Hachez-Vous is targeting Le Mans, Marseille and the Paris region by the end of 2022


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Leisure brand L’Hachez-Vous, which wanted to double its workforce by 2022, intends to maintain its goals and democratize its concept among young workers. It has 12 centers and has 10 new zone reservations to date in France. Review with Florian Rivoire, creator of the concept and manager of Lancer De Hache Lyon.

The Canadian spirit is gaining ground in France. Almost. Because this is where the Florent Rivoire concept was born: allowing the public to let off steam around the throwing of the ax, which can be played indoors (indoors) as well as outdoors and almost anywhere in France. If the latter confided to the editorial office in November 2021 its ambition to open 22 centers by the end of 2022, this leisure activity would now be booming. And he would experience a renaissance after the health crisis.

Several factors come together. Post-Covid, we realized that there was a desire to consume free time among the French. After a period of restrictions, many of them were saved and therefore wanted to take a moment dedicated to recreation. “

Note that Florent Rivoire’s main focus is 25-45 years, with a smaller percentage of students. And that he tries to align his prices with those of the market. Our sessions cost 50 euros per hour with a target for 3 people. It is in the desire to align with the prices of the region in the leisure sector, such as with bowling “explains Florian Rivoire, creator of the L’Hachez-Vous concept and manager of Lancer De Hache Lyon, whose turnover has also evolved in this direction.

At the end of May we had a turnover of 105,000 euros. For comparison, we have reached 92,000 euros, simultaneously in 2019! “, says the entrepreneur. The latter welcomes almost 250 people a week in its center of Lyon, for a hundred targets (young and old, stag / hen parties and team building included).

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Openings in Marseille and Toulouse

His goal now? Democratize this activity which, for the moment, has no competition on the net, apart from some independent professionals who are followers of the practice. He also wants to recruit new partners to create jerseys on the territory. While L’Hachez-Vous currently has 12 centers in France, including 2 recent openings in Pau and Bordeaux, Florian Rivoire hopes to open up to other areas of activity: “I in particular rhas entered into 10 new booking contracts, including Le Mans, Carcassonne, Perpignan, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, St-Nazaire and La Rochelle, not forgetting Seine-et-Marne to get closer to Paris, for openings by the end of the year”. He too, aiming for 22 centers by the end of 2022, receives numerous requests from his prospects. He works on request in order to study the future location and its feasibility on a case-by-case basis. “

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A finely chopped plant

Joining the network also has some advantages.

We operate in a brand licensing partnership, therefore around a contract with which the partner chooses his prices and decides his suppliers “, continues the founder of the L’Hachez-Vous concept.

The future manager therefore benefits from a full week of training. And then you can invest at low cost.

“We train you on the part of communication, marketing, digital and brand concept, but also on fire safety and on the technique of throwing the ax. We believe that the manager must be trained to do everything. He does not necessarily have a double hat but in this way he can make up for the lack of employees or train others later. The great majority of the partners work locally and they are alone. “

The concept invites you to your home

The registration fees will amount to 12,000 euros excluding taxes, around a financing plan comprised around a range of 40,000 euros. Finally, if the organization and logistics allow, the future manager can increase their turnover around an offer ofportable event “, such as the center of Lyon which responds to tailor-made requests for individuals, companies or local authorities in the aforementioned region. Sometimes we also bring equipment and targets to the Alps, to a ski resort. This business pays a little over 10% of turnover.And now, Viking or not, it’s up to you to target your ambitions!

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