Conference program for the Summer Game Fest 2022

Already the third year for the Summer game party. It must be said that with the disappearance of E3 the road is completely free for Geoff Keighley who can impose his festival as the unmissable appointment before the summer. A horde of conferences are therefore planned for this Summer Game Fest 2022, with their announcements, trailers and other revelations of all kinds. Most of the big publishers are there, and it’s only a matter of time for those who haven’t confirmed their presence yet.

Last updated: June 3, 2022

The program of the conference of the Summer Game Fest 2022

  • Summer Game Party 2022 – Thursday 9 June, 8 pm
  • Devolver Marketing Countdown to marketing – Thursday 9 June 23:59
  • IGN Summer Gaming 2022 – Friday 10 June, 6pm
  • Tribeca games in the foreground – Friday 10 June, 9 pm
  • Guerrilla collective event 2022 – Saturday 11 June, 5 pm
  • Direct healthy – Saturday 11 June, 6:30 pm
  • Future game show – Saturday 11 June, 9 pm
  • Showcase of the Xbox and Bethesda game – Sunday 12 June, 7 pm
  • PC game show – Sunday 12 June, 9.30 pm

Summer Game Party 2022

When : Thursday 9 June – 20:00 – Probably 3 hours
Where is it : on YouTube, Twitch, and anything that can stream video

Welcome to Geoff Keighley for his big lecture. Full of announcements and new features, but you will also find all those games that are already starting to be forgotten but will go out of their way to change it. Even if that means organizing in-game events and adding a Geoff skin to the store. And wait between the two world premiere, you will find all of Geoff’s friends who are there to talk about their budding passion. Let’s remember, last year it was Giancarlo Esposito who explained his fascination with dictators, while Kojima kojimait.

Devolver Marketing Countdown to marketing

When : Thursday 9 June – 23:59 – about thirty minutes
Where is it : on Twitch

Devolver has finally formalized its presence at the Summer Game Fest 2022. This year there is an emphasis on countdowns and the expectations they generate. The step is simple: As the industry falters in a confusing communications crisis, between canceled events and sad conferences, Devolver Digital boldly takes responsibility with an uninhibited marketing assault.“. Suffice it to say that it should once again be the fair for just about anything. And in the midst of it all, at least four game announcements are expected. But you won’t really be there for that.


IGN Summer Gaming 2022

When : Friday 10 June – 18:00 – Almost 3 hours
Where is it : on YouTube, Twitch

It’s like the day before at Geoff’s, but lowering the standard a bit. So announce and exclude a little less snappy, but the promise of a horde of world premiere the same. Instead, we make as many boxes, if not more. It must be the IGN paw.

Tribeca games in the foreground

When : Friday 10 June – 21:00 – About 2 hours
Where is it : on Youtube

A 2 hour presentation of which we already know the menu. On the program among others: Without oxen II, A Plague Story: Requiem, immortalitythe DLC of Cupheador Thirty suitors.

Guerrilla collective event 2022

When : Saturday 11 June – 17:00 – 1h30 presentation
Where is it : on YouTube, Twitch

A group of indies filled with announcements, trailers and gameplay passages, interspersed with interventions by developers. All accompanied by an event on Steam to easily find all the titles presented and the wishlist better.


Direct healthy

When : Saturday 11 June – 18:30 – About 2 hours
Where is it : on Youtube

The same choupinou meeting of the indies. You will find presentations of non-violent games designed for everyone. Lots of games. We’re typically approaching the hundred, so sometimes you have to follow quickly and keep up. Many of the featured titles usually come out right after or during the conference, so this is an opportunity to spice up your library with some love and some crazy projects.

Future game show

When : Saturday 11 June – 21:00 – 2 hours or more of conference
Where is it : on YouTube, Twitch

The conference organized by GamesRadar is back in 2022, to the delight of … them, will it be good enough already? The previous editions were evidently not monuments, both in the rhythm and in the titles reported. So, some indie or AA titles might surprise you, but it’s best not to expect anything. Around 40 games will be presented this year, across all platforms.


Showcase of the Xbox and Bethesda game

When : Sunday 12 June – 19:00 – 2 hour conference
Where is it : on YouTube, Twitch

Do you know the Game Pass? Well, if you’re here, it probably is, and that’s okay. You will be able to enjoy 2 hours of announcements and trailers for all these games that will populate this huge catalog in the coming months. And the news on dozens of Xbox projects not seen since gamescom last year. Do you want some Starfield when you leave? It is not because it is rejected that its status as a flagship is to be questioned.

PC game show

When : Sunday 12 June – 21:30 – At least 2 hours of conference
Where is it : on YouTube, Twitch

Do you eat graphics cards for breakfast? Do you like commercial breaks so much that you have ever thought about moving to the United States? The PC Gaming Show is for you. A presentation that is too long, in which trailers, interviews with developers who don’t have much to say and endless interludes of sponso intertwine. Often with bold humor as a bonus, because the PC player loves it.

Conferences not yet announced

They are loyal to the post every year. So not seeing these conferences featured in the Summer Game Fest 2022 would be a huge surprise. The question is more to know when they will be scheduled.

Nintendo Direct

There will be a Nintendo Direct right now, that’s for sure. Probably also Tuesday 14, since it is generally the custom of small Japanese artisans to position themselves at the end of the exhibition. Expect to see pictures of Fire Emblem Warriors: three hopes, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or Splatoon 3. With perhaps even as a bonus an announcement of the second wave of circuits for the DLC’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And of course the game of ports, independent games and surprises from the chef that we no longer expected. No, not that game you’re thinking about, stop hurting yourself.


Rumors point to a Capcom conference to be held during the Summer Game Fest. Just to show something other than a PNG from an image bank for street fighter 6and to report on plans for the franchise resident Evil. Warning, risk of NFT and stupid ideas very high.

Square Enix

It is very likely that in the next few days we will see a presentation of Square Enix. Yes, because the Japanese publisher is a regular visitor to the meeting. But above all because there is always a horde of projects in the boxes. How Final Fantasy XVI, which has only a few months of development ahead of it according to its manufacturer. Not to mention the 25 years of Final Fantasy VIIthe perfect time to talk about the remake sequel.

Another state of the art for PlayStation

Yes, there is a first State of Play scheduled for June 2nd. But it is announced in 30 minutes to talk about VR and some releases. But Sony’s catalog is much richer than that. It would therefore not be surprising to see another, much richer conference appear. Unless it’s all watered down in the Summer Game Fest with Geoff.

Ubisoft Forward

The French publisher has a lot to tell. It must be said that the fiscal year must be very busy for Ubisoft, with Mario and the rabbitsthe remake of prince of Persia or Skull and bones which should arrive in the next few months. Without counting Avatar: Borders of Pandora to accompany the release of the film. But we will have to wait a little longer, because Ubisoft has confirmed to the Axios website that no conferences will be held during the Summer Game Fest. See you later in the year.

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