Community management in the face of digital marketing and SEO

community management it is increasingly recognized by companies, it is undeniable! However, it is not the only universe in the digital world to be established. Digital marketing and SEO are 2 other very popular levers for which it is not uncommon for companies to decide.

Of course ! they are all complementary and should not replace each other, but due to a lack of budget and / or human resources, it is sometimes necessary to make choices internally.

We address community management with Digital Marketing and SEO to better evaluate its importance if a choice should be made!

Community management vs digital marketing

Faced with digital marketing, community management can be seen as a real plus, to strengthen and amplify the actions carried out. However, digital marketing regularly takes precedence for performance research and figures often tied to real financial ROI.

Let’s not forget that leaders and managers are receptive to financial figures and not to fictitious values ​​that do not generate direct or quantifiable business ROI. Social media interactions are not evaluated as a direct result and, consequently, the Community Director can he become a secondary role for a company.

How to change or evolve this point of view?

is contextualize the work of the community manager and to enhance it as a traffic-generating action, with a view to producing a result and not as a direct result. If the community manager brings traffic to a sales site, an acquisition page, etc., he focuses on this mission and is able to evaluate his action with figures: ” I have generated so many visits this month ” Where ” I have engaged x people in this action and it produces it result »And to continue looking at the business that this has generated or not.

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If you have to make a choice between community management and digital marketing, you must already define the 2 levers!

However, if perfectly complementary, it may be necessary to reduce other positions / sectors / functions before deciding.

From there, steps can be taken and the whole strategy will be to allow generate traffic to facilitate sales.

Clear you shouldn’t ask a CM to sell, especially when digital marketing is more rooted in this notion of sales and performance. If it is a complementarity for which there is still a choice to be made, the roles must be clearly defined in order to be able to absorb any shortcomings.

Generate traffic in community management

The other question is whether one of the roles can absorb the other and vice versa. Can a community manager be successful in digital marketing or can a digital marketing profile work in community management? We return to multi-purpose roles, for which a level of remuneration should be commensurate with the skills required.

As it stands, a community manager can perfectly measure the performance of the actions carried out in digital marketing and practice it since it normally has the basis. In any case, it is on the fundamentals that we must focus, because in addition to this, a profile as a marketing expert will be essential.

As for the marketer, it will be difficult to encourage him to do community management actions, because animation and community management are radically different from his job.

Defend community management

One does not go without the other or with difficulty. If a choice has to be made, it is very often digital marketing that will be evaluated for the direct notion of performance. The objectives to be achieved for a company will also be a determining factor, especially if they are aimed at image, notoriety or visibility.

For the latter, the community manager will be preferred as this will undoubtedly bring results in the long term! It is therefore necessary to establish the objectives as well as clarify the roles. Community management also has the benefit of lay the foundation for business ; that is, to create a community ecosystem on which to build one’s electronic reputation. But it’s also a foundation for digital marketers to implement actions at a lower cost.

Community management vs referencing / SEO

SEO generates business, and creates visibility if well done in the medium / long term. It is a very popular lever and companies are taking on more and more challenges in an era where all digital takes precedence. It is therefore more difficult here to propose community management when looking for the notions of visibility with real work on organic traffic.

Community management vs referencing / SEO

The complementarity in the community manager will therefore be the contribution of a traffic source coming mainly from social networks, clearly social traffic if we think in terms of referencing. If the workforce is preferable because it is more durable, without being acquired, the traffic of social media requires energy to be distributed over time without stopping to take full advantage of it.

Certainly the work of the community manager is not based solely on social media traffic research, but even in this case, if we think for business, companies are looking for results. It is easier to sell a better ranking on search engines than a constant presence on social networks.

Why ? Simply because social networks are not search engines and the content reaches the user without any solicitation on his part. On the contrary, let’s search for information on Google! This may involve an Internet user’s need, a search for information, or a purchase phase. If we reach a first position on Googleit will generate business much more efficiently by reaching more people over time.

The advantages of community management to be defended are the proximity and the relationship that is created with a community, which works on the image and strengthens the referencing in the sense of the term. The impact of social media on SEO it is not direct, but it allows you to get visibility faster than the staff.

Defend community management

Hard ! but not impossible work together on web writing and SEO, as well as community management, but it is clearly unlikely to provide the content needed to rank well in the long term. SEO is a strategic job that requires time and therefore investments. It also depends on the sector in which it is necessary to evolve.

Working together on SEO and community management

He works on both his role as community manager and frequently produce editorial content, these are tasks that take too long. Especially since referencing involves measurements, numerous adjustments, and essential strategic work to position you.

There will therefore clearly be a choice to be made if the budget or human resources stall, especially in small businesses. It will therefore be necessary to integrate the notion of a result which is not immediate and which will require patience to obtain a proven positioning on Google. Again, community management can lead to faster visibility, but that doesn’t mean it becomes a replacement.

Referencing remains a topic to work on and, as it is, should be done simultaneously and in conjunction with the CM.

In conclusion

Come what can! community management will remain an additional leverage for companies, seeing a universe that can be self-sufficient depending on the sector. Companies can still be seduced by this field, even more so with the arrival of Metavers. the community management within Metavers it will undoubtedly be a way to relaunch and re-evaluate it.

Digital marketing and SEO, however, are increasingly appreciated by companies looking for results, which will not necessarily be immediate! At this stage it is necessary either to deal with complementarities, or to make strategic choices that may require a reduction elsewhere rather than on these roles. Complementarity is a strong point! As for the reduction and / or division of its attack strength, I think it shows quickly.

It is therefore necessary to defend his universe well and replace it in the light of the objectives to be achieved for the structures that make use of this competence.

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