Google Site Kit: official plugin for WordPress

What to remember from the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin?

When you have a website, it’s important to be able to closely monitor its activity.

For this, you need tools adapted to your site’s format for reliable results. If your site is in WordPress, you have the option to opt for the Google Site Kit.

What is it and what is the main thing to remember on the subject?

What is Google Sitekit?

Google Site Kit is a WordPress site monitoring solution launched by the search engine of the same name. It is a plug-in that you can add to your site in order to improve its analysis.


In other words, it is an extension (add-on program) that increases the basic functionality you have with your WordPress table.

Google Site Kit is meant to be a comprehensive plugin that gives you a lot of information about your website.

These will concern, among other things, your business or how internet users find and use your website.

You will also get clues on how to improve and monetize your content.

In other words, Google Site Kit is a must-have plugin for WordPress.

What are the benefits of the Google Site Kit plugin for WordPress?

Google Site Kit has many features that are significant benefits for WordPress sites.

Search console

Very useful is the “Search Console” of the Google Site Kit plug-in. It gives you the opportunity to get data on how Google finds and presents your website to Internet users.

These data are presented in the form of performance tables. They refer to the number of clicks, the number of impressions and your average position.


This section of the extension provides you with all the data relating to the activity of Internet users towards your website. Thus, with the Google Site Kit “analytics” service, you will know how they find your site and how they interact with it.

You will be able to measure their engagement and determine if changes are needed to improve it. The statistics accessible through this section are many and varied.

They include the number of actual users, the number of open sessions, and even the average length of those sessions.

You will also be able to geographically target your visitors or find the pages of your site with the most activity. In other words, you have a maximum of stats regarding your audience.

Detailed information on page speed

Having a successful website is essential to improve its natural referencing. This performance depends on the loading speed. Most internet users are known to be impatient. It is therefore essential to have a site whose viewing is fast and optimal.

With the Google Site Kit “pagespeed insight” tool, you can diagnose your site loading in WordPress. The results of this diagnosis will be displayed using precise measurement tools. In case of slow loading speed, Google’s guidelines give you advice on how to optimize it.

Tag manager

Google Tag Manager is the part of the extension that accompanies you for your advertising campaigns. This is a tool that guides you in implementing marketing strategies through your website. This is made possible by a tag management system.


When your website is already online, it is sometimes difficult to introduce new features. Normally to do this, it is necessary to test them on a certain number of Internet users without it being generalized.

With Google Optimize, this option is now possible.

The tool allows you to freely test your features on a group of Internet users. Create targeted A / B tests to your liking. So it’s easier to improve your site by only opting for the new features that work.

Google Adsense

Thanks to this module you can make your site an advertising space for other companies. This is a great way to monetize it.

How to download the Google Site Kit plug-in?

There is nothing easier than downloading the Google Site Kit plug-in. To do this, you need to open your Google browser and enter the following URL: Once the page is accessible, you will need to click on the “Install site kit” button located at the top right.

It redirects you to another page which has the address Once there, look for the “Download” button. By clicking on the latter, the download starts automatically. You can check its progress in your download manager.

How do I install the Google Site Kit plugin?

Once the download is complete, you can now move on to installing the plug-in. You will then need to run the program you downloaded. Once the latter is installed, you have to go to a verification phase by clicking on “Sign in with Google”. This allows Google to identify you as the owner of the site.

The authorization phase follows. You need to grant Google Site Kit access to your website. The dashboard will appear. In order to access the other services, you need to click on the “settings” button.

It will take you to the list of different services that you will need to connect. Click the “Connect Service” button to do so. Do this for all services so that you can use them freely. At this point, you are done with installing the plugin.

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