile?

Cela means qu’on peut ameliorer la probabilité d’apparaître dans les results of research in optimal la rédaction de son profil et notamment en choisissant les bons mots-clés. If you can save a comment that is key to your skills using LinkedIn for my research, you have a better chance of working in your search results and not being visible. This assumes that knowing exactly what his key competencies and differences are is absurd.

As you can see from?

The good question to ask when creating your profile is not the only one to comment on. The key question is to find out what words you have in your profile.

Start posting announcements

The most important thing is to answer the questions that suit you. It’s very likely that you use a recruiter (manager, RH, principal, consultant RH…) to edit an ad or a job description, using the same terms as the search profiles on LinkedIn. It exists for job boards and search engines to find the best ads that suit you.

The idea is not to find another plus that you match.

The problem is that it can be very long and it is not easy to rejuvenate the main principles.

Trouvez les bons mots clés

Of course there is a tool for crafting. It’s online, free and doesn’t allow you to create an account to use it: Wordle. The word is a tool that allows you to ask the most important questions. Dans les nuages ​​obtenus, les mots principaux prennent plus de place (ils sotrí en en plus gros caractères).

When it comes to redesigning a job description or job posting, it’s generally very attractive and useful. These are important documents that are very accurate. Donc, pour donner plus de poids à certain terms, notamment à ceux qui sont essentials, ils sont repeats plusieis fois.

Find an ad or job description, go to Word, click Create, select your text and Go. You will be able to enjoy the essentials that make you indispensable.

In a message from an ad stating:

Healthcare business segment Eastern and African growth markets
about us
Role Overview / Purpose In the presence of the Service Business Operations team, you will be responsible for the process of quoting, contract management, invoicing of the region and all processes related to invoicing and our financial management.
The orientations of our activities are focused on optimizing our process, so that a point of view on the quality of the data is prepared to prepare for the launch of our new platforms.
Main responsibilities Work mainly with the different actors of the service in the regions (direct + distributors), with the modality team, with the marketing service, with the financial service as well as with the application managers and Lean Leaders:
-To solve the problems of integrating our processes between different areas and different organizations. (Integration Sales and Service, 1GEHC).
-They influence the changes in our process to simplify and improve, as well as the impact on Lean methodology.
-You can guarantee the consistency of European demand changes in our applications MUST, CBs, SDMS, Siebel and in the interfaces that optimize the flow of our process.
– Prepare the migration of our current assets to Siebel and streamline our process and prepare our data.
– To implement the changes in the use of the CAP instruments with the end users.
-You define the test scripts and take part in the validation of the whole process from A to Z.
-You will be able to create and create a series of operators that are the documents for the formation of end users.
-Define the different dimensions and ensure the mass instead of the board panels.
-You can read and create the instructions to ensure the quality of our data.
-Your participation in the use of “1GEHC” in service organization and service sales.


role summary
Qualifications/Requirements – Excellent communication skills, including presentation skills.
– English stream
– Three good relative capacities
– Solid skills in analysis and process management
– Experience in local exploitation in the region, knowledge of the service process.
– Experience in capturing useless users and the task of accepting our users.
– Knowledge of MS Office offices, scorecards and specifications.
Desired Properties – Knowledge of the process related to the management process of the service.
– Experience as a local user in the region.
– Experience Lean
– Solid experience in application testing specification and scenario.
another location in EAGM to be envisaged depending on the competences of the candidates
Another location in the EAGM can be considered if the applicant has the desired and required competencies
Essential Responsibilities


Qualifications – Excellent communication skills, including presentation skills. – Knowledge of English – Three good relationship skills – Solid analytical and process management skills – Local user experience, concession of service. – Experience in capturing user usage and mission in the acceptance of our users. – Knowledge of MS Office offices, “scorecards” and default outsourcing. – Excellent analytical skills – Excellent problem solving skills – Excellent communication skills ( written and oral) – Good understanding of service and financial systems and processes – Good organization – Good knowledge of Excel and analysis tools (BO, ..) – Doing attitude – Willing to learn and delve into details – Ability and willingness to to work with multiple and diverse teams – Fluent English
Desired Properties
– Recognizing the relational process to the service management process. – Local usage experience in the region.- Lean experience – Solid experience in the specification of the requirement specification and the scenario of test users will be considered if the applicant has the desired and required competencies

On obtient ce nuage de mots-kles:

Attention Dependent, Wordle ne fonctionne pas comme LinkedIn. Words essentially serve to play a semester rehearsal. LinkedIn is also available for accounting of the profile.

The words don’t reject the problem with the root words you know. Wordle vous aidera à identifier les mots-kles secondaryaires quo vous pourriez avoir oubliés.

Refine the leftovers to support the pluses to have a vision of the best possible. According to Wordle, I’m a realist who recognizes that “agates” is an important term for a marketing executive that isn’t immediately obvious.

what is your profile

In addition to using Wordle to find the best words for your profile, you can also help them see what your profile is for or how to use those words in the same place on your profile. We help you with the most important words visible and fully visible to everyone who comes to your profile to meet those who are your specific competencies. You can benefit from reclaiming your profile and assuring us that you are very important.

We can use an example to illustrate how important it is to market the world market leader for Boissons without alcohol optimization in a responsible manner:


And then:



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