Digital skills essential to promote employability

The soft and hard digital skills most sought after by recruiters

If technical skills are essential to work in the digital world, soft skills are now at least as important, if not more so, than hard skills. ” As we evolve in an ever-changing industry and constantly reinvent itself, transversal skills will allow us to navigate this complexity. “, explains Vincent Montet, founder and director of the specialized MBAs of EFAP, the school of the new professions of communication, in Digital Marketing & Business (DMB), and vice president of the association of the digital economy. (ACSEL).

Transversal skills essential in digital

According to Report The future of work of the World Economic Forum 2020, the main human qualities expected in digital are:

  • The ability to solve complex problems: identify a problem and find the solutions to implement, through the use of tools and new technologies,
  • Critical mind: for not simply accepting the fact of marketing But questioning him, questioning himself, imagining solutions out of the box
  • Creativity: advance all projects, including those relating to data and performance, because ” there is no initiative without creativity “,
  • The ability to coordinate teams: manage a project by orchestrating the actions carried out by profiles of different cultures and ages, which requires empathy and understanding of others,
  • Emotional intelligence: differentiate from artificial intelligence by knowing how to understand and manage their emotions,
  • Digital work: knowing how to work remotely in front of the camera with collaborative tools (Slack, Teams, Trello …), because this know-how has become ” real added value on the job market “.

The hard skills required in digital

Among the technical skills most sought after by digital recruiters, project management remains the most important to master, before the levers of ROI. ” When you invest $ 100 in digital advertising, more than 50% is about tools to look for measurable performance from click to purchase. It is the driving force for advertising investments in all sectors.

Digital professionals must also know how to use traffic and audience analysis tools (Google Analytics, etc.), social networks in daily and professional use, such as in the field of personal branding, but also loyalty solutions. (CRM, emailing, customer relationship). management, etc.). UX thinking is also a fundamental discipline in marketing and communication, ” because we can no longer approach a strategy and management of digital actions without thinking about the user journey and the customer experience “.

Hybrid experiences to build your professional project

For EFAP, employability allows you not to put yourself in the position ” I am looking for an offer “, But in what consists in showing recruiters that” I’m an offer “. Therefore, to improve their soft and hard skills in digital professions, students benefit from hybrid experiences to build their professional project and reinvent themselves.” During their journey, they will be placed in a situation, they will acquire skills and experiences to highlight on their profile.

Advertiser contests, hackathons, consulting missions …

In addition to courses taught by professional trainers, students participate in competitions organized with advertisers, which present a real problem to solve. Hackathons are offered to them on the topic of sustainable development, during which they are mixed with more than 30 creator of changes and other MBA students specializing in CSR. For 4 months they also support companies by providing them with advice, as if they were working for a consulting agency. And, as a common thread, a coach helps them build their professional project to get to know each other better, find their goals, increase their relational network, improve their speech …

Brand content and social media management

Students are encouraged to create content throughout the year on the school’s blog and its LinkedIn page (infographics, videos, interviews, etc.). ” We train students on brand content, which allows them to show recruiters that they are capable of managing brand content in the context of their future career.. “

The DMB Specialized MBA is also a partner of events and large digital players (Hub Institute, Sido Lyon and Paris, Viva Technology, etc.), where they slip into the shoes of social media reporters. ” Students are immersed in the real digital life, where they will be able to work on their personal branding and professional network. These different experiences are concrete results that they can highlight in their CV.

Professional certifications to prove your skills

Another peculiarity of the MBA specialized in digital marketing: the partial ones are replaced by the passage of a professional certification. During the course, students have the opportunity to pass Google Ads, PrestaShop, or even Facebook Blueprint certifications. ” Our philosophy is to enable students to demonstrate their skills through experience or mastering professional tools to persuade recruiters.

Professional training, also accessible at the beginning of the staggered school year

MBAs specializing in Digital Marketing & Business are offered full-time, which includes 6 months of tuition and 6 months in the company (internship, CDD, CDI, freelance or starting a start-up project) and available on campuses from Paris and Shanghai, or part-time. This format, which can be followed face to face on the various campuses (Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris and Montpellier) or 100% online, includes monthly seminars of 3 to 4 days, a week of lessons at the beginning and at the end of training. , as well as 2 hours a week in the evening at a distance. ” The advantage of part-time or full-time training is that you can take the time to put your new knowledge and skills into perspective while building your network. You can’t do anything digital alone, you need to build your community and start with your classmates and professional school speakers. »Stresses Vincent Montet.

Several “universes” related to digital transformation can complete your career: arts and culture (full time), luxury (full time), health or beauty industry and cosmetics (part time). ), or even China, since the specialized MBA DMB is offered in partnership with ESSCA in Shanghai. Whatever format or “universe” you choose, EFAP programs are suitable for all profiles, even if you already have a professional activity or if you want to change your path by strengthening your skills in web marketing and digital transformation. In addition to the October hires, there are two staggered hires available on the Paris campus in March 2022 for part-time and the #Health universe, allowing you to jumpstart your digital career without delay.

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