Digital marketing consultant: role, salary, training, missions

This FAQ constitutes the job description of the digital marketing consultant and answers the main questions of future professionals. B2B managers can download web marketing guides on this page.

  • What is the job of a digital marketing consultant?
  • Why is it important for business development?
  • What are its missions?
  • What is the benefit of hiring a freelancer?
  • What is the salary of a hired consultant and the rates of a freelancer?
  • What types of training are indicated?

Answers in this article!

What is a digital marketing consultant?

He is a professional who combines marketing techniques and the possibilities offered by digital technology to develop a business and / or improve its image, its reputation, its electronic reputation.

The marketing consultant sets a precise methodology to collaborate within a defined framework, which corresponds to the company’s development objectives: enhancement of the organization’s image on the web, implementation of a content strategy, optimization of online visibility, natural or paid referencinggenerating traffic and qualified leads on the website, etc.

The digital expert first of all demonstrates careful listening to identify the expectations of the company, its market, its business, online competition, stakeholders, etc.

It therefore recommends a specific action plan adapted to the budget to achieve fixed and measurable goals. Recommend the most suitable levers, deploy them and evaluate their performance.

The specialist works alone or surrounds himself with additional experts to cover all the operations necessary for the implementation of the digital strategy.

Some of the consultant’s actions in Digital Marketing they are carried out by iteration: some tests are necessary to best distribute the budget subsequently on the most profitable and profitable actions for the company.

Also, you need to be alert to the actions of your competitors and know how to react reactively… whether it’s to stand up to the competition or seize a new opportunity that presents itself.

Why hire a freelance digital consultant?

Here are some great reasons why you should outsource digital marketing consulting and support services:

  • You want to attract more customers to your website.
  • Your sales reps complain about the quality of leads they need to contact.
  • You need to popularize your service / product offering – your customers don’t understand what you do.
  • Your content isn’t optimized for search engines like Google (SEO) – your customers can’t find you on the internet.
  • Your company has little notoriety
  • Your brand image is not at its best.
  • Your competitors are very active on the web: website, social network, etc.
  • You are lost with online customer acquisition techniques.
  • You don’t have the means to hire an employee internally.
  • There is no need to hire a long-term employee.
  • Your employees need to be trained.
  • You can’t do it all by yourself – learn the digital marketing trades and practice yourself!

What kind of services and services does it offer?

The consultant can intervene on analyzes, advice or operational missions.

What types of services and services does the consultant offer?

Its scope covers:

  • Audit of your digital communication;
  • Verify your content;
  • SEO audit;
  • Keyword strategy e content strategy (content marketing);
  • Lead generation optimization (inbound marketing);
  • Online advertising (Google Ads, display, Facebook Ads etc.) ;
  • Indication of the levers to be exploited;
  • Definition of the objectives to be achieved;
  • Creation of websites;
  • Optimization of natural reference of your site;
  • Targeted recommendation for the purchase of digital media / PR;
  • Development of your presence on social networks;
  • Strategic and operational implementation of the recommended levers;
  • Digital training for company employees;

Which brands and companies need a specialist?

Any activity must be accompanied by a consultant! It’s all a matter of budget and also of long-term investment… a single entrepreneur like a lawyer, accountant or IT engineer… everyone has a great interest in investing in digital marketing.

The cost is in fact much lower than the purchase of traditional media (print advertising, 4X3 poster, TV commercial, etc.) and the actions are finely targeted to specific customer profiles.

A large number of SMEs, ETIs, software publishers and large groups have understood this well. These entities express the need to be accompanied to gain market share online through intelligent digital communication that speaks to its customers.

Technical solutions and digital marketing tools

Digital requires investments in technologies and software.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of these tools:

  • content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal and other CMS,
  • software for e-mail / newsletter, automation, forms, graphic design,
  • SEO audit tools, semantic analysis software,
  • platform to install an editorial workflow,
  • waiting tool,
  • tool dedicated to social networks, etc.

How to work with an independent digital strategy expert?

The commercial and operational relationship varies according to the needs and expectations of the client organization. Everyone sees noon at his door!

Some prefer to enter into a service contract for an indefinite period: if one of the parties wants to terminate the business relationship, for example, they must give a month’s notice.

This has the advantage of having a period of time to “turn around”.

Other companies have one-off needs: putting everything back in place by calling a freelance consultant as a first step, because they need outside expertise and perspectives.

Some of these SMEs or ETIs have in-house expertise to take over trades once the course is set.

Other organizations wish to invest in the training of their human resources internally: the consultant thus intervenes on site (or remotely) to provide adequate training to employees and to the company’s objectives.

What is the salary of a business consultant?

The 2019 edition of the salary grid for marketing functions published by Frenchweb reveals disparity between Paris and the region.

The salary scale also varies according to position or experience: from 25,000 euros gross per year for a junior up to 130,000 euros.

View the salary grid here

You can also read the anonymous salary scale for startup employees and participate in the collaborative document prepared by Mirrorpay.

This publication tells you the number of employees in each startup, whether there have been any fundraisers, the number of years of experience, seniority in the company, the value of stock options and bonuses, as well as the gender (man or woman) that it makes it possible to check whether wage parity is respected.

There are salaries equivalent to those noted in the grid distributed by Frenchweb.

Be careful, however, to exclude the remuneration of CEOs, some of whom are paid little (8,000 euros a year) whose startup is under development.

See the document here

What are the fees of a freelance web marketing consultant?

The daily rate of a digital marketing consultant varies between 850 and 1,500 euros excluding taxes.

This price varies according to the experience of the specialist, the request and his reputation (deserved / legitimate or not).

If you find it expensive, keep in mind that more than 50% of this turnover goes to the state and goes to various expenses: salary and compensation of a freelancer should not be confused!

A freelance consultant accompanies a company on a long-term basis. In general, prices thus become decreasing in a win-win perspective for both parties:

  • the consultant benefits from a recurrence of the monthly turnover,
  • the client company is guaranteed to have an expert at its side for a period determined by the two parties.

Important note: the consultant’s remuneration must be distinguished from the other costs inherent in the implementation of a digital marketing strategy: tools, software, outsourcing of services (technical in particular), website hosting, etc.

How to become a consultant? Do you need digital marketing training?

Private schools abound in training: MBAs, bachelors, masters in digital marketing, etc.

How to become a consultant?

It is essential that the courses are held by professionals in business: the rules of the web are in fact constantly evolving, because Google improves its algorithm every year, but also because online shopping behavior changes with the evolution of society as a whole. years.

Employers and recruiting agencies find that most students who graduate from its schools do very well with digital tools, but are sorely lacking in maturity (with rare exceptions), often forgetting about goals and clientele. target to which it is addressed.

The use of digital does not therefore mean skills in digital marketing.

This Madyness article is illuminating on the subject

Without wanting to oppose the generations, non-digital natives have a proven track record in marketing. These professionals in business have been able to adopt the new digital technologies (through certifications and to have tested them) in order to enhance them, enrich their profession and bring new added value to their customers, articulating strategic actions online and offline. consistently and efficiently.

What skills are needed to practice?

We could simply say: “have the bottle”.

In particular, organizations that use an independent consultant mainly examine:

  • listening skills of the specialist,
  • the quality of its analysis,
  • the relevance of its recommendations,
  • affinity with the sector,
  • the references of the expert,
  • the number of years of experience,
  • testimonials from other corporate clients,
  • its pedagogical spirit.

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