Cybercrime: The Elysee’s Response

The Cybersécurité International (FIC) Forum is a summary of responses to four new candidates for the 2022 presidential election. Extras.

Institutions and waste against cybercrime are part of the thematic portfolios for retention of presidential candidates at the 2022 Presidential Forum of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC). The free organization, in collaboration with InCyber ​​​​created a synthesizer of the answers to the answers, supplemented by the analysis of the programs of public candidates.

What are the priorities of the challengers in the Elysee in these areas?

Marine LePen (National Assembly) with the effort to “the primacy of the rule of law, with equal importance of physical and numerical crime”. For the candidate RN “it is not a matter of attaching the authors of the facts and identification […], the correct sanctioning effect of fraud and the commission of committees in line ». And the words: “The sanction goes through the interpellation of the bath, it’s French, or it can be included in the investigation of compliance with mutual agreements on cybercrime, it’s foreign.” Marine Le Pen also praises the creation of “numerical commands”.

Yannik Jadot (Europe Écologie-Les Verts), de son côté, veut enforcer le rôle d’enquêteur de la gendarmerie nationale. Acting President, Emmanuel Macron (La République en marche) announced in January the latest recruitment of 1,500 additional cyber patrol officers. Not by Emmanuel Macron, though Philippe Poutou (New Anti-Capitalist Party) et Jean Lasalle (Resistances) n’ont pas fait parvenir leurs reviews au FIC.

Jean Luc Melenchon (La France insoumise) ambitious notation to double the action of the technical and scientific police. It is also possible to reduce the number of PHAROS (platform for harmonization, analysis, detection and orientation of signals). The sentence, by the way, is “the augmen of the laws of our justice, which is closed”.

Valerie Pécresse (Les Républicains), de son côté, souhaite faire voter une ” loi ‘soveraineté et responsabilité numérique’ dans la premiere année du quincquennat »et y inclure la creation d’un parquet national cyber. The LR candidate won the election, nominated by the state’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), equivalent to the coordinator of the meeting to coordinate public action and give a briefing to the President of the Republic on technological issues » . It remains to be seen in the relations between the CTO and the current interdepartmental leadership of NUMBER (DINUM), which depends on the Prime Minister’s services and animates the State’s numerical policy.

for Fabian Roussel . to sensitize local collectives, Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Parties) advocate strengthening “incident response teams in the regions and [l’inclusion de] Cyber ​​security in the regional schemes for economic development, innovation and internationalization (SRDEII) ».

Minister for numerous exercises

Anne Hidalgo called for the creation of the “Minister of Numerous Exercise”, as head of the Cesin – Club of Experts on Security and Information. Nicolas Dupont Aignan (Debout la France), pour sa part, est cheap à l’ouverture “d’un ministère du numérique puissant, autonomous, et au caractère transversal”. The section “possibly linked to a state secretariat for cybersecurity” for Marine Le Pen. It’s also a question Eric Zemmour (Reconquete) d’un tel secretariat d’état.

Nathalie Arthaud (Lutte ouvrière) demarque concerned the development of the French cybersecurity industry. In reply to the FIC, the candidate stated: “To defend the interests of France, this is the direction of the interests of French capitalists in international competition, you have the opportunity to finance private companies. To protect the idea that companies should be reprimanded without risk in this new cybersecurity market. However, this cyberwar is only for the capitalists, they are the most popular in the field of profit and rule. What it takes to divert public money to finance the cyberguery the capitalists are currently under is exactly how one can finance the rearmament of the French state, it also includes and touches on it to poches aux travailleurs contre leurs intérêts too do. »

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