Do you dream of becoming a professional player? Here is the ultimate guide to take action and make your dream come true!

The professional player it’s a job like any other. For video game enthusiasts, becoming a professional gamer and participating in major online gaming competitions is a dream. The professional player must train daily, alone or with his team, and put strategies in place to prepare participate in tournaments and win.

Becoming a pro gamer is not easy, you have to pass some tests, follow training courses and have certain qualities. And this is what we will describe in detail in this article. Enjoy the reading !

What are the skills required to become a professional player?

To be passionate video games it is not enough to become a professional player. Indeed, it is a profession that requires certain qualities and skills to be able to evolve. Need :

  • Be professional;
  • Having team spirit;
  • Being able to easily adapt to games.

For become a professional player, games must be taken seriously. Even if you spend hours training, it’s not enough. You must have the mental and physical skills necessary for competitions. Professional players usually play as a team. It is therefore essentialhave a team spirit. You need to know how to communicate with your partners in all circumstances: training and competitions.

To improve, translate and fix some video game problems, developers sometimes make some changes that require professional gamers to change their strategies. They will have to practice even more check the changes made Games.

What are the training courses to follow to become a pro gamer?

Become a professional player o pro gamer does not require any specific training and diploma. However, there are schools and institutes that offer esports training. To better understand the digital environment in which the player evolves, a training in marketing or communication is to be preferred.

The player can, for example, engage in:

  • A degree in digital communication;
  • A professional communication license;
  • A masters in advertising, etc.

In which school to study to become a professional player?

Combining business with pleasure is possible! If you are passionate about video games, you can make this your job. To become a real player, enter a school it is one of the best alternatives.

We mention the following schools:

  • Video game schools;
  • Business schools;
  • Marketing schools, etc.

video game schools appeared after the virtual world and new technologies seduced more and more young people. At the end of the course, each student will obtain a recognized diploma. In addition, video game schools offer several courses: a BTS, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree specializing in video games. Admission to this type of school varies according to the desired diploma and the level of studies of the future player.

Many French people opt for business or management schools. Regardless of your level of studies, you can integrate them immediately after earning your baccalaureate, after a BUT, a BTS, etc. To develop strategies, marketing schools offer recognized training. After submitting your admissions file, you will pass a written and an oral competition if you are admitted.

Note that there is many other schools where you can continue your studies before devoting yourself to video games and becoming a gamer. However, video game schools are the most suitable.

Becoming a pro gamer: is it a long or short career?

Unlike some physical professions, pursuing a career as a professional player won’t last 30 years. It usually is a short career which allows players to do other esports activities later, depending on their experience. The professions former players can play depend on their former sponsors, their popularity and their former teams.

A professional player can practice trading and be manager or coach of a team eSport, journalist, etc. After finishing their video game careers, most of the professional gamers in Europe turn to secondary work.

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