Havas, Frénésie, CorioLink … Les gains de budget de la semaine (9-13 May 2022)

Havas International

Havas International Announcement of the profit from the budget of the European Commission through the European Destinations campaigns for (non-)European countries. The agency reports on the strategy and media planning as well as the space for the brand’s campaigns for the destination of Generation Z.


The group Syneidoand your 6 agencies (Elvis, dps, Hobbynote, Les Poupées Russes, Pictural and Sakara), 10 new customers. Decathlon is a choice of the Agence pour la conception de l’identité du nouveau programnel decat’Club et l’orchestration de son lancement. The international Rungis market appeals to Syneido for an activation campaign on Bonn, the organic and the local. Lalaliza, a brand of beautiful belts that has developed ambitions in France, has relied on Syneido to accompany the problems of commercial animation and influence. For Topicrem, the dermatological brand of Mayoly pharmaceutical laboratories, the agency is redefining the brand’s platform and its launch campaign. Purity, player in natural cosmetics, chooses Syneido to define the brand’s platform and its communication territory. MEL (European Metropolitan of Lille) entrusted Syneido to redefine the territory and communication plan of the new Program Director for Management and Assimilation, a strategic goal for MEL. The group is also an element of choices to respond to the Beaumanoir Group’s marketing connections (for the Cache Cache, Bréal and Bonobo brands). Evidens Beauté fêtera ses 15 ans avec dispositif de communication specific conçu par les equipes du groupe. Enfin, the new real estate players, continue to rely on the expertise of the agencies in this sector RIVP (Real Estate Agency of the City of Paris) for a digital campaign or in the VYV Arcade Group for a launch campaign for a real estate program in the Val de Marne.

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Be dandy

The company Artysium, settled for the brands of virtual worlds, confides Be dandy the creation of a new strategy and brand identity. Ceci afin de revéler sa singularity and son model innovative melant technologies de pointe et storytelling.

Pop Spirit

Pop Spirit, agency advise on the communication of influence (RP, community management, relationships influencers, events …), basin in Paris, report 7 new budgets, in its pre-employment sectors: food, culture & creation and general interest. The PopSpirit Poursuit in collaboration with Interfel (The Interprofession of Fruits and Fresh Legumes) as part of the second year of the European program of the European Fraich’Force sur le volet Relations Press and Influencers to raise awareness among children and parents about the import of fruits and fresh fruit in their consumption consumption. The PopSpirit agency is responsible for the promotion of the events organized this year by the national tour “Le Jardin Extraordinaire de Frutti & Veggi” and the content of the program, which also includes the organization of workshops on press topics.

The PopSpirit agency is now in charge of the relations of the Thau Festival (musical and expandable) at the 32nd edition, which will take place on July 11th and 25th, 2022 in Mèze and in the heart of the Thau Basin in the Hérault. Terre & Ciel Studio, a designer of Parisian prestige uniforms for the hotel-restaurant celebrating 30 years ago in 2022, turned to PopSpirit. Parmi ses deríères realizations, le studio a signé les uniformes du staff du Grand Control, l’hotel de la collection Airelles et son restoran dirigé par le chef Alain Ducasse, situé dans le Château de Versailles. It is a well-known collaboration with Maison Albar Hotels, Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa, Le Jardin Tropezina or Futuroscope. Caramel & Cie, a brand of French bags and charters dedicated to the creator, confesses to the agency PopSpirit its press relations and influencer strategy for the 2nd year in a row. The brand, which this year has a new signature “Creer, rever, grandir”, is a member of the WWF club “Entrepreneurs for the Planet” and offers a collection of rentals from the more environmentally conscious classes!

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The international organization SINGA, led since September, will lead the minister and candidate for the presidency Benoît Hamon and will entrust to PopSpirit the relations of the press program of his program. Port of SINGA, it has a unique unique location in Europe. The escort agency as part of its implementation in 7 new French villas in connection with the intensification of Ukrainian rejections in France. The program J’accueille form egalement à l’accueil de refugiés des ONG basées dans d’autres pays européens. The PopSpirit agency reports on the relationship between the Boost Eco-Citoyen project and the Bleu Blanc Zèbre association, which can accompany the cytogenetic initiatives of the ecological and social transition to the territory of the territory for the population and les pérenniser, en fédérant tous les acteurs de la chaine, privés comme publics. After a three-year pilot phase in Ile-de-France, the program will be deployed at national level. The agency PopSpirit recommended it in 2022 to contribute to the relationships of the PROREFEI program dedicated to the formation of “energy references” in the companies for which energy optimization is an important issue. The program is funded by Energy Economics Certificates (CEE) and is a port of L’ATEE, a reference association with more than 40 years of experience in the field of energy efficiency, in partnership with ADEME.


The council advised CorioLink renforce son development par le gain de six new mission de conseil en communication, relations presse et relations publiques. For the Atlas, Competence Operator (OPCO) of financial and consulting services (Assurance, Banking and Finance, Advisory, Expertise Computable), the agency takes on the advisory and operational management of their press work. For Ifremer, CorioLink is hosting an international press conference in Brussels on the world’s most popular demographics. The Federation of National Villas Federation called for a public affairs and relations management agency to push for the development of downtown commerce on an annual basis. For the International Summit of Rhum (SIR), CorioLink has to account for the management of public affairs and relations with the press, as well as a large rendez-vous des decidues de la Filière du Rhum with plus 20 Pays Reperésentés: institutions, producers, distributors. The GSC association delegates a mandate of advice and public relations based on the governance and parliamentarians on the issue of hiring company bosses. Enfin, for the National Association of Maine of Railway Stations (ANMSM), CorioLink is tasked with providing advice and operational support with press relations and sloganeering accompaniment.


Frenesie Announcing this win from the Europcar budget, which he dedicates to the organization of a competition for the Cannes Film Festival. Partner of the film festival after 25 years, Europeans want to do more. Le louur fera gagner, part tirage au sort, deux sejours pour deux persons avec la prize en charge du deplacement, de l’hebergement, ainsi qu’un accès exclusif à la montée des marches le samedi 21 may prochain. The big winners benefited from a privileged moment with Jonathan Bertin, a professional photographer who photographed celebrities.

brand station

Bioderma and Institut Esthederm engage in communication and communication brand station. The Bioderma brand is reaffirming its competence in dermatological expertise and health care that is compatible with environmental biology – with a shift in the communication strategy to the French market. The mission mission, from the month of May, to deploy new product campaigns, a new social media strategy and content creation, author of an area of ​​local development, to increase the evolution of representation in the Representations de la cible et des Attitudes des Consommatrices French. Brand Station’s goal is to increase brand consideration in the marine biology professional position, through a content, skills and educator program. They are all representatives of French dermocosmetics consumers who wanted to understand the mechanisms of the pea. The Esthederm Institute brand is a souvenir with a new approach to managing its content and the products produce long-lasting l’année, the author of this position of dermatological expertise applied to positive aging.

here Barbes

The Agency here Barbes about 4 new customers. After this retention for the creation of the content of the Energy Guide, the Agency further developed the topics of cooperation with the EDF Group. here barbels assured SEO content production for EDF communities and businesses.

France Invest, an association that defends and promotes the investment, infrastructure and personal income industries, is a bargain for Barbès to join the social media strategy. The agency supports the implementation of content on France Invest’s Phares platforms (LinkedIn and Twitter). With over 400 management companies and 180 ad hoc companies forming a community of 7,000 professionals and experts in capital investment, and in a context of relevance and choice, France Invest can play a role in supporting the impact of capital investments in the real economy ” .

Interface to renovate with confidence here Barbes Orchestrate and organize the production of SEO content to develop the visibility of the fruit brand and fresh fruit in the digital space. After the competition, Enedis, manager of the electricity distribution network, selection here Barbes for the accompaniment of the three lots: the activation of the brand on the social issues, the concept of the communication campaigns and supports the print edition, the content of the content (articles, syntaxes, files, etc.).

Future brand Paris

The strategy Strategy and brand design Future brand Paris, the company Moët Hennessy, the “Vins & Spiritueux” branch of the LVMH group, in the launch of its two premieres of red roses in organic transformation: Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2021 and Galoupet Nomade 2021, on sale in May. The audible choices offered by the agency, innovative and responsive, environmentally friendly, plus the role of the pioneer who occupied Galoupet Castle.

Public Relations Chronicle

The Agency for Media and Influence Relations Public Relations Chronicle Announcing 4 new clients: Cyclik, Argold, Melchior and Henri Lamy. The Chronicle Agency follows the start-up Lyonnaise Cyclik, Relief Creator, a 100% vegetarian frame electric bike, for a campaign in regional and national media relations. Natural cosmetics maker Jesus de l’huile d’argan and the character of the barbarian Argold appealed to the Chronicle Agency to gain exposure by finding a brand ambassador. After Nantes, Bordeaux, Rennes, Lille and Angers, the affiliated canteen Melchior has settled in Lyon and appealed to the agency to write a success story in the low mountain range. Painter and performer Henri Lamy is also co-founder of the Gutenberg Tavern in Lyon: Chronicle before responsibility for media work.

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