face to face again, Scott Taylor as the guest of honor

Discover the program of the 5th edition of Inbound Marketing France.

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The 2022 edition of Inbound Marketing France promises to be colorful. © Inbound Marketing France

After a 2021 edition organized in a hybrid format, Inbound Marketing France returns for a 5th edition, which will take place this time face to face in Rennes, on Tuesday 21 June. Objective of the event: to decipher the new trends in influence marketing, social media and digital marketing, so as to provide participants with all the keys necessary to exploit the acquisition levers and develop their business. Organized by the Winbound agency (MV Group), this non-profit event has become the unmissable meeting point for executives and marketing managers. Discover the program of this 2022 edition.

Quality speakers, Scott Taylor as guest of honor

Located in the heart of the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Paris, this 2022 edition of Inbound Marketing France promises to be full of exchanges, thanks to its numerous workshops and conferences, but above all for the quality of its speakers.

Almost fifty speakers will be present on 21 June to animate the 30 conferences, masterclasses and round tables scheduled. You will thus be able to find several prestigious and expert guests in their fields, such as Stefan Lendi, Martine Le Jossec, Jonathan Chan, Heidi Vincent and many others. After Seth Godin last year, it’s Scott Taylor’s turn to be the guest of honor at Inbound Marketing France 2022.

Conferences and masterclasses not to be missed

Rich and varied, the IMF 2022 program, which stands under the sign of the data, provides for 30 interventions spread throughout the day. To satisfy the over 700 professionals expected, some conferences will be aimed at an inexperienced audience, others will be aimed at experts. We have selected for you a dozen conferences and masterclasses not to be missed:

  • Why data management is the foundation of digital transformation: Held in English by guest of honor Scott Taylor, this conference will focus on data management and analytics as a source of added value for businesses.
  • Psychomarketing: aattract and retain even more customers: this conference presented by Stefan Lendi, presenter of the YouTube channel Marketing strategistit will aim to shed light on brain function and the use of consumer psychology to attract and retain even more customers.
  • For responsible marketing and communication. Less, but better: the company has everything to gain: Hosted by Ferréole Lespinasse and Heidi Vincent, this round table will address conscious production and the reduction of social and environmental impacts.
  • How to concretely and definitively adopt the marketing of overgrowing startups: Stéphane Truphème, Juliette Hervé, Caroline Minaux, Eric Legloire and Pierre Lechelle will host this round table together to discuss startup marketing.
  • How to understand and improve the customer experience in 2022 in BtoB: during this round table, Olivier Arnoux, Marine Deck and Janine Claro-Cramer will explain how to create a unique moment of exchange with a client.
  • Metaverses are a revolution or a simple evolution: Learn all about the arrival of the metaverse and its potential impact on businesses with Laurent Chrétien.
  • Omnichannel Marketing Barometer 2021 for SMEs and ETIs: Nathalie Lucas-Huriau will present the results of the 2021 Barometer and point out the keys to a personalized customer journey.
  • When the customer complaint goes from a camera between the brand and the customer to a social media advertisement …: this Fanny Reniou masterclass will aim to help brands take care of their image and relationship with customers.
  • Inbound marketing, back to basics: Marine Salou and Amel Salhi will present the fundamentals of inbound marketing, through some advice and customer testimonials.
  • Decrypt your LinkedIn profile in real time: During this masterclass, Bruno Fridlansky will explain how to optimize his digital presence and influence on LinkedIn.
  • In 2022, what major innovations to take full control of your SEO strategy: Florian Ribouchon and Sylvain Peyronnet will present the most effective actions to be taken to implement a successful SEO strategy.

Discover the complete program of Inbound Marketing France 2022

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