Everything you need to know about account-based marketing

Account-based marketing, more often called ABM, could be translated as customer account-based marketing. A concept as simple as it is effective that aims to focus on identified customers who are a privileged target rather than trying to sell to as many people as possible.

Behind this apparent simplicity, however, there are many tools and methods that need to be managed with relevance and professionalism. We tell you everything.

The core of the ABM is, as we have indicated, the qualification of people that you will have to convince.

The leads that you will use must be of impeccable quality: targeting the companies, people and decision makers to contact and creating the most complete file possible on these people in order to maximize the chances of transformation of your commercial action.

As you can imagine, ABM is both a qualitative and a long process, which is why this strategy has long been reserved for large groupsand mainly related to long sales cycles (several months or several years).

Do you need to use ABM?

The investment required to target the performance of Account Based Marketing, or ABM, will mainly depend on 5 criteria, as one of the Windbound specialists reminds us:

  • sales cycle with an evaluation and research phase or not
  • Number of person and entities participating in the decision-making process
  • human resources e strategy of your marketing team
  • expansion goal within a defined goal
  • customization your content strategy or extension of your inbound marketing strategy

What can you expect from an account-based marketing strategy?

As often happens in marketing, figures speak for yourself. All the companies that have conducted studies on the issue consistently come to the same conclusion: the growth brought by the ABM is indisputableboth in terms of turnover and profitability.

So much so that ABM becomes the undisputed reference for any ambitious marketing strategy. This underlines the general will of work on quality first of all, it ultimately allows you to limit the size of the teams to focus on acquaintances.

To maximize your chances of success, it is therefore essential to create a customer file meet the needs of the ABM: information on the target company, name of the decision makers (we talk about people), and to collect all personal information as well as specific issues in order to prepare the content and topics that will achieve the goal with the greatest probability.

Improve the visibility of your business

SEO allows you to improve your online visibility. To do this, you need to work on yours natural reference using the appropriate keywords. The goal of this work is to get noticed by your goals. In addition, you must also play on the technical part by improving the loading speed of the site.

There are several tools to allow you to compress the different media on the site. Could be videos, audio files, images and graphic representations. You also have to delete existing content on your site to remove the superfluous. This allows you to quickly identify categories and tabs on your site.

The different communication strategies to improve the visibility of a company

There are many communication strategies to improve the visibility of a company. If you want to base your visibility on digital, you should:

  • Be active on professional forums;
  • Be active on social networks;
  • Write guest articles;
  • Focus on SEO (search engine optimization).

It is important that any company takes appropriate steps to increase its visibility.

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