“Good luck with your professional social skills”, Karine Mahieux Social Media Manager – Coach and Numerical Strategies

Ciblez les séseaux sociaux qui permettent a use profesionalen i disposent de leur propre regiegi publisheatire. Detailed review by Karine Mahieux.

In the department you can write on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and be curious about Snapchat or Pinterest. Desormais, you can also use Instagram, Youtube, Google My Business, Clubhouse and TikTok! Alors, comment choisir parmi toutes ces platforms les reseaux professionalnels qui vous permettront d’attachre vos objectsifs de communication?

In order to make your choice, the time will be determined at which you will consult your digital communication. As users of automation tools, we don’t have the power to imply: you should be able to customize, help your personal collaborators, and create your contacts with your contacts. It is not necessary to consider your agenda and at the same time intervene in the management of your social accounts, since you could be consuming every week. The answer to this question is to provide a useful indication of the number of social profiles you can use to manage and manage.

Appreciate your uses and codes

All words that increase the number of social networks can increase your visibility and help you reach your digital properties. To differentiate, it is necessary to regulate your communication based on the quality of content, skills and customization. Aujourd’hui, the social platforms are worth the effort! The commitment, i.e. the comments, the actions, the humor, the clicks and the private messages. To recognize, interact directly with your audience, sponsor your content, or more, use these strategies together. Attention, duplicate your content from one social network to another without judicial violence. We have social platforms based on similarities, they also have distinctive features, not just in terms of audiences and content formats. It’s a good idea to figure out what content you use on LinkedIn and need to adapt to Twitter, or use hashtags on Instagram so you can post on Facebook.

Select the answers that interest you

These are just the details of the platform we choose from your style plus adjustments to suit your skills and communication strategy. In order for you to search for the topic, you should consider the four topics.

On the one hand, you have to be your personal preferences. What is a question about the meaning of your sentence? D’autre part, quels sont vos objectifs? What do you want to say in communication about social issues? Is the interaction direct with the interns, visibility or local exposure, traffic to your website or leads? Which content formats do you want to produce? Could you make it easy to watch a video? What kind of audience would you like to see?

In answering these questions, you can accurately define the societal issues you have positioned in the past, as well as enduring and spontaneous. Parmi la large palette qui s’offre à vous: les reseaux sociaux grand public i les reseaux professionalels.

Big public reviews

Besoin d’un petit rattrapage? Fasons made the point about the principles of social destinations in the general public.

  • All aboard, youtube is the first social network in France with more than 49 million users. your specialty? The videos of all dures. This is a solution for a small private opportunity that has no active presence. For a professional real estate owner like you, he can defend your professional videos for your natural reference: business visits, presentation of your team, your services, your expertise. Localement, les YouTube videos can be displayed in the results of Google queries.
  • With 46 million users Facebook is a very social uncontournable social network. Depuis quinze ans, la plateforme an enormousément evolué et son audience est un peu vieillissante, mais elle reste active et locale: cela correspond à une cible de vendeurs ou de bailleurs. If you can use a complex to build a neophyte, the Facebook ad region can use the collected data at a very good price.
  • Pinterest is a socially discreet network with a total of 20 million users in France. Your audience is generally female (60%) and pays attention to your customers and inspires them for their decoration ideas. It attributes visual search engine functionality and strong ability to generate traffic from internet sites.

Professional reviews

For lovers, other beneficiaries of a connotation plus professional and crazy things. These are excellent tools to give you more visibility and credibility.

  • LinkedIn He is a professional social worker by excellence. Originally dedicated to human resources, it has turned into a viable social network for the professions of all sectors and a clear objective. LinkedIn for details to promote a version of freemium and payment forms. Ses 21 million members sot principapément de actifs et vous pouvez facilement vous connecter aux salaries et aux entprisis de your sector.
  • Twitter It is a possible platform to be informed about the latest news and innovations, to read the articles of the specialized press and to enter into partnerships. In turn, this rating does not allow you to engage with your audience on real estate topics.
  • The fiche Google Business Profile is on the doorstep of millions of real estate props on Google. In addition to the social resources, the interns who come to you are a real estate project. The seront donc plus welcomes your commercial proposals. Encourage them to do this regularly for your attention in order to win new customers.
  • enfin, clubhouse – dont on beaucoup parlé à sa sorti en mars 2020 – offer an exclusive live audio format, but without the possibility to play it. Much of the current trend in podcast format, debut Engagement, was rehearsed with just 90,000 users in France.

The answers to the new generation

Do you want to catch the attention of a young audience? The plus young players are always sociable and prefer to be in a private place.

  • SnapChatplus more, more than 24 million users in France: this is the inventor of the video format with limited limit, the filters and the ephemeral story.
  • Instagram is unassailable: With 24 million users, 64% of the viewers are younger than 35 years. The content and are very visual and aesthetic. The platform platform is part of the meta group and benefits from Facebook.
  • Enfin, the network tick tock making a complete mistake over the past two years. There are 15 million users in France in the form of a base of fun and musical videos, souvenirs and challenges. You are a young public correspondent of the first accreditor, localizer, recruiting future, business owner or to add to the founding of a community of your family.

The power and dedication will definitely help you achieve the best results in your career and goals. To be active on social media, you need a credible strategy, consistency, and the will to engage with your community. Choose selectively, patiently and consistently, preferring quality over quantity to work on time!

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