Fintechs are more likely to be recruited

The mother-in-law ends t-elle by doing the wrong thing fintechs French? That’s it, that’s what the 2.3 billion euros levés l’an dernier saw in the house from 174% by 2020 that the board saw to stop the teams. Who has more than doubled in three years (+131%). Selon l’étude published fin 2021 par France FinTech, 10,000 embauches (hors étranger) sont anticipagées pour 2022, ce qui porterait les effectsifs du sektorà près de 40,000 salariés. Et peut-être 10,000 de plus en 2023. A priority toute relative, precise Alain Clot, president of the association (read ‘La Parole à…’), qui a, lui, “The feeling that you want to get to the top of life”.

In detail, the main current events in the premiere of the “Tech” profiles (35% of hiring intentions), before the commercial (14%). Suivent customer service (13%), products (12%), operations (11%) and marketing and communication services (9%). Human resources, financial and legal services should be split equally by 6% of the remaining mortgages.

fair competition

The large proportion of qualified employees does not make it easy fintechs, souligne Alain Clot, who observed an extension of the recruitment of these last six days. Giulia Mazzolini, responsible for France for the European investment platform Bitpanda, in the convention: “He’s a plus and more of a talent recruiter. Competition with all technology companies is fierce, and candidates for related skills and expertise are in full swing.

“Aujourd’hui, cela ne free pas le developmentpement de notre activité, Think of the president of France FinTech, who advocates the attractiveness of the sector. The thing about the “Tech” profiles, however, is that the situation is going well with some of the trimesters. »

Cette hypercroissance in a context post-Covid or sala les salariés, dans leur ensemble, ont revu leuurs priorités impose en all cas aux entreprises de travailler leur offer messageur. On May 10th, send HelloWork’s cross-industry recruitment survey to 1,700 prospects to decide on job transparency. The first element, cited by 87%, is the reference to reunification based on the culture of the company: ambience, management, values… (83%) and financial progress (68%).

Bitpanda (over 1,000 sedans) opening more than 300 positions in Europe do not receive marketing profiles in France but with achievements in this transparency throughout the recruitment process. «We clearly state that we are and comment on our work, explained Giulia Mazzolini. The politics of social adventures of recent times, which consists not only of unlimited congresses, is the goal of the ghetto. »

But the salaries are the nerf of the war. In which fintechils montent depuis deux ans, “Controlled”, assure Alain Clot. Plus tranche, notes Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, CEO and founder of BanFirst «A probable inflation on landlords. We’re no more competitive on the memory and we’re on the remedy train souligne-t-il. We also have a 25% increase in sales basis on the “revenue” basis. Et nous allons l’indiquer dans nos offers. »

career plans

Forte de plus de 250 salaries, la platforme de paiement international dédiée aux companies, qui project 150 recruitements cette année, est par ailleurs frontée à “A turnover that did not exist before”. She has an important team member « Scouting “Dédiee au procurement of candidates. The better ones? Beaucoup citent LinkedIn and Welcome to the Jungle. Also on the France FinTech website and the cooptation.

The cabinets of the castle de têtes are appellate bodies for the profile points or the delimitation of an activity of the intruder. Particular fintechs Addressee to the international missions for missions of any kind, in addition to confirming the part that contains all the contractual, regulatory and payment aspects between company and employees, including the issuance of the invoice ou du bulletin de paie – en cas de portage salarial – Pour les freelancer.

Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier intended to build part of the construction of a long relationship with salaries. By adhering to the bank’s adventurous collective convention, iBanFirst offers a flexibility to increase the power of television full remote control »Sur les postes technique, ainsi que des plan de career pour chaque fonction, permettant aux collaborators de se projeter. “For example, we have set a design of evolutionary stages in the future. We also encourage a lot of internal mobility through the “shadow” to discover a destination that doesn’t allow us to stay within the confines of what we want to do. The power to hand over a department to help preserve talent and death is very important to the company. »

Detailed detail: des fintechs I also want to take care of the mental health of our employees and move to the first plan with the health crisis, confirms Nicolas Merlaud, co-founder of the dedicated Teale platform. “Conductors are on the verge of buying and observing the partners’ activities, which is also putting pressure on investors to find out these themes stem from their debut. »

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