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By Frédéric Sadarnac, co-founder of Ratecard

In the 2010s, the annual AdTech pilgrimage was heading towards Cologne. Already organized by train, at the time objectively more for practical than ecological reasons, the procession lasted from two to three days and allowed digital marketing professionals to visit the largest world fair in their sector, the famous Dmexco.

In 2020 and 2021, for reasons that we know and to which we will not return, this event, which therefore brings together 50,000 visitors and more than 1,000 exhibitors every year, only had digital versions. It was certainly nice to meet from afar on the corner of a screen, but the fervor of this extraordinary event was objectively absent. In 2022 serious things are back and here are some reasons to think that this edition of 21 and 22 September will be completely exceptional.

Germany Uber Germany

Initially, Dmexco was a German-German meeting, that is the annual meeting of the equivalent of the local IAB, SRI, UDA, etc., in short, of all those who count on the overseas market. Indeed, due to the strong decentralization of the country, we find for example many publishers in Hamburg, technos in Berlin, agencies in Düsseldorf or even Bavarians in Münich, all these professionals take advantage of this event to block many meetings. And since they haven’t seen each other for two years, it should rain Deutsche Mark in 2022.

In short, if you have the slightest ambition or interest in the German market, the question of your presence in Dmexco does not arise. The cars are in Paris, Frankfurt or Geneva, the AdTechs will be in Cologne. Not negotiable.

The Internationale will be the type of Dmexco

But of course Germany is not just Europe and vice versa. For many years the big Americans have passed through London to test the market before attempting to conquer Europe. Since then, Brexit has been around and Berlin in particular serves as a gateway. In other words, if you want to get a real overview of the trends and also and above all understand better what tomorrow will be, and not just the day after tomorrow in NFT crypto mode, Cologne is the place to come. At Dmexco we talk about business for real, the kind that has a direct impact on your current turnover.

AdTech is on fire

There are countless acquisitions and other mergers that have abounded in the AdTech market in recent months. The examples of 1plusX (German company by the way) bought by Triplelift or Adyoulike of OpenWeb are among the most recent but they are just examples among many others. Another hot topic? What technology (s) will Netflix buy, for example, to undertake the monetization of its ad space? It is at Dmexco that the main movements are being prepared. In 2013, nine years ago, it was in Cologne that our national flagship Criteo announced its listing on the Nasdaq. Dmexco is therefore this place where we smell, discover each other, foment projects, forge partnerships and where we start with stars in our eyes and suitcases full of development ideas.

Back to the Future

But beware, in recent years, Dmexco hasn’t been just cookies chasing each other wondering what would become of them. There is also talk of foresight. Will the explanations and opportunities related to Web3 be all the more clear because they are proclaimed in Goethe’s language? Not easy. On the other hand, you will certainly have the opportunity to discuss with experts and above all to have the only point of view that matters, yours.

France in force

Since 2013, France is the most represented European country in Dmexco outside of Germany, of course. Thanks to whom? A Ratecard, of course, as we welcome those who understand that playing together is often more effective in the French Pavilion. For this 2022 edition you will be entitled to the total because:

  • on September 20, the day before the show if my calculations are correct, we are organizing on the way to Dmexco, in Liège more precisely, the Ratecard Meetings # 13 during which agencies, advertisers, publishers and technos will be able to meet according to a well-oiled formula before taking advantage of Dmexco the next day
  • on the 21st and 22nd, French AdTech and MarTech will be able to show the power of French Tech by exploiting our famous boulevard, an innovative concept worthy of Baron Haussmann.

In short, Dmexco promises to be hot and if you want to take advantage of it you have to book your spaces immediately because unlike a virtual event, it is not organized at the last minute and the first to arrive are objectively always the most served.

See you in Cologne on 21 and 22 September 2022, but in the meantime, tune in to Dmexco’s Digital Spring Summit tomorrow this Tuesday, May 3, 2022! :

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