Edelman, Curius, Lucette … Les gains de budget de la semaine (June 6-10, 2022)


The Agency Kalapa Cover 3 new budgets. The Advise Group is based in Kalaapa to promote the notch of Parachut, an affinity insurance judge, in the media. Kalaapa hosts the Lisciani game editor for the external communication of the Lisciani & Kidslove brands. Et Terideal choose the agency to build and deliver in a branded home.

Arena Media

Arena Media Budget Win Announcement Group Optic 2000 (Optic 2000, Audio 2000 and Lissac) reports in a 3 agency competition organized by VTScan. The Havas Group agency provides strategic media consultancy, ie assembling space assets and orchestrating the campaigns of the three brands of the Optic 2000 Group.

Edelman France

Petit Navire a retenu l’agence Nobleman France for his support annually RP & Influence. The agency aura for mission orchestrates the brand’s communication strategy according to corporate and major public goals. Integrated communications agency Edelman France was selected to focus on creativity in activating consumers and supporting others in a brand-leading category.


On the fabric of an agency agency, Odity, an actor involved in a client relationship and 1,500 employees, decides to work with the design agency oddities to repent of his position and identity of the brand, operating a veritable virage of attitude and image. Odity decide de refondre sa plateforme de marque et son univers visuel (nouvelle promesse, nouvelle architecture et offer, ton de voix, nouveau web design, film de marque, design sonore, nouvelle charte global, signalétique, brand book, dispositif de lancement).


To issue an appeal from the March 2022 menu from Audible, an application from audio trainees in the Amazon group, and the company of the ID Comms advisory cabinet, the review Wavemaker (GroupM / WPP) to keep that level in the world for piloting the mid-range budget.


The Agency Lucette You can see the confusion of two new missions: the National Tourist Office of France in France (ENIT) to choose Lucette to promote Destination Italy in public French. In addition to media work, the agency is in charge of managing print online communication campaigns. By the way, the Street Food and Movement Association, which offers good quality cuisine and Thierry Marx fondue, has decided to trust the management of its social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) as part of its media work in Lucette.


Salto, the French entertainment platform, confie à exploits, strategic advice and media support. On the subject of a competition, Salto choisit Heroiks pour orchestra ses different campagnes de Branding. Through its integrated transversal, Heroiks has a strategic approach for a full funnel with coordination between branding efforts and acquisitions. It is expected that the 17th euro will be closed from public funds in 2021 (source Kantar).

Many Thanks

Feu Vert renouvelle, pour 3 ans, sa trust en Many Thanks, logic editor to manage the offer to optimize the pricing of your entire solution. The idea that Mercio trusts after 5 years to reduce the realization time of its pricing from 4 days (before the solution was launched) to 30 minutes; and recalculate plus 7 million prices in less than 3 minutes.

Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe France this is keeping Solocal for the concept of the new PagesJaunes communication campaign.


France Gaz Liquides a choisi WNP (on the subject of other agencies calling me for offers) to create a campaign intended for the days of policy makers, professionals in trade and agriculture, but also the general public. A campaign in PQN, PQR, specialized press and digital that must be preserved to preserve the value of propane / Bhutan / GPL in the energy mix, essential in the different regions of France. The creative idea of ​​this campaign is the author of 5 visuals based on a simple paradox: the customers of gas liquids in the territories are sount isolés mais ils sont loin d’être des cas isolés. This is an effect of 20 million French people in 27,000 communities full of gaseous liquids to buy, cook, work and pay off.

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