Comment passer du statut de casse-pieds à celui de bienvenu, Marketing et Vente

What do you think of your son’s son at your door? Imagine that you will be present in your son’s dream and you will interrupt on the occasion of your family. what is this difference You are welcome to the first, Auto c’est une personne que vous connaissez et côtoyez, alors que le second est un vrai casse-pieds. Vous ne l’avez jamais vu, vous ne savez pas d’où il vient, et surtout vous n’êtes pas du all curiosé par ce qu’il a ous vous vendre!

If you are welcome, bring the auxiliary value; otherwise you will not be able to solve the gens. Ne serait-ce pas formidable si vous pouviez approve a view of everything in the eveningWanna be like a cassette player? The sale of soudain plus facille and plus plaisante lorsqu’on est accueilli à bras ouverts et que le prospect is really interesting for you. Telle est la transformation que j’aimerais vous voir operer dans votre entreprise et votre marketing: passer du statut de casse-pieds à celui de bienvenu.

Create a climate of trust

The opening up of businesses is to try selling before you build a climate of trust. They also have a phone demarcation or advertising service that relies on non-functional methods. The problem is that you’re asking your customers to make a decision that doesn’t include an idea of ​​what you are or what you’re trying to promote. They don’t know you, you don’t know and I don’t know how to trust you.

It’s a bit like making a demand at the Prime Minister’s Lords’ Rendezvous. Does the function of time and time work, but do you really want to jeopardize your business for such a strategy? You’ll be able to knock sales down or down with a sneer, saving time, energy and energy for those prospects who don’t qualify. You also have a gas stove in good advertising.

Lorsque Your advertising is generic, which appeals to people and what you want to respond to: “Well done, I’ll see you” Yes “Bien sur, je peux vous aider”le problem est qu’ils ne vous connaissent pas et qu’ils ne sont interesés que par le prix. your conversion rates risk donc d’être bien inférieur à ce qu’il devrait être.

Inform your customers

À ce stade, de nombreux chef d’entreprise deviennet accros à la “drogue de l’espoir”. C’est une drogue qui voyage à travers le corps et l’esprit lorsque vous “pensez” avoir un prospect interest qui vous envoie des signaux positifs, mais qui n’a en realité aucune d’acheter. The drug is usually active in your prospect from: “Give me more of your product” Yes “Envoyez moi un devis.” For example, call your office and take an interest in what you want; You will immediately feel a sense of euphoria and excitement at the prospect of what is about to happen to you.

Most of the days or weeks passed by the audience is the silence of the radio. You are interested in interesting conversations, and it is interesting to be interested in what you have to say, the most news, you have the opportunity to learn more. Would you like to play once or twice; You have to email me but it doesn’t work. The whole thing is disparate. Vous vous rendez compte quo vous avez perdu la vente, but you ignore who can happen. Selling should be a diffuse and boring process.

The “drug of espoir” is dangerous because without you or your product, it’s not really possible to find your prospect. Also, you need to “disinfect” the drug, and you need to try those prospects who are no match for you. At the end of the year, the prospects become even more skeptical. It is also a very important event and it is not worth adding to all of them. Le problem, encore une fois, c’est quo vous ne partez meme pas de zero, mais d’un chiffre negatif. And the many strategies that agree with the conclusion that all prices don’t work.

The potential customers get all the tips in the end, but they can’t trust you. you have to levitate Accept an entry visitor to enlighten your customers. C’est ainsi que vous gagnerez leur trust, que vous vous positionnerez comme un expert, que vous nouerez des relations et simplifierez le processus de vente, à la fois pour vous et vos clients.

write a solution

If you want to sell directly, you can choose something interesting that will help your customers. To solve the Problem they are confrontational. Offering a report or a free video, audio audition, or online webinar; What are all the good educational tools you can use?

The interest in delaying a sale is twofold: anything on the board that proves you’re ready to receive, that you can resist the waiter; et ensuite, cela vous positionne comme un educator and an expert in your domain. Pensez-y! what do you prefer? Are there aggressive vendors that don’t believe you have an expert or experts who care about you and want to help you with your problems? You need to sell and start educatinghelp and advise your prospects on the benefits of presenting your products and services in response to the competition.

Relisez ce passage encore une fois, car cela peut vous valoir une fortune.

It’s hard to admit that a person doesn’t want to be an aggressive salesman who wants to meet me. Above all, imagine meeting a doctor who diagnoses a problem and prescribes a solution for your patient; You will certainly be serious about the idea of ​​selling under these conditions – as a trusted advisor, education, competence, qualification and trust. And you want to do that from the point of view of your prospects: as someone who has studied and brought solutions to problems.

Go on sale, start training

À ce stade, il serait judicieux de partager avec vous ma definition d’un entrepreneur: “People who have solved problems in a lucrative way. » In conclusion, I don’t want to kill a second person who comes to you. For the whole, the best option is to make it advisory sale when using a loyalty system. We consider you as an agent of change, a creator of values, benefits and advantages in the lives of your customers.

You must be an expert in your field or field of activity. Honestly, the whole world needs an expert, but without marketing skills. The café du coin peut bien tenter de faire le meilleur café, mais son marketing ne vaut rien.

Sales Counseling is the most economical, durable, efficient and powerful marketing strategy that can be employed by the boss of the company. The power is in your hands so you are recommended to educate and educate your potential and existing customers about the adventures that ensure your product is made. This is the only thing to do Play the power of the pursuer in this chaotic world we live in curse. Alors, cessez de vendre et beginz à eduquer et à Counsel. We offer you, as your banker, the best experience.

Allan Dib, author of Your Marketing Plan in 1 Page.
– DR


Allan Dib is an Australian entrepreneur, conference, consultancy and marketing specialist in new technology technologies Pearson, 264 pages, 24.90 euros.

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