Ecosystem actors have mobilized to succeed in the digital shift

State and private sector actors are now fully aware of the need to support the digital transformation that has become a must for all organizations in order to ensure their growth, or even their existence. This is the message conveyed by the speakers of the first edition of the Digital Transformation Forum, organized on Tuesday by Orange, Huawei and AOB Group, in partnership with the Association of Information Systems Users (Ausim), Finatech Group and Morocco PMI.

More than two years after the digital switchover imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the question should no longer arise. Digital transformation is an economic, social and governance issue that cannot be successful without “a holistic, consolidated, synchronized and user-centered collaboration,” says the Secretary General of the Ministry for Digital Transition and Administration Reform , Ahmed Laamoumri.

The manager, speaking at the opening of the first edition of the Digital Transformation Forum, said that his department is preparing “an integrated digital transition policy aimed in particular at establishing an integrated and inclusive digital society and economy that enable production of adapted digital contents with an educational, social and cultural vocation. ”The goal is to stimulate a global dynamic of adhesion capable of reducing the current digital divide, federating the efforts of public and private actors.

“Today, more than in the past, our country’s public policies must fully exploit the development potential offered by digital as a lever for economic take-off, the competitiveness of all the players in society and the creation of value”, he assured. A challenge that requires the development of a real synergy between public and private, technology suppliers and professional associations and groups.
Same story with the General Manager of Orange Morocco, Hendrick Kasteel, who stressed that “this pandemic has taught us that the digital tool is essential for the resilience of public or private organizations to adapt to it. face difficult situations and absorb them so that they can resist and remain agile “. And to add that digital is an extraordinary development tool throughout the country, as the digital economy is an essential lever for growth.

A matter of business survival

Small or large, digital brings the capabilities to each organization to enable it to function and succeed. This tool changes the way of operating, with transformations at all levels with the keywords of agility, innovation, performance and data capitalization. The challenges of digital transformation for businesses also require the transition to a new organizational culture that appeals to both collective intelligence and artificial intelligence.
“For many organizations, the choice of digital transformation is motivated by reducing the costs of their operations and improving their revenues. Moving data to public, private, or hybrid cloud environments results in significant operational cost savings as it eliminates the cost of hardware and IT programs and frees up resources to work on other projects. This transition also helps strengthen organizations’ agility and productivity, deliver a better customer experience, and improve information collection and processing for better decision making, ”notes Hendrick Kasteel.
Indeed, the move to the Cloud is now a necessity and a prerequisite for organizations looking to ensure their resilience and continue their development. A practice that is confirmed, according to Madiha Ouafiq, department head of the promotion of digitization within Maroc PME. “Covid-19 has changed the way we do things and our consumer habits. At the risk of disappearing, companies have had to make this digital change. In recent years, support requests from companies have been mainly digital and this proportion is only increasing, ”she noted.
Data management, Cloud architecture, legal environment… the first edition of the Forum on Digital Transformation was also characterized by several salient moments. The goal is to exchange good practices and new opportunities with the various players in the ecosystem and accelerate the disruptive dynamic that emerged during the pandemic, supporting Moroccan companies to be successful in their digital transformation.

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Orange and Huawei sign two partnership agreements

On the sidelines of the first edition of the Digital Transformation Forum, organized on Tuesday 7 June 2022 in Casablanca, Orange and Huawei signed two partnership agreements. The first concerns the strengthening of ICT skills among the new hires of the telecommunications operator, while the second concerns the sharing of experiences between the two entities for the development of innovative ICT solutions at the service of Moroccan companies.

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Three questions for Chakib Achour, Strategy Director of Huawei Morocco

“We intend to launch a start-up support program soon”

Huawei Morocco co-organizes the first edition of the Forum on digital transformation. Why this choice in the current economic climate?
This Forum is intended as an exchange platform with Moroccan partners and customers to share technological innovations, the latest use cases we are creating in different fields, both in industry 4.0 and in fintech. Today these issues have become a reality for Morocco. The Kingdom has developed a strong automotive industry that can move towards Industry 4.0 along the same lines as agriculture, etc. On the sidelines of this forum, Huawei will present innovations live from the Group’s headquarters in Shenzhen to showcase use cases and innovation experiences, whether in telemedicine, agriculture or Fintech.

The group is the leading manufacturer of equipment in the ICT sector in Morocco. How do you support Moroccan companies in their digital transformation?
Huawei supports the digital transformation of Moroccan companies by providing our partners with expertise in various sectors. Furthermore, we recently organized the “Huawei Morocco Intelligent Finance Summit”, where we shared the latest use cases in this sector with our clients. We also showed, in a concrete way, the use cases of the technologies in various fields during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

In recent years you have launched several programs for ICT skills transfer and training of Moroccan digital talent. What is the impact of this approach on digital transformation at the national level?
Last year we trained more than 6,000 talents. Today we are partners of 50 universities and higher education institutions and have more than 1,500 certified talents. These certifications constitute employment passports. We are also partners in the initiative launched by the Agency for Digital Development, the “Digital Academy”, for the training not only of students, but also of public employees and people who wish to transform their career. Finally, we intend to launch, shortly, a startup support program to support Moroccan entrepreneurs.

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Three questions to Fayssal Soulaymani, Marketing Director

“We will soon set up a support platform by sector of activity and by target”

Orange Morocco is co-organizing the first edition of the Digital Transformation Forum. Why this choice in the current economic climate?
We are currently organizing this Forum because today more than ever we have understood that digital transformation is a real opportunity to develop and ensure resilience and continuity in the face of crises. We saw this very quickly during the pandemic. Today, we are leveraging this upswing to share experiences and best practices with our partners and customers for a successful digital transformation.

You have chosen to place this first edition around the exchange of good practices and new opportunities for success. How do you support Moroccan companies in their digital transformation?
Orange Morocco supports companies by consulting, reflecting and understanding their needs.
We bring them our solutions, our support and our experience to meet their needs in a concrete way. Through this Forum, we have been inclusive by bringing together all the actors of the ecosystem: economic operators, integrators and solution providers, some of which are our partners, such as Huawei Morocco with which we have just signed two partnerships.

How will this partnership with Huawei affect the digital transformation process nationwide?
Today, two giants join forces to implement actions, programs and solutions to support customers.
We have signed agreements concerning both a joint effort in favor of the digital transformation of businesses, but also a training program to improve digital skills and increase skills in this field.
These agreements form the basis of a platform, which will materialize later, in particular with specific support actions
by domain, by sector of activity and by target.

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