Disposable Phone Number: The 6 Best Sites

In various situations, you may want to use a phone number that is not yours to remain anonymous and avoid propaganda. There are solutions for this. Check out the 6 best sites that offer you to use disposable (or temporary) phone numbers for free.

What is a disposable phone number?

First of all, what are we talking about when we talk disposable or temporary phone number. As the name suggests, it is a number that is assigned to you for a certain period of time before it is completely erased.

This is a process that is also found with email addresses.

Why get a temporary phone number?

Why might it be relevant to use a disposable phone number? There are several reasons for this. First of all, it’s not your real phone number and that gives it a lot of benefits.

If you have to do a registration on a website to access content in particular, it can be interesting to go through this type of numbers. In fact, it will to avoid possible raids.

For the marketing team behind it all, it’s a bit of a hassle. But just because you want to sign up or download a resource doesn’t mean you want to be searched behind it.

Another situation in which it may be interesting: suspicious websites. If you don’t trust a site asking for your phone number, you can protect you from any fraud using a disposable phone number.

The 6 best sites to get a disposable and free phone number

1 – SMS online

The first site we will see is SMS Online. The operation is very simple. You do not have there is no need to subscribe, have a telephone or anything else. All you have to do is go to their site and select one of the phone numbers available to you.

Numbers are available from many countries, but not all at the same time. For example, at the time of writing, we only find the United States, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Sweden. If you need a French number, you will have to wait a bit. In any case, this is what the site promises

Disposable phone number on SMS Online

When you have found the right number for you, all you need to do is use it by clicking on it. You must be aware that the only available functionality is receiving SMS. It should also be understood these numbers are not private. By going there, you can see the history of the messages that have been received. Most of them are verification codes for registrations.

Website: https://sms-online.co/fr/reception-gratuite-sms

2 – Temporary telephone number

In this site the principle is the same as what we saw just before. A number of numbers are available to you, in different countries, and you can freely use them to receive messages without your number being used for commercial purposes.

Their numbers are rather irregularly renovated, it may take several months, but we don’t have more details. The choice of countries is wider and more interesting for us than in the previous instrument. Here we find France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia.

Website: https://www.temp-phone-number.com/fr/

3 – MyTempSMS

MyTempSMS is another site that allows you to take advantage of free phone numbers. This is one of the tools that offers the most features, particularly in terms of the number of numbers but also of countries available.

Disposable phone number on My Temp SMS
Disposable phone number on My Temp SMS

MyTempSMS, in fact, allows you to take advantage of telephone numbers that can be used in more than forty countries, including France, China, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and many others. This choice is appreciable, especially when it is seen the amount of number, which amounts to more than 800. These are also updated monthly to better protect site users and their data.

Website: https://fr.mytempsms.com/

4 – Messingo

Next, the solution we will see is slightly different from the others. All the other tools we have seen allow you to receive SMS, especially as part of a verification code to register on a site or application. Here, with Messengo the goal is no longer to receive but to send SMS.

It’s a pretty handy tool if you lose your phone or have a problem with your mobile plan. Beyond that, Messengo is quite flexible. Indeed, it is possiblesend messages internationallyin most countries of the world.

Disposable phone number on Messengo
Disposable phone number on Messengo

To take advantage of Messengo, just go to their website and launch “start for free”. Then you have to choose a custom sender from names made available by the tool. After registration, you will normally receive a return receipt upon arrival of your SMS. You can also schedule the sending of messages as you see fit.

The chosen name is displayed with all operators in France, except Free. And, of course, the person receiving the message cannot reply.

Website: https://www.messengo.com/

5 – Receive SMS

Another basic solution to receive free SMS: Receive SMS. This site has been around for many years and lives in the disposable phone number market. Unfortunately, there is US numbers only on this site, but this can already help.

Disposable phone number on Receive SMS
Disposable phone number on Receive SMS

Website: https://receive-sms.com/

6 – Sellaite SMS

Finally, it is important to mention the telephone features of Sellite. This is a website, which has existed for several years and which gives you access Estonian telephone numbers. The little extra over its competitors is that it also allows you to read voice messages. So, if you need to receive a voice message without using your phone number, you will need to turn to this site, which is one of the few to offer it.

Website: https://sms.sellaite.com/

Now you know the best tools to create a disposable phone number, in order to receive or send SMS securely. If you know other solutions to this problem, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments or on our social networks.

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