Create your marketing persona to refine your strategy

In any marketing strategy, attention must be paid to the creation of a marketing persona. Beaucoup d’entreprises prefecérent communiquer sans se preoccuper des attentes de leurs cibles. Cependant, in addition to communicating with my friends, knowing your customers and prospects is of paramount importance!

You can imagine defining your personality as precisely as possible in order to deliver good messages to your employees with quality content that will hold their attention.

Who is this person?

The marketing persona represents your “ideal customer,” an archetype of a group of people who want to help you with your strategy and communication skills. The possibility of motivations, commons and community priorities.

Your company can be used by people who identify themselves segments cable.

The creation of personalities requires a lot of precision and must recognize a maximum of details in accordance with your customers. Le plus souvent, ils dispossent d’un prnom, d’un nom, d’un jage et de trait de personalité. These are the fictional characters who may own the consumer consumption habitats (favorite brands, media, etc.). As an individual person, you also have the opportunity to optimize your offers and innovations. This is why people use design and innovation.

To get started, you need to brainstorm!

Bring your colleagues together around a table with a good coffee! Ask yourself the basic questions for generating qualified leads.

Define the demographic characteristics and the commercial characteristics.

Ensuite, make a list of your preferences: aime-t-il la nature? The sport? Balanced mange-t-il?

Ces ask vous permettront d’y voir plus clair et de cibler au mieux votre persona.

Let’s de l’étape suivante, vous allez devoir faire appel à votre côté creati et le dessiner! You also have a vision that defines your personality and makes it more memorable.

After the creative phase, you need to change your coffin and get away with it! Posez sur le papier, à la troisième personne, toute l’histoire de votre persona. Une fois realized, recommended, mais cette fois-ci à la premiere personne dans le but de voir si votre ce dernier est realizable ou non!

Example questions for you:

  • What is your gender? Your name? A dream come true? Où habite-t-il?
  • What is your profession?
  • What are your internet centers?
  • What are your actions?
  • What is your information? What cans? What type of content do you consult?
  • What are you mots clés what do you use
  • What is your magazine type?

The person present in the team of your team to be able to enjoy the world as part of the study of new products and services. You are always connected with your employees with adapters to dreams and motivations.

Best of all, the marketing people are useful for your commercial service, which can be used to optimize the packages and advise the customer.

In addition, as mentioned above, they always devote themselves to the design and digital teams that can take into account the construction of the customer’s facilities.

What do you think about your marketing?

Une fois les details sur sa personalité peaufinés, c’est le moment de vous mettre à la place de your persona marketing afin de lui donner vie. You can understand the relationship established between you and your offer.

Encourage one of the most important questions to build a solid and coherent argument. Are you interested in your offer? What points do you use to pay for your products or services?

To optimize your communication efforts, this will help you understand what your persona will look like by asking questions at each stage of the decision-making process.

“For me, the most important person is the customer. All of these are our effects for Louis »Gerstner

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