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Also, the pages of your website are indexed by the search engine, plus the pages included in the search results are in the search results. Recording the Google indexing process takes a few minutes. The person does not determine the timing of indexing – it all depends on your site. However, there are other factors that speed up the process. Allon right, but: what can you do with a site admin in 2021, for which search engine indexes the site is the fastest?

1. Submit pages for indexing in Google Search Console

To find pages in the index as quickly as possible, use the service – Google Search Console.

This Google service allows website administrators to monitor indexing status, investigate search errors, and optimize websites.

To check the indexing status of a new page, select “URL Inspection” in the gap and search the URL lookup in the top search box.

The URL inspection tool includes indexing of new pages and previous missions.

When a page is indexed, you can visit a Googlebot and view the index.

2. Use a site map (sitemap.xml)

The XML site map is a navigator for exploration robots and can be used to speed up indexing.

The “sitemap” helps the search robots to find and index the pages of the site plus faster.

Authentic dit, for informer les moteurs de recherche sur les pages de your site available for l’exploration, ajoutez-les au fichier sitemap.xml and unlien vers the fichier lui-même – vers a section speciale du panneau for les webmasters.

  • Some tips for creating a site map. In order to plan a website that works better, it will be well structured and flagged for the search engine;
  • Marquez les mises a jour avec le tag to add a valid modification date;
  • Create site maps for imagesVideos, news and your website content Content of this type.

This segmentation helps search engines find content that recognizes the use of convention methods (for example, when the content is loaded via JavaScript). On a large website, the “sitemaps” can be found in different sections and subcategories.

If you have more than 50,000 pages or the map size exceeds 50 mo, there are more sitemaps.

Credible maps must not be placed in an index but contain the liens against all files in XML format.

However, it is important to remember that the site map plans are not recommended, it is more important to create a solid site structure and organize the internal links.

3. Check the structure and internal links on the site

The internals on the site that are built by the “bridges” for the search robots and the “ladder” in the good direction – from one page of your site to another, etc.

If your site’s popular pages have links to new pages, search engines for research and research plus speed.

The website has no “pages” of other pages. In addition to the categories of categories, sections and other pages that do not apply to a page, it is more difficult to determine the determinants of determining relevance and explore the zero part or all. These are the pages of the Orphelines appellation.

Pages Orphelines in the structure of the site

Another important point is the navigation on the site. This effect is the same as numbering and indexing. The rules of the base for good navigation: make logic and coherence, help and follow your “Ariane fil” (breadcrumbs).

Another point affecting the navigation and compartment of the boat is the distance from the clicks to the index (DFI – Click Distance from Index), this is the direction of the number of clicks between the main page and the page in the course.

Also, this distance is short, and the page is important, which means that it is more important than the priority of the index. Essayec de racourcir le chemin d’accès aux pages en moins de 3 clics.

You can see that your website is easy and compressible for search engines and visitors.

Plus your website for quality “backlinks”, plus robots for search engines and attention.

Social networking sites and news portals are the best performers for indexing. They are popular, they are very popular on the content tag and consequently “stimulate” the robots to look for those who want to explore the resource as much as possible.

If your device works on a phone site, it can quickly be discovered by a search engine – one of those “nofollow” things that happens.

To suggest that in 2020 Google will change the rules regarding the following “nofollow”. Depuis le 1er Mars 2020, the attribute “nofollow” devient recommendable. Cela means qu’il est possible que le moteur de recherche suive les liens «nofollow» et les index.

A motto in social networks.

The “measuring” search robots are active in social networks, new content cars and second-hand equipment. In order to use this feature for your website, you must recommend your presence on social networks.

It doesn’t matter if you are a member of a profile on a social network. For a search engine interested in a business page, it will be popular – have subscriptions, likes, comments and republics.

Twitter is #1 in terms of business experience – it’s indexed quickly by Google. On the other hand, the search engine indexes are the most active pages on Facebook – plus the subscriptions that are added to the republic and publications, plus you can keep the search robots.

5. Increase your website loading speed

The concept of “crawl budget” (in French: exploration budget) exists. Cela means le nombre maximum de pages qu’un robot de recherche peut explorer en une seule visite.

Plus your website with the loading time, my pages are indexed. Because of this, website loading speed is important for page indexing.

You can estimate the loading speed of the import page from your website using Speeds Insights.

You can pay attention to what you can do and combine the time you save on other downloads and customize your resources.

You can save more on the website fee charts in the Google Web Stats Statistics report.

If you want to know how many of your web pages are interconnected, go to Google Search Console → Ameliorations → Essential Web Signs.

In the report, the pages of the division are divided into groups: fast, easy and good for the office and mobile.

Open the report and see the issues detected by the exploration operation engine.

It’s my problem with your site, correct it, click validate correction, but keep adding to the verification history.

The performance of your pages in the function of real usage data.

6. Regular publisher and content in the journal

Cela n’a aucun sense pour les moter moter deurs de recherche de visiter votre site si rien n’y change. If you regularly have new content on your website, the search engines often have additional content on your website.

You can create a calendar for publishers of new pages on the site (e.g. articles and blog reviews) and you need to plan. Mais ne publisie pas de nouveau content uniquement par souci de suivre l’horloge des robots. The content has a value of reading and not repeating the information provided on the site.

A large number of similar pages negatively impacts site assembly indexing, especially when working with great sites. Also, the content of the content is ambiguous and does not work in your favor.

What do you want to do to make your website content index faster:

  • Release of new content in less than a week;
  • Establish boundaries between new and old materials;
  • Submit the daily information on the website;
  • Publish quality and unique content.

7. Use ping services

Le ping est a autre moyen d’allerter les moteurs de recherche sur un new content. Lorsque vous envoyez un ping (signal), c’est comme si vous “appeliez” les robots des moteurs de recherche pour qu’ils viennent verifier le new content of your site.

The special ping services, eg Pingomatic, Pingler, Pingoat, are integrated into the CMS of your site and ensure automatic pings with search engines and thus also accelerate the indexing process.

Configure the ping in WordPress

The WordPress admin panel has a feature – in the parameters selected under Setting → Write – Ping-o-Matic is currently out of service.

RSS aggregators (actually Simple Syndication) allow you to learn about new content search engines on your website.

RSS is an excellent format for publishing news. You can make changes to a website without having to access the website.

It is used to create RSS feeds (RSS feeds), available in a variety of RSS aggregators, classifications and annuities.

You can use FeedBurner to create an “RSS feed”, but it’s worth waiting a very long time for the service to pass this day.

This is a Google service that converts all breaking news into a standard format and allows you to configure it.

Flow example RSS – Notre «RSS Feed» use la 2.0, RFC822 standard. Parce que notre blog est en français, nous avons designé “fr”, nous avons également utilisé le code pays ISO-3166.

Don’t miss the generated RSS feed that you can add to the various aggregators and catalogues.

The process of exploring and indexing all websites requires your attention and constant control. If you understand the problems of indexing, this article provides methods to speed up article indexing.

This site’s comments provide methods to speed up your connection to this article and methods to speed up your Google searches.

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