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It therefore offers the most comprehensive local marketing SaaS platform on the market.

Digitaleo, an expert in local marketing campaigns (direct marketing, social networks, attendance management, customer reviews), has acquired Kamp’n. Headquartered in Paris and Marseille, the company of over 20 people has developed a complementary SaaS platform specializing in the management of multi-room Social Ads and Google Ads campaigns enabling the collection of data to automate and contextualize advertisements based on the local context. Thanks to this external growth, the two companies will offer an all-in-one software offer and services on all digital and local communication channels.

The group intends to offer this unique offer in France to its 4,500 customers, composed of more than 500 important accounts organized in networks of points of sale and recognized brands such as But, Adecco, Filorga or even Atol, Salamander, Orpi, Del Arte. More than 20,000 points of sale use the Digitaleo platform every day to activate local communication.

Digitaleo, the nugget from Rennes, a local marketing expert also based in Paris, has just completed the acquisition of the majority of the shares in the Marseille company Kamp’n. The funds and business angels, Smalt Capital and Provence Business Angels, sell their stake in Kamp’n to Digitaleo.

“This merger was obvious, Kamp’n’s platform is the most powerful on the market for managing multi-local sponsored campaigns on Facebook and Google. We were struck by the power of their platform, by the complementary know-how of the teams, by the possible commercial and technical synergies. The company is the sister company of Digitaleo, but in the complementary segment of advertising campaigns. This also strengthens a record year for Digitaleo in terms of customer acquisition, demonstrating that local marketing and communication are a real challenge for retail networks. To distinguish themselves from pure e-commerce players, brands must focus on their strengths, including proximity, and therefore enhance their stores through local and digital communication.“, Underlines Jocelyn Denis, CEO of Digitaleo.

The two platforms now connected allow brands to run campaigns from the head office or from a point of sale. That of Digitaleo allows brands to manage their direct marketing (e-mail, SMS, press, voice message, etc.), their online presence through the administration of the Google My Business or Waze pages, the management of content on social networks. network, but also your customer reviews. With the same principle, the Kamp’n platform manages multi-local sponsored campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. In addition to the platform, the 2 companies also offer marketing agency services for clients who want maximum support or entrust the execution of their digital communication plan.

Created in 2016 by Charles Martin-Laval, Kamp’n is one of the start-ups with powerful technology and one of the few in France to have a certified independent Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Partner in France. With nearly a hundred customers in France and abroad, Kamp’n is experiencing rapid growth in its recurring revenues: + 70% in 2021. To support this growth, Kamp’n needed to find a partner. The alliance with Digitaleo seemed to us the most judicious because we will be able to develop strong synergies both in R&D and on a commercial level “specifies Charles Martin-Laval who remains the CEO and shareholder of Kamp’n.

A fast growing market

According to Magma France, the communication market on social networks is growing strongly in 2021 (+ 45% in France) to already reach 3 billion euros. It is the most dynamic segment of digital communication. It is also a prime channel for brands and retailers to reach local communities. Globally, digital advertising revenues (search, social, video, banner, digital audio) increased by $ 105 billion (+ 31%) to reach $ 442 billion. Digital formats now capture 62% of total advertising investment worldwide. The growth in advertising is driven everywhere by a strong recovery in the economy (world GDP + 5.9%) and in household consumption, as expected. But such high growth rates suggest that this is not just a post-Covid market recovery and that organic growth drivers are also behind the huge digital acceleration in 2021.

Complementary expertise

The two companies have already linked their platforms. Resellers can thus choose to leave control to local points of sale thanks to models rented from the marketing office or keep control on site to manage campaigns in multi-room mode. “We have already launched a common local communication offer to serve the main national networks, and this is only the beginning, we have great prospects for future development”, explains Jocelyn Denis.

With a total of 90 employees, Digitaleo and Kamp’n plan to hire a dozen employees in 2022 and aim to move from an expected consolidated turnover of 11 million euros in recurring revenues in 2022 to 15 million euros in 2024. organic growth, thanks to regular investments, while guaranteeing growing EBITDA. With the presence in its capital of BPI France and Unexo, Digitaleo plans other external growth operations in the future to increase recurring revenues, complete technical solutions or develop its presence in France or Europe.

About Digital

Digitaleo publishes the only digital platform that brings together all the levers of local communication: direct marketing, social networks, attendance management and customer reviews. Aimed at brands, franchises and retailers, the solution allows them to implement their own local communication strategy with their customers (via email or SMS campaigns), create and publish posts on social networks, generate more traffic in points of sale and centralize reviews. to better check their electronic reputation. Digitaleo now equips more than 4,500 companies across France including Atol, Salamander, Crédit Conseil de France, Autodistribution, Class’croute, Millet Mountain representing more than 20,000 outlets in very diverse business sectors such as automotive, specialist distribution, education , personal services, business services, banks or real estate. The company, founded by Jocelyn Denis in 2004, has more than 70 employees based in Rennes, La Fabrique, which has become an emblematic place of digital in Brittany. In mid-2020, it incorporated BPI and Unexo into its capital.

For more information: / LinkedIn: DIGITALEO

About Kamp’n

Created in January 2016, Kamp’n is a Saas platform for the optimization of advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Kamp’n is today one of the only independent certified Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Partner tools in France. Using a partner API hub, the platform collects data to automate and contextualize advertisements based on weather, sports scores or even email sequences. Its clients are large groups and brands such as BUT, Adecco, Mediapart, Ouest France or Filorga Laboratories.

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