Communication: Practical advice on how to identify the cable

Management lexicon: « Cable. I don’t want to buy in marketing. »De Marie-Anne Dujarier (It will reduce the impact!).

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All good communication strategies to identify the cible, car before waiting for touch, the board failing to identify who it is. How do you know what you don’t know? On a beau returnner la question dans all les sens, il est evident qu’un bon ciblage est la clé du successès d’une bonne stratege de communication. The identification of the cîur of the cable is d’autan plus importante lorsqu’il s’agit de e-commerce, où la relation client est virtual.

In order to define your goal, it is important to take the time to study. You can answer a number of questions: Who will address your address? Who are the people who want your products? Etc.

But do you know the demographic aspect of the cible ne suffit pas. It is no longer a determinant of the adapter’s preferences, values ​​and settings of your strategy and consistency. Delicate for a 360° view of the client with the help of a permanent way in your cibular skin. You have some practical advice to affine that customer.

What are the stages where you can identify as Cible?

Analyzer is available: Board of Products

Avant meme d’entreprendre l’identification de votre cible, il faut dans un premier temps vous Attacher à l’analyse de vos product et services. What do you mean by answers? Who wants to be interested? Do you need to address the specifics (B to C) or professions (B to B)? Of course, your offer is very diverse and responsive, which differs from different segments of your customer. That’s why it’s very important Tell you what you want to find to address the addressee.

Differentiate customers online from customers offline

You can have a physical store on your website. If that’s the case, you should be able to tell your customers apart online and in a magazine. It’s possible that you don’t match some of your customer’s segments. Ils not peut-étre pas les memes attentes et les memes critères d’exigence. In return, you can take a physics magazine and start e-commerce. You can also reach out to your customers (oral, questionnaires, surveys) to find out if you are interested in a deal.

Collect data from your customers and visitors online

In order to identify and inform your customers, it is essential to have information about them. Collecting data is fundamental to the next stage: segmenting your customers. This data can be provided by various sources.

  • online data (which are currently online)

Your website has a very large amount of data available on the web. You determine who are your visitors, who are their environment, who are their partners and who are their main areas of interest.

In effect, the data you have checked on the web, your visit pages (page visits, visit times, click rates, click tracking,…), the context of the connection (day and time of the visit as an example) and l’Origine du trafic (moteurs de recherche utilisés, réseaux sociaux, mobile ou pc ().

In your own way, you should be able to generate some of the most important social themes in the present and future, or from all the themes of your email campaigns that newsletters tell you.

  • The data offline (Internet publications)

The excitement of the data comes from the canax classics like the point of sale physics, the paper questionnaires, the communication skills (telephone, courier, SMS) etc. You are more than a sociodemographic figure or a good concert in the middle of nowhere .

Measured from fight to fight, this data represents a considerable amount. Conveniently as de les Stocker en vue de les Exploiter ensuite. Personal data offline can be classified in a CRM solution. amount of anonymous online data, you can also use a DMP (Data Management Platform) or a CRM 360.

Segment your customers

Come ensuite to the segmentation of your customer. To establish and ascertain, it is established that there are socio-demographic characteristics specific to your customers. Depending on your market, the segmentation criteria can be varied. To determine what the criteria for more relevant are. For example, the property and the power of the water are decisive for the sale of luxury cars.

Parmi les critères uncontournables, on peut citer:

  • Sociodemographic criteria : Gender, Yage, CSP, Family Statute, Localization…
  • psychological criteria : lifestyle, internet centers…
  • The critical criteria .
Customer segmentation to identify the cable


Draw the line between online and offline data

What do you do with this collected data, not the analyzer? C’est là tout l’enjeu. Analyze your key factor in your digital strategy. La Difficulty ici est de faire le tri dans toute cette quantity d’information. All of these dates are not available. The fake donc vous focusiser sur les plus relevantes. Next, it is important to be able to convert your different dates between them so that you can continue your segment, but also to give the online dates an identity.

I don’t want to comment on what silos are!

DMP to identify the cable


To avoid all of this Make the boundary between online analytics and your CRM data. This is appropriation CRM onboarding. Plus the presence of solutions provided by LiveRamp or Temelio. But that’s also what Google and Facebook are doing with Customer Match for the first and personalized audiences for the second.

CRM onboarding to identify the cable


Set up a portrait robot of your customer cable

These stages are based on the fact that the line is between your customers’ socio-demographic profile and their value. You have a vision plus precision of your cable customer. Ainsi, you have to go identifier plus easy strategic goals to achieve your goal. For example, the RFM (Rate, Frequency, Montage) and PMG (Small Customers, Small Customers, Big Customers) segments can help you evaluate the prospect.

Identifies Leon’s Besoins et Attentes

Stay on your feet, it’s okay. Of course, it is also important to know your skills and abilities in order to have the results of the transition in the long term. Also pay attention to the resources of your customers. If you have customer service, you can reclaim the resources of experiences, suggestions and recommendations, all of which are negative. Social resources are also an excellent tool to collect all this information. Also, you can have a great time on the Internet to monitor your emails. Traditionally, it also has the method of polls, surveys and questions. It’s like waiting for you to answer a question and up your offer for your communication.

what i want to keep

Aujourd’hui, it is unthinkable to apply a strategy without knowing the cable. À l’heure ou les consommateurs Réclament de la personalization, It is not important to engage in mass marketing. Thanks to your CRM database for all the online data you don’t have, you need to collect, process and analyze that information. Ainsi, vous pourrez segmenter votre clientele i surtout cruiser ces segmentations afin d’enrichir votre connaissance client, et d’identifier les customers à for potential.

All of these phases are essential Vont faire creates a person, this is a fictional person representing a cable segment. A person with a profile type, the best, the motivations to whom he will bring the good news at the right time. What is your commercial object (augmenter le panier moyen, fidéliser, diminuer les taux d’abandon de panier, etc.), il primordial de bien connaître sa cible avant de lancer une quelconque stratégie. You can only see the chances of your offer convey the good news, the good moment, to the good person through the good channel.

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