Dékuple consolidates its position as a leader in data marketing in France

Dékuple: from direct marketing to data marketing

Founded in 1972 under the name of France Abonnements, the family business initially specialized in direct marketing through the sale of mail-order print subscriptions.

In the 2000s, Dekuple it has progressively moved towards digital issues, and in particular that of the enhancement and enhancement of marketing data. The data scientists then joined the company’s teams in 2008 and, since 2010, the company has chosen to specialize in the field of data marketing.

From consulting to implementation: a global approach to data marketing

Thanks to this experience, Dékuple works daily with many brands from a wide variety of business sectors. In figures, this now represents more than 500 customers in France, including two thirds of CAC 40 companies such as AXA, BNP Paribas or Carrefour and one third of SBF 120 companies such as Schneider Electric, Klepierre or Maisons du Monde.

Our data marketing know-how benefits our own businesses, to create portfolios of recurring contracts such as the insurance brokerage business started in 2013, which added to the sale of magazine subscriptions; but this expertise is also put at the service of third-party brands so that they can acquire and retain new customers. These advertisers’ businesses are growing rapidly and are also expected to become the majority by 2022. “Explains Bertrand Laurioz, managing director and third head of the family at the head of the company.

For these BtoB activities, Dékuple has a strong experience in digital and data consulting thanks to the Converteo studio and its 300 specialized experts, as well as digital marketing agencies. Dekuple Marketing Engineering and Reech, an influence marketing specialist who recently joined the Group.

A success based on a culture of multi-entrepreneurship

To carry out its business around the digitalization of marketing, the company relies on strong values ​​that have characterized its success for fifty years: a spirit of conquest, respect and mutual help. With a family participation present since the company’s origins, Dékuple defends capitalism over time, drawing its strengths from a “long-term” vision.

With its strong values, the Group creates the conditions that allow multiple entrepreneurs to collaborate within the same ecosystem. Six companies therefore joined the Group between 2020 and the end of 2021; the managers of each company have remained at the head of their company – of which they are most often the creators – and have been able to develop their business within the Group, which accompanies them in their growth.

700 employees and 300 hires planned for 2022

Present in France, Spain, Portugal and China, the Group reached a turnover of 165 million euros in 2021; a figure up by almost 18% compared to the previous year, with a growth of 40% in digital activities.

Despite having 500 people as of January 1, 2021, the Dékuple group currently employs more than 700 employees who work daily for the success of the company and its customers. In 2022, the Group expects to hire 300 new employees. Between 2020 and 2025, Dékuple is organizing to double its size, according to the objectives set by its strategic plan “Ambition 2025”.

We are a company on the move that relies on historical skills brought by employees present for many years, but also on more recent activities with very young experts; this is what makes our Group unique and rich! concludes Bertrand Laurioz.

With the advent of digital and the increase in the use of data – the amount of data generated is estimated at several tens of thousands of Gigabytes per second in the world – data marketing has over the years become a highly strategic tool for all companies. , in France and around the world. Faced with this colossal challenge, Dékuple wishes to continue and intensify its development with the ambition of becoming the European leader in data marketing by 2025.

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