Comparison of advertising and performances

Social ads are just a topic for you. If you don’t have time, find the formats that can be performed by three performers. Chez HelloWork (not part of the BDM), we use all platforms of the market for us: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. They offer very different performance and skills that are not matched. Take a tour of the horizons of platforms powers and fables available to advertisers.

Precision: these observations are based on our campaigns, we will be with you, we will be in your place, the results will not be shared without delay.

Facebook: a complete platform adapted and adapted to the announcements

The most popular platform for social ads is Facebook. She also provides a great audience and performer for her campaigns, team and plus brands.

The objects

In this case, Facebook has adapted to all things: notoriety and conversation. It’s possible to spread a video to 6 million people or generate a conversion in a shoe store, it’s possible. The Facebook system includes Facebook (newsfeed + rights column + stories), Instagram (posts and stories), Messenger and the audience (audiences of websites and app partners accessible from Facebook).

The formats


When formatting, including with choices: photo, video, carousel (plus images in a public domain), slideshow, collection (with value of products in a publication), messenger, advertising, offers, interactions with the publication, mention of a page , Responses to events, dynamic releases (automatic promotion of a product catalog) (

The Ciblage

For the ciblage, it’s easy to swim, with 3 great options:

  • cibles for interest : cibler par rapport aux likes et visites des utilisateurs (c’est le ciblage le moins efficace).
  • Custom Audiences : cibler des utilisateurs dont vous avez déjà les données (address email, ou visites sur your site). The Facebook conversion pixel allows you to save your visit to your page if you use Facebook.
  • Lookalikes audience : cibler des similitaries similaires à des audiences personalnalisées. Facebook comes to identify the simulators used by users who have not been informed.


The Facebook pixel allows you to be extremely precise in the ciblage (you can only visit the visitors of this page, integrate only the visitors of this page, etc.), which translates into an important efficiency. You can use the tools to target Facebook tools (interests, gender, location, etc.) to your personal audiences or lookalike audiences.

The cows

Facebook posts are still available in the following terms. It is possible to automate the inputs or the data of the borders of agate. You can pay CPC or CPM.

For those who have CPC, the content is still viral and costs between €0.03 and €0.04. You will be charged between €0.10 and €0.70 per click for the content plus onions. All right, that’s very strong for you.

For CPV (low cost) of a video, calculated at less than €0.02, a price that depends on your cycling and the video quality. The whole story can be found worldwide on YouTube.

It is possible to optimize your campaigns in the CPM diffuser. It is a valuable surtout for the large public pools and can be prepared by your accountant. CPM are three variables within your content: from €1 to €6.

ROI code, the pixel you want to use to track all conversations, applications, clicks, enrollments, etc. and determine the ROI of your marketing actions.

The dissemination

You have access to all Facebook ecosystems and your ads are at a higher level, but we don’t have a problem with distribution, but it’s very important.

balance sheet

Le Business Manager Facebook is a great tool and complete, but Facebook is all about making it more accessible. An “Ad Guide” is available on this site to help you learn about different formats, placements and analysis of results. You can use the advertising manager to get more questions not only for the reports but also to use and download the main report in a relatively easy way.

Celui-ci s’ameliore continuellement et est parfaitement adapté du SEM sur de très gross budgets, meme sans passer par un outil tiers. Enfin, that’s very loin, la plateforme la moins cher and la plus efficace pour ses social ads.

Twitter: an ad manager who inadvertently cares about performance

The objects

Twitter offers 8 campaign objects: Subscription Installs, Subscriptions, Engagement with Tweets, Video Views, Clicks or Conversations, Referral with App, Pre-Roll, Awareness.


Dans les faits, Twitter est surtout able to deliver de l’affichage, que ce soit pour la la la video or des tweets. Everything that is achat à la performance is practically impossible to implement.

The formats

Twitter is a great complement to restore the conditions of the format: you can only broadcast your tweets, broadcast your content, or broadcast your account to follow your followers.

You can spread your sponsored content on Twitter, but also through the audience network.

The Ciblage

Côté ciblage, c’est vraiment là que le bat blesse… L’absence de données staffles rend le ciblage totalement fantaisiste. You can use the ciplage on the web, but the nomenclature is available and adapted. You can also make the cilantro using the key, but it doesn’t mark as large amounts. At a small event, that’s impossible. The absence of semantic cycles is very free.

Enfin, le plus dommage is the difficulty of making bikes on account. You can only provide similar subscriptions for subscriptions. Autant dire que tout téla cela devient vite très approximatif, et qu’on ne sait finalement pas trop qui on cible…

You can also use Facebook, integrate a Twitter pixel and recycle your Twitter audience. The only thing you know about Twitter’s audience is a lot of redoubt, it’s not complicated to create a huge audience pool.

The cows


After Twitter, Twitter is hoping for performance and a good market for CPM distribution. The CPC ranges from €0.50 to €1 (this amount is just a guide) and the CPM can go up to €4 / €6. The acquisition of followers is quantitative to the extreme and monte vite à 2 euros le follower.

The dissemination

The great adventures of Twitter: with dissemination. I miss a reduced audience, I can diffuse a lot and very well (which is not without questions about the reality of the views).

balance sheet

Le Business Manager Twitter is Brouillon and Peu Clair. Contrairement aux autres, it is peu mis à jour. It’s impossible to create multiple campaigns on a single phone and impossible to perform. Everything is complex: issuing campaigns, structuring campaigns, managing accounts, invoicing…

It is very important to have an outstanding bill of lading… It is impossible to have an “important account” and to have an authorization for all accounts and clearly for a multi-brand management this is extremely problematic. Difficile de ne pass se dire que Twitter has voluntarily given up advertisers to focus on les grand comptes uniquement.

LinkedIn: exorbitant tariffs and distribution difficulties

The formats

LinkedIn does not offer objects for real estate, but unique formats: Sponsored Content (publication in the news), Dynamic Ads (rights column), Text Ads (rights column) and Sponsored InMail (sponsored messages).

linked in22

The objects are available in short formats (against all logic) and in a single format.

linked in33

The Ciblage

On paper, the LinkedIn ciblage is exceptional (B2B note): you have access to the company, post, field of activity, store, hierarchical level, level, etc. Users. Do you want to guide an industrial vehicle to a destination? They are not accessible on LinkedIn and are less theoretical.


They also have a conversion pixel to create personal audiences that have audience response.

The cows

In terms of cows, LinkedIn is way ahead of all your competitors. It’s impossible to optimize your campaigns: LinkedIn performs the identical sorting on CPC and CPM campaigns. Impossible to run CPM campaigns to run CPC campaigns. All is well for the explosive cows.

We note the CPM’s support for the 30 euro talents, which is absolutely gigantic. The CPC rarely goes down to €1 and costs up to €5 or €6. In addition to the cost, it is very difficult to expect significant traffic.

The dissemination

LinkedIn accounts with many entries but very few users (the French teams speak of 10% of users who paid per month). Audience is very difficult to attest. I have a budget, you don’t have to distribute it. It is very difficult to spread next to the cible, all complement the part that this goal is inscribed but not connected. It’s good to understand that LinkedIn disabled users take the swag you don’t want to be able to touch, but you have to pay the budget.

balance sheet

LinkedIn to support the success of B2B companies, but in a business manager for ergonomics, adorable trainers and difficult to disseminate, he does not want to comment on LinkedIn’s advertising to integrate it into a media plan.

Snapchat: a well-known platform with very interesting tariffs

The objects

In terms of objectivity, there is a revolutionary topic to report: branding, installation, traffic generation, video or conversion.


The formats

This affects all formats, you have access to Snap Ads, Story Ads and Filters.


The snap ads, the format of the plus utility to create a redirect on the web or install simplement. You don’t have to share content, unlike ideas, you can integrate a static creation (or video). The platform is ergonomic and really easy to use (although you can’t use Snapchat).

The Ciblage

The ciblage is based on demographics, an interest list (not very accurate), your traffic data (via a Snapchat pixel), or your CRM data for export. In the end, the innovator, the ciblage works like the other plate shapes.


The cows

In this case, Snapchat is a very good market and the reason is simple. It is very important for advertisers but also for the press release. Result: You can easily do your homework. Here, for a small campaign with €700 in cash, the CPM is €1.47, for a swipe it costs only €0.05 (the CPC version Snap) which is very simple for a professional content. .


Come for all autus canaux, everything is traceable, and you try to use all your analyzer for google analytics ROI. We have exactly this surprise in our house for the quality of the results of this campaign. The leads lead to a good bill.

The dissemination

Audience Snap is well present and active, one of the most launched campaigns, it is very easy to spread it en masse. In a few days we generated over 500,000 ads.

balance sheet

Very interesting announcements, Snapchat is an excellent surprise. L’Ads Manager is very useful to use, the campaigns are easy to install and the results are very interesting. The audience is “young”, the fabulous advertising press in a very interesting way.

Manager’s Manager’s Special: This is great, good and easy. You can also inspire others…

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