HelloWork presents its rebranding strategy

HelloWork Group, publisher of BDM, is making a big change. The French leader in internet recruiting unites 11 of its brands. Candidates can now browse vacancies on a single platform, accessible here: hellowork.com. David Beaurepaire, Deputy Director, presents the objectives and implementation of this rebranding.

What are HelloWork’s specialties?

The HelloWork group is present in the labor, training and guidance markets. We offer solutions for recruiters such as:

  • HelloWork Recruiter to manage their offers and find candidates,
  • CV Catcher to improve the experience on career sites,
  • Seekube to organize recruiting events,
  • Basile to facilitate recruitment by co-optation.

What were the brands dedicated to work?

On the job market, HelloWork has been represented by several brands: RegionsJob, local versions such as OuestJob and ParisJob, Cadreo for executives, RegionsJob Intérim … These sites have facilitated the intermediation between candidates and recruiters for many years. .

They allowed us to become the leading French actor in terms of audiences.

Why merge these brands?

Having different brands to cover the whole territory was beginning to put a brake on our ambitions. There are some acquisition levers in fact limited by this fragmentation.

We feel we have covered the optimizations we could put in place with our different names. We needed more brand awareness to go even further.

We therefore made the choice to abandon our historical names in favor of a single brand: HelloWork. It is already known to recruiters, through the use of our services. Our DNA obviously remains local employment, we are in tune with the reality of recruiters. We simply observe that the market has changed a lot in recent years, with teleworking and the different ways of working. It therefore seemed appropriate to carry out this change of positioning at the end of the health crisis, while providing new services to our users.

Such a change of identity mobilizes all teams in a company: technical service, traffic acquisition, communication, editorial, marketing, etc. We are delighted that our users can finally take advantage of it.

Candidates benefit from a unified experience © HelloWork

How is the HelloWork brand positioned?

It’s not just a brand change, it’s a mainstream identity change. We combine this rebranding with a series of features that will be implemented in the coming months. Main objective: to demonstrate greater transparency on the job market, for candidates and recruiters.

salary information

In many job offers, the salary is not indicated. Yet it is a determining factor in the choice of location.

On an e-commerce site, no one would think of buying a product without knowing the price.

We will ensure that as many recruiters as possible indicate the elements relating to remuneration to bring greater transparency to the recruiting market.

Learn about the hiring process

Same principle for the recruiting process: when a candidate applies for a job offer, he is often faced with the black box phenomenon. Other than an email to confirm the submission of his application, he has little information until the recruiter contacts him.

On an e-commerce site you can track your package in real time, at every stage, from preparation to delivery. When you order a meal, you can follow the courier.

It seems essential to us to inform candidates with these elements. The question of him was received, opened by the recruiter, the manager positioned himself …

Information for candidates and recruiters

We also want to inform them about the possibilities of teleworking, the working environment, integration into the company, etc. Objective: to provide users with as many elements as possible so that they can make an informed choice.

This benefits candidates, but also recruiters who receive even more qualified and committed applications. This is the whole problem of transparency.

How will the new brand be represented?

HelloWork is moving into brand new territory, with a new slogan: ” our work, to help you choose yours “. We support this change with a massive media plan, worth several million euros by the end of the year, with excellent recommendations from the Initiative Agency. It aims to transfer RegionsJob awareness to HelloWork and ensure HelloWork becomes better known than our old brands, as the outreach effort is now focused on a single entity.

Campaign creation is led by the Socialclub super team. We made a singular choice, with a campaign animated by 3D characters. They will accompany us for the next few years.

This territory had not, until then, been exploited in our sector of activity. They can represent the completeness of the positions accessible on HelloWork.

We address the entire labor market. These characters will be able to embody the different professions and pluralism of our users.

We will also distribute a new BtoB signature: “Our work ends where yours begins”. Our mission is to provide recruiters with the most qualified candidates, but the fact that a recruiter guarantees a good match between a person and his future work environment remains an eminently human mission, carried out by all our clients.

Which communication levers are activated?

From this Monday we will activate all digital devices: SEA, social media, YouTube… In addition to digital, we will also be visible on TV, catch-up TV and radio from the end of May. At the beginning of the school year, the campaign will be even more massive with posters and an intensification of our communications. On television we will broadcast our brand on the main networks, in particular TF1, M6 and TNT.

We focus on the most professionally mobile active population, namely 18-34 years old.

It is those who change jobs most often who are most likely to use our services.

How to communicate with users?

Since the beginning of April we have been communicating via the app and emails with all our users, whether they are recruiters or candidates. We want to reassure them: it’s the same company, their data stays in the same place, their use doesn’t change. Only the URL and name of the app are changing, we will only add their experience in the coming months.

At the same time, we have brought the HelloWork brand to our construction sites.

First and foremost, compared to RegionsJob and our local brands. We therefore proposed a HelloWork logo in major, associated with the different brands known to our candidates. We try to make a seamless transfer for our users in order to avoid losses. We naturally expect a small one-off drop, particularly in organic traffic, but we will compensate for it with SEA purchases and a major communications system. We expect to recover quickly and thus surpass previous levels.

What are the risks associated with such a project?

This movement is bold because we are moving away from recognized brands. In terms of SEO and the reputation of our services, the stakes are high.

We have implemented many actions to promote the transfer of popularity from our local sites to HelloWork. It is essential that the content created over all these years can benefit our unique brand.

We are a French company that develops a brand in English. This question has arisen. But HelloWork, it doesn’t work very well. We felt that the terms that make up HelloWork are sufficiently simple and known and that this does not represent an obstacle. This is also in line with our previous signature, “smile it’s monday”. We want everyone to thrive in their professional environment and be able to approach Monday with a smile, and the HelloWork brand resonates well with this mood.

How to analyze the success of a rebranding?

There are several KPIs: the audience, which we monitor daily, and the volumes of requests sent to our customers. There are also indicators of awareness: we will be able to observe, every week, the emergence of awareness of the HelloWork brand. We will be able to compare it with that of our competitors, RegionsJob and our local brands. We have set ourselves goals to be achieved by the end of the year.

Go to HelloWork to choose your future job!

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