[Dossier] Retail media are essential in brands’ media investments

The first lesson of the 2021 edition is that sales and marketing activations are integrated into the strategies of organizations with 97% of respondents declaring that they have carried out at least one eRetail Media campaign in 2021 (a level that has remained very high since 2019) . And this year 77% of the brands surveyed increased their investments in this medium. Brand awareness is growing. And for many of them, regardless of their sector of activity, their functioning and processes related to eRetail Media are starting to take shape. In fact, 57% say they are now coordinating their marketing, buyers and sales teams when preparing campaigns. The focus is above all on short-term sales (78%) and visibility and consideration (65%).

Therefore, still considered a sales driver, retail media increasingly serves more marketing-oriented goals. Unsurprisingly, the key levers remain display (84%), search (64%) and e-coupons, discount coupons (54%). Another proof of interest in this medium is the technological equipment to monitor the presence and performance of its products at distribution sites. In 2021, 79% of the companies interviewed declared that they were equipped with so-called “retail analytics” tools to analyze distribution, the share of digital shelves, compliance of product sheets, etc.

No less than 77% of the brands surveyed increased their investments in e-retail media.

Among the most tracked KPIs, visibility in search results ranks first (83%). The 2021 edition of the survey also highlights the diversity of organizations facing challenges. Leveraging at the confluence of point of sale and digital marketing, budget responsibility such as the implementation of activations is far from the prerogative of a single team. The responsibility for the budgets is shared by 40% of the interviewees, a sign of a relative organization. Furthermore, according to the barometer, 57% of the marketing, shopper and sales teams have the reflex to coordinate to prepare eRetail Media campaigns (+20 points compared to 2020).

What challenges?

Are the proposed solutions reliable? For 68% of the functions surveyed, measurement and transparency stand out as critical issues. For brands, evidence of profitability (50%) and KPIs (41%) are expected from the platforms. Companies expect more demonstration of the value of their investments.

* 170 telephone interviews – October 2021 conducted with sales and marketing functions.

four questions for Frédéric Marty-Debat, managing director of Publicis Commerce

“Retail allows us to be closer to the act of purchase”

How has retail media evolved over the past 4 years?

He found his name, is known and adopted by the marketing functions. Retail media has become a growing entity that allows them to invest in high-performance circuits through e-commerce. When we see the data announced by Amazon on this topic, we understand the potential this represents. Globally, the trend is similar, often with one advantage, particularly in the United States or Asia: the global market is estimated at $ 50 billion in 2022.

For producers, this leverage offers the opportunity to carry out average marketing performance campaigns on retailer sites and thus be present when the consumer is closest to the act of purchase. For future undecided customers, it is invaluable. Recent platforms offer on-site (performance objectives) and off-site (consideration and visibility objectives) solutions that allow you to create additional business.

What are the main lessons of this new edition?

We see that marketing and non-sales teams are addressing the topic of retail media. Marketing takes power over a very commercial topic. Today there are tensions to activate this lever. This is normal for verticals where e-commerce only accounts for 10% of revenue, but in highly digital journeys (consumer electronics for example), organizations must align with the challenges. The Directorates-General have not yet found the right modus operandi.

What obstacles do you think need to be removed to accelerate investment?

The market today is completely fragmented. There are as many platforms and solutions as there are resellers. However, a single model would be needed for each type of market. The reference in retail media is Amazon and the offer in France and Europe is not up to par. Retailers should agree to avoid the multiplication of processes because this makes the model complex to use.

What is your vision of this medium by 2025?

The challenges are linked to the implementation of an omnichannel offer (and not just click & écollect) by retailers (digitization of the store space) and to the rebalancing between local and global. Faced with Amazon, Carrefour or Leclerc must unite via retail media networks such as Criteo or Citrus to create a technology standard that allows retail media to operate consistently.

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