Évariste Méambly explains why he went back to school

On the occasion of the launch in Abidjan of the Doctorate in Business Administration Center for Professional Development of Tunis, Évariste Méambly explains why and how he returned to school.

The Center for Professional Development of Tunis (CVPT) launched, on Friday 22 April 2022, during a public conference in Plateau, for the academic year 2021-2022, its Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Former deputy Evariste Méambly took the opportunity to share his experience of him and to explain why and how he returned to school.

Several personalities present

He was in the presence of the members of the CVPT Scientific and Technical Council, including Professor Ouattara Fatou Scherazade, Soro’s wife, and the former Ivorian Minister of Health and the Fight against AIDS, Professor N’Dri Yoman Thérèse. We also noticed the participation of various personalities and promoters including the former Minister of Sport, Alain Lobognon, the deputy of Kouibly, Youté Innocent, Senator Ouattara …

During the launch conference for this new diploma, the Centre’s program director, Sofian Hathout, justified his interest. ” This course aims to be both a strategic and an operational response. These research paths aim to analyze, from a perspective point of view, the challenges and problems of the continent, identify the research problems that contribute to the development of people and the performance of organizations, and structure and disseminate the work by analyzing social dynamics. the field. It is an ambitious and urgent challenge. It is vital for our continent, “she explained.

Méambly justifies the need for him and for African managers to enroll in continuing education “, I started from scratch as they say, in an infrequent neighborhood of Abobo behind the rails and thanks to my parents who gave me the name Méambly and above all affection, love, education, we started from there. Only courage allowed us to finish our studies, we went to work. By creating our businesses especially in everything we can call factoring, financing of real estate projects, transit and import of food from Niger … Said Monsieur Méambly.

According to him, all this was inserted into a managerial scheme, which allowed him to have a vertical management so that his companies were autonomous at all levels of activity. ” Today it is about going back to school to learn new information, modules and above all to allow us to be in tune with technologies, through traditional marketing, modern marketing and digital marketing so that our companies are successful. “Said the former president of the Regional Council of Guémon.

Ivorian and African executives and professionals invited to seize the opportunity of this doctoral program

Professor N’Dri Yoman Thérèse urged Ivorian and African executives and professionals to take the opportunity of this doctoral program, but above all to constantly strive to strengthen their skills. “In every country and in every region, we must think about continuing education. This is what companies are trying to develop in their bosom, but they have gone beyond giving credit which is the degree. When you have attended training courses, you have graduated, it is an added value. This allows you to renew your knowledge and have other skills and competences “, Argued the former Minister of Health, Professor N’Dri Yoman.

The details of the Fdfp

Questioned at the end of the conference, the administrative manager responsible for Human Resources of the Fund for the development of vocational training (Fdfp), Estelle Soumahoro, on behalf of the Fdfp, specified that ” any professional of a private taxpayer or a local taxpaying body has the possibility to apply for funding for the Dba program or any type of training, through the company training plan filed with Fdfp “.

” He it is then up to the managers of the structure to judge the appropriateness of including this training in the industrial plan in view of the request for funding from the Fdfp he stressed, urging companies to blame their respective Training Advisors for more information.

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