CPF: Account and Login

The Personal Training Account is a public funding mechanism that allows beneficiaries to undertake diploma or certification training.

What is the Personal Training Account (CPF)? definition

The Personal Training Account (CPF) is a public funding system for continuing education which enables active people (employees, civil servants, freelancers, micro-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, temporary workers, young people in training or the unemployed). benefit from vocational training throughout their professional life, regardless of their professional situation or theirs employment contract. The personal training account is created January 1, 2015 replace the individual entitlement to further training (BEF). It was reformed from vocational training reform. Today, the personal training account is credited in euros.

Whether on an individual basis or with the consent of their employer, an employee can benefit independently from your training account. In the case of a request to the employer (via a training application letter), the latter has one month to reply, with no reply being taken as acceptance. In addition, support has been set up to provide advice and information on the further development of occupations and on qualification-based offersimprove everyone’s skills.

Can the personal education account be used in the public sector?

Like all employees, civil servants and temporary workers can benefit from the personal training accountout of January 1, 2017. On the other hand, their personal training account remains credited in hours: acquisition of 48 hours per year and overtime credit (up to 150 hours more) when it comes to preventing an incapacity situation.

Is it possible to benefit from the Personal Education Account for Job Seekers and Young People?

The job seeker can do the same use purchased hours in your personal training account. The young graduate can enjoy their right to education before his first job. If he has started work as part of his studies with a working student contract or a professionalization contract, he has already started collect rights for his personal training account.

Can you finance your driver’s license with your personal training account?

that March 3, 2017the Official Journal published a decree implementing the law “É Equality and Citizenship” which, under the Personal Activity Account (CPA), provides that job seekers and those in employment can do so Use their points personal training account to finance their B driver’s license. Since then, the device has been in force March 15, 2017. Driving schools must obtain a license from the Department of Labour.

This device can only be used if the financing of the permit “contributes to the realization of a professional project or promotes the safeguarding of the professional career of the asset”. The education reform June 2018 also offers a grant of 500 euros which enables trainees to finance part of the driver’s license.

There are several ways to contact the personal training account teams:

  1. Via the Internet via a contact form available on the website
  2. At the 09 70 82 35 50 for general questions
  3. At the 09 70 82 35 51 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) in case of technical problems with the website or the mobile application

However, it is advisable to consult frequently asked Questions (FAQ) before contacting the personal training account teams. You can find frequently asked questions and offers on the moncompteformation.gouv.fr website video tutorials guide users.

Registration for the Personal Training Account (CPF) is easy. Employees must connect to the moncompteformation.gouv.fr website via France Connect using their tax ID or social security number.

Here is the homepage of the website where you can open a CPF account © My Activity Account

In order to create a personal training account, it is necessary Choose your socio-professional category : Private sector employee, civil servant, self-employed, entertainment worker, job seeker, etc. Registration opens from 16 years oldbut the age is lowered to 15 years old for young learners. Then it is necessary Follow the steps below to create a personal training account :

  • Click on the “I’m accessing my account” tab.
  • Click on “I register”
  • Enter their civil identity, date of birth, social security number, phone number, and email address
  • Click on Continue”
  • Include your highest degree and the year it was obtained
  • Define your password (8 characters, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter or one number)

What is the amount of the personal training account?

The personal training account will be credited 500 euros a year for full-time workers, part-time workers work more than 50% Full-time, self-employed. The personal training account will be credited proportionally for part-time or temporary employees. This amount will be increased 800 euros (limited to €8,000) for low-skilled/unskilled workers who have not achieved a level of education with a level 3 diploma: CAP or BEP. Seasonal workers have the opportunity to claim – based on an agreement or a unilateral decision of the employer extended rights on their personal training account.

The amount credited The personal training account is valid for life. This means that if an employee has to leave the company as part of a termination, a termination (regardless of the reason for termination) or an ordinary termination, their personal training account does not reset the counters to zero. Employers also have the opportunity to finance the personal continuing education account exceed legal limits.

Who contributes to the personal training account?

those are Companies that fund the personal training account. You must devote yourself 0.55% of their gross payroll to fund education when it matters most less than 11 employees and 1% of gross wages if they are important more than 11 employees. They must pay this amount to the Skills Operator (Opco) they belong to.

Not all training is eligible for the personal training account. Companies need to be careful when creating training plans. Likewise, employees must find out in advance whether the intended further training is CPF-capable. To be eligible The training must lead to a diploma or certificate:

  • A validation of the acquired experience (VAE) according to article L.6313-1, 3°
  • Acquiring a qualification
  • The acquisition of basic skills (knowledge and skills, the mastery of which is useful for promoting professional integration, which are necessary in order to be able to consider further training)
  • A competency assessment
  • Training for business founders or takeovers with the aim of carrying out their business creation or takeover project and maintaining their activity
  • The preparation for the theoretical test of the StVO and the practical test of the driver’s license for vehicles of the light group (approval B) and the heavy group
  • The acquisition of skills necessary for the performance of volunteer or community service volunteer duties

The qualifications sanctioned by the educational programs that can be financed via the personal education account can be:

  • Professional certification registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).
  • Certificate of validation of a competence block forming part of a professional certification registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP).
  • Certification or authorization recorded in the specific register (which replaces the inventory), including certification related to basic knowledge and professional skills (CléA)

While some coaches are affected by the reform, it’s a real boon for Mooc Designer. This inclination to finance digital training was accentuated in the vocational training reform 2018 Parallel to the education reform.

Any organization wishing to provide training that can be funded through the Personal Training Account (CPF) must do so get the Qualiopi certification starting with the January 1, 2022. They must already be referenced Datadock database and therefore, offer 21 quality indicators. The aim of the Qualiopi certification is a more restrictive and demanding assessment. Seven criteria and 32 indicators form this national benchmark.

The social partners also closed – in the fall 2021 – a framework agreement on vocational training aimed at this “professionalize” the use of the personal training account.. According to them, some of the training provided does not allow employees to develop their skills and employability. The agreement advocates a joint design of the training plan between employees and their employers via the personal training account, in particular with an increased contribution to the training account on the part of the companies. They also offer Condition for the purchase of training outside the national repertoire via the My Account Training platform to validate a Professional Development Advisor (CEP).

Since Sep 2021People with a CP can benefit from an additional contribution from the state for training in the digital field: development, creation and management of a website, computer technicians, etc. If the amount available on the personal training account is insufficient, state aid may be considered 100% of the balance payablein the context of €1,000 per training record. This help can be combined with that of other organizations such as Opco and with a contribution from the employer or the account holder.

Status help is automatically displayed during the training search once you are connected to your training account. If the account holder receives a positive response from a training organization, they can do so Activate help directly from your account if he does not have the sufficient amount for training.

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