Excelia, right up to digitization

At a press conference in Paris on Tuesday 31 May, the leaders of this higher education group presented a major digital transformation plan called “XL Vision”. Through innovative and immersive technologieseg, Excelia wants to reinvent its entire education system from campus to training. Explanations.

Excelia does not want to miss the train of digital transformation that involves all sectors of society. The entire leadership of this higher education group, based in La Rochelle, went to the press on Tuesday 31 May. An important digital transformation plan was presented at the Immersive Pavilion in Paris. It has a duration of five years and will mobilize 40 full-time employees, for a total investment of 5.6 million euros. “It will be fully financed by our funds. There will be no increase in tuition fees, “says Bruno Neil, CEO of Excelia.

This plan called “XL Vision” will have a profound impact on the functioning of the entire group present in La Rochelle, Tours and Orléans, through five separate schools. The nearly 5,000 students will be the first to benefit from this digitization. “We want a more connected, more immersive and more modular pedagogy. Truly innovative, insists the General Manager, with an educational model that changes in the diffusion of knowledge. In phygital, that is, mixing face to face and virtual. We want to put the student at the center of the immersive experience “.

To do this, campuses will be transformed into “smart campuses” and technological innovations will be at the service of learning. The metaverse will be one, to try to offer immersive experiences. “It will provide a new learning experience, complementary to that of our campuses. We want to work on the cognitive abilities of students, to hold classes better and achieve better success “, says Anthony Hié, CDO of Excelia, responsible for this important plan. In particular, it will be possible to simulate entrepreneurial projects where students will have to raise funds or even To label all these experiences in physics or the metaverse, the group registered the ILE (Immersive Learning Experience) trademark.

XL Factory in Physics and Metaverse

To become smarter, the campuses will see the appearance of the XL Factory. This place dedicated to innovative learning will be open to all students, teachers and collaborators. It is based on four dimensions: Think (Collective Intelligence), Create (Micro-learning Studio), Explore (Captivating Learning) and Lab (Learning Innovation). These four zones will have their double in the metaverse. “This synchronous metaverse will be the digital twin of the XL Factory, but it won’t be just a virtual campus,” says Anthony Hié. Other experiences will be accessible there.

The Think zone will be dedicated to sharing experiences. “We are about to involve the start-ups that will come and present themselves in front of our students”, explains the CDO of Excelia. To follow innovative practices, we will also involve open innovation “. These XL Factories will gradually emerge on various campuses. The four dimensions will be installed in La Rochelle from next September and, subsequently, in Orléans and Tours. “We want all of our campuses to have the four spaces within six months,” says Anthony Hié.

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The metaverse and virtual reality will gradually infuse Excelia. “Conferences and workshops on these topics will be organized from next year,” says Caroline O’Neill, an educational engineer within the group. The goal is that modules and specialties therefore fall within the programs of some training courses for the beginning of the 2023 school year. “How to do marketing in the metaverse, law, finance? This is what we want to teach our students ”, Anthony Hié assures. Finally, in 2024, Excelia will see the birth of the first three-year degree in “Virtual and metaverse reality” within its Excelia Digital School.

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