Good tips to improve your digital communication and your strategy on social networks

The workshop presented by Nicolas de Dianous, associate director of the We Like Travel agency at the EDV congress was “full to the point of explosion”, demonstrating that the topic is as interesting as it is challenging. Here is the content

Before even talking about the digital trends for 2022 and 2023, Nicolas de Dianous insists on a preliminary approach: ” before launching into operations, start by reaffirming the fundamentals of your communication strategy: what are your missions, your goals, your added value in a hyper-competitive market. In front of customers who have new aspirations, especially social ones, how do you position yourself?

This work should lead to the development of a digital brand platform, today the keystone of a successful communication strategy. This platform gives new life to travel operators and defines the strategic and operational vision:

  • The identity of the brand in its digital speeches
  • The objectives to be achieved and the objectives to be achieved
  • Digital campaigns and levers to achieve performance
  • Content strategy and brand incarnation by talents, in particular influencers
  • Customer relationship management and online conversations
  • Check your electronic reputation and customer reviews.

Social media fundamentals

The rise of your social networks depends on your ability to put a strategic vision of their usefulness and your goals. This view is based on three pillars which are the community management, digital content and campaigns »Explains Nicolas de Dianous. He adds: ” But it’s also about adapting to the needs and codes of communities, waiting for inspiration, fun and conversation. It becomes essential to talk, exchange, discuss with your customers. The latter are increasingly using messaging to interact with professionals: after-sales service, requests for quotations, the need for consultancy. It is time to dedicate real resources to these functions.

digital advertising

In 2022, no brand can hope to achieve digital performance without investing in advertising. The media become an essential lever to achieve one’s goals and achieve one’s goals. Activating the campaign is an art of precision. This is a question that is more about “doing” than “budgeting”. Between 50 or 50,000 euros a month, the difference between the brands they advertise is certainly noticeable … but the important thing is to be part of the action. Even with 50 euros a month, a dynamic “Pay to play” allows you to adjust your budget little by little depending on the results and the means available.

Beware of clutter.

Brands tend to communicate during peak booking periods. The logic is true, but that’s not counting on “advertising noise” to use the corresponding marketing term. Too many messages at the same time dilute the effectiveness of the campaigns. The Associate Director of We like Travel recommends to extend the communication period : ” Get out of the problem of seasonality. Spread your campaigns throughout the year, the results are often surprising. ”


In a saturated digital ecosystem governed by algorithms, the public is increasingly sensitive to creativity. Brands and influencers compete with ingenuity to grab attention through innovative content and storytelling. Trend of the moment: consumers are also looking for more and more actors with a strong social commitment. Nicolas de Dianous continues: it is no longer a question of choosing an image for its aesthetic qualities. It must match the sincerity expected from the communities and prioritize the brand’s efforts in key social issues..

Facebook and others

This social network remains by far the most powerful platform. With still 3 billion users worldwide and 35 million in France, continues to be essential, even though its audience is aging. A somewhat caricatured approach now allows you to diversify your approaches with an editorial focus on Facebook for those over 30-40 and on Instagram for those under 40-50. On the other hand, diversifying your communications through a generational approach has its imperfections. Be careful to ensure consistency with usage statistics.

LinkedIn it simply becomes ” unavoidable as Nicolas de Dianous points out. ” Talk like a professional, tell about your daily life, your work and your goals: you, your company, your employees for both the BtoC and BtoB objectives. “

Renew customers

It has become a cliché for our profession: young people rarely walk through the door of a travel agency … But they are particularly receptive to messages posted on social networks, even advertising: ” young people are not immune from advertising. But the content must be different: audacity, humor, irreverence … don’t go back to old postcards, but speak differently and propose new offers “Nicolas explains recalling the fact:” that a young man may be old in his head, while an old man may behave like a young man. Hence the need to segment one’s audience by necessity and not by generational criteria “. The recommendation is therefore to build a transversal communication strategy based on the common needs of one clientele to another.


Another fundamental lever for 2022 and 2023, influence marketing is changing its face. It is now necessary to dissociate two objectives that will generate two different types of collaboration:

  • The creation of embodied content on the one hand
  • The research of the public on the other hand.

Even an influencer / creator with a low audience may therefore be of interest to a travel professional, if they can create relevant content. A travel agency cannot do everything in-house. The use of an influencer becomes fundamental: for his audience, but also for his ability to create and embody creative, fun and engaging content “. Attention, the choice of an influencer remains delicate, both on the sincerity of the speech and on the truthfulness of the audience concerned. Take care to formalize your procedures.

And TikTok

And TikTok? ” TikTok’s return on advertising investment is currently much better than other social networks with a better CPM. But the content should be creative, including using credible creators. Its profitability is explained by the snowball effect. Each phenomenon leads to duplications and new exposures. Campaigns cost less and bring more views explains Malo Boutry of the Trendy Event agency… (see interview) So? Nicolas de Dianous does not deny it, but following the adage of “those who kiss badly embrace too much” he advises not to want to do everything at the same time, not to cut corners. Investing in this network requires constant creativity to adapt to its narrative codes that are very different from other platforms. Relying on talents and creators is imperative. Conclusion: TikTok yes, especially for a young clientele, but: ” only after having invested the right way in the other networks “.

Sustainable tourism

Your communities expect credible arguments from you about reducing the carbon footprint of their travels. It is no longer possible to be in the mismanagement and debauchery of carbon experiences. Devil … We Like Travel is going strong! The communication codes are influenced by these aspirations, which become demands. The above-ground postcard with no reality on the ground is no longer expected. The explosion of social networks is emerging as an opportunity “to tell a trip in a different way, to better manage the flow of visitors, to promote more responsible offers”. And Nicola concludes: prefer nuggets to totems and you will have understood the needs of our time and how to better communicate on social networks “.

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