Despite the disappointment, Saint-Chamond basketball takes charge of next season

New headquarters, new revenues, new sponsor, new workforce, new budget, new legal and economic structure but for … identical ambitions. The Saint-Chamond Basket Vallée du Gier (SCBVG) tries to digest the disappointment for the siren of a breathless season that could (should?) Send them into the elite by taking back the rest of the adventure. Its president Roger Paour details the preparation for next season for Se Saint-Etienne.

Roger Paour will soon no longer be president of the Saint-Chamond basketball association but only of the SAS. © Se Media / Xavier Alix

“If I were a Cartesian, I’d say it’s a blessing in disguise: the Betclic elite (formerly Pro A and Jeep elite) it was probably too early. Now, we would never have refused: in top-level sport, when the train passes … “, observes a shared Roger Paour. The president of the Saint-Chamond Basket Vallée du Gier (SCBVG) welcomes us in the brand new offices of the Arena. The club moved there at the end of May. Impossible to take photos inside. The owner of the premises, Saint-Etienne Métropole, does not want to release the slightest dust before the official inauguration of the 4,200-seat hall scheduled for the weekend of 17 and 18 September (if there are friendly matches, be … closed!). It is also impossible for the SCBVG not to leave some regrets lying around under the racket, even three weeks after the disappointing outcome of such a historic 2021/22 season.

Dominating his league from A to Y to fail in Z before immediately losing his second chance via the playoffs is not easy to swallow: All disappointed: we managers, staff, players, partners and of course the public. “ Especially having been defeated by 1uh round of this final phase by 9And ranking of the regular season. But “After all, following our 2020/21 season galley and snatch maintenance, the specialists expected a 16Andplace, then we would all have signed up this year “, recalls Roger Paour. So the SCBVG is also starting to move forward, now we need to recover while staying reasonable. Okay, it’s in his DNA. It is therefore natural that the club looks to the future. A 2022/23 season where he will have to integrate his new commercial instrument which is the Arena. A big change that is not the only one.

A SAS dissociated from the association

If the SCBVG resumes its original schedule – qualifying each year for the play-offs and clearly aiming for the elite within 2 to 3 years – the club is creating a professional SAS (Siret number received, exercise starts on 1 July) which will be chaired by Roger Paour, now disassociated from the association. The second, which will require (like the ASSE operation) the election of a specific presidency and which will send a non-executive member to represent the Board of the SAS, will concern the activities of the women’s team promoted to N2 this year, team 2 male that evolves to the second regional level, the basketball school and all the youth sections for a total of about 400 licensees. They will continue to play at the Halle Boulloche or in the rooms of Saint-Chamond and the Gier valley with the exception of the female elite who will play in the adjoining room of the Arena.

The U18 elite and, above all, the training center will be part of the SAS as well as the professional Pro B team (for a total of 35 players) and all its staff. “As soon as € 800,000 in gross annual salary and € 1.2 million in turnover are reached, it is a legal obligation to create a separate SASsays Roger Paour. After that, it is logical in the evolution of the club. We were in the last two in Pro B not to have done so already. “ The payroll of the professional team will in fact reach this bar of € 800,000. Perhaps she herself will be slightly overwhelmed in case of player recruiting opportunities. But it is not just a question of land.

Icar Peugeot becomes main sponsor

It is forbidden to photograph the inside of the Arena almost ready as the outside. © Se Media / Xavier Alix

Because to the three staff members in Pro B (coach Alain Thinet who has returned a year ago, his assistant and physical trainer) and to the four coaches of the Training Center already hired, now there is also a fifth CDI (+ one or two work-study trainees coming soon) behind the scenes: those of administration, communication and marketing. Although, despite this slight strengthening of the framework, it will always be necessary to count on the work carried out by about fifty active volunteers and about forty other more irregular ones. The SCBVG will go from a total 2021/22 budget of 2.2 million euros to 2.85 million euros in 2022/23 (of which 290,000 euros for the association). “This takes us from 12And to 7 or 8And budget approxif we look at the past season “Enough to take on ambitions and a rise to power without having to take the club for the dancer from a petrodollar-addicted Gulf country.

And the SCVBG doesn’t make a profit. Its management has, of course, counted on a – obviously reasonable – significant increase in its revenues from 1.1 million euros to 1.7 million euros with the new headquarters and the enthusiasm it is generating between direct advertising, various formulas partnership, subscription ticket office, sale of tickets for the match and now also rental of the event made possible by the Arena … “We didn’t catch firepromises Roger Paour. We start with 240-250 partners against 210 last year (for the 350 expected within 2 years) with a logical increase in our prices after our services and with the room to come. We can reach up to 800 seats in our boxes and halls on two floors. “ Icar Peugeot becomes the main sponsor of the club, displayed on the shirt, even if Aésio’s commitment remains at a significant level outside the uniforms but on the other hand visible on the floor.

One year to start

However, local authorities and their subsidies will continue to weigh heavily on the budget: not far from 30%. With, among other things, but starting from the 100,000 and 245,000 euros of the Department for the Training Center and the club as well as the 470,000 euros of the Saint-Etienne Métropole, from which, however, 110,000 euros of annual fee will have to be deducted for use of its Arena. An Arena for which registrations are open from the beginning of the month. 250 were sold (180 in 2021/22) for a target of 500. SCBVG plans count on an average attendance of 2,500 spectators when Boulloche, with its maximized use, filled almost every match with its 1,200 places . The development context will be radically different and more professional service providers, certainly aided by volunteers, will manage the safety and refreshment / snack services more closely.

“We are no longer on the same references. Next year will be a year to start learning around the Arena “, Roger Paour warns. With Parisian company Arenamétrix (it can’t be invented!) And Couramiaud Webmedia RM as a service provider for its digital marketing and communication, SCBVG is targeting a wider audience in and around Saint-Chamond and will launch a poster campaign in Saint -Etienne Métropole in the second part of the summer. On the personnel side, it will also be necessary to evolve. Boyer, Guichard and Hoyaux continue their contracts. Magrit, Varence, Hammor extended. Five starts, with Oguine’s recently announced one, have so far been compensated by the only recruit who is Guillaume Payen Boucard. It will therefore be necessary to recruit at least three players by mid-July (two strong wings and pivots and a full-back capable of being a leader). The resumption of training is set for 7 August. That of the October season.

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