Hervé Bloch: With the BigBoss he created a LinkedIn line

The square for the contact device. When you’re ready, in bermuda and t-shirt, in La Galerie Puteaux, the loft near Paris nestled in the fog of QG’s professional and family home, Hervé made Bloch insist on passing directly to everyone. There’s an industrial engineer on LinkedIn and Twitter who has built a digital career in this field: A little humanoid dance in a different world: The success of BigBoss, which launched in 2013, has a good reason. The big boss? Business events and business events: Two of these are present on the weekends, 600 marketing and digital directors from CAC40 companies and web champions. L’iver, ça se passe au ski, l’été, au soleil. In between, Hervé Bloch organizes other themes (bank insurance, fashion and beauty, tourism…) or other more intimate things in the loft.

The principle of BigBoss has not changed its debut: to involve great donors in the search for solutions to optimize our Internet resources and potential potential representatives to meet “for the better” in a distant setting before contemplating a business relationship plus poussée. “In general, according to Hervé Bloch, this is the moment to complete the contract that is discovered for future partners. Et, là, le curant passe… ou pas. With the BigBoss, he reverses the logic: we can always establish events with a maximum of three partners in a deal without any pressure.” chacun des prestataires. On the other hand, there are professions and leisure activities – skiing, entertainment or a simple gastronomic day – the opportunity to resolutely engage in discussions and socialize.

  • Hervé Bloch on 6 dates. 2000: Ecole supérieure de negotiation commerciale de Paris. Industrial engineer at IBM. 2004: Commercial Director at Nextint. 2006 : Commercial Director of Emailvision. 2010: Digilinx and public creations The 7 Big Capitals of Digital Marketing. 2013 : Les BigBoss Font du Ski, in La Plagne. 2016: Launch of BigBoss Diners.

An adept from the very beginning

Lors du Speed ​​Dating Géant, chaque big boss rencontre dix prestataires soigneusement selection. – © Jonathan Teboul/NonStopProd.

The Internet of “real” news in the digital world did not visit Hervé Bloch in 2013 to find out more. This commercial is dedicated to the technical department of the Ecole Supérieure de négociation comerciale de Paris, who returned to Netgen in 2000, the newest corporate division of IBM à la Défense pour s’adresser à l’univers des start-up . His mission: to sell information technology technologies to the pioneers of the Web of Epoch – eBazar, AlloCiné, Auckland, Aquarelle… In 2004 he decided to hand over the other cottage and develop a commercial director of Nexint, a start-up that can be found in the accessibility of websites for people with disabilities. If the company wants to refuse to open a solution in open source. “Si l’on n’entre pas dans la vague, cela ne marche pas”, Tranche-t-il.

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Sharing Emailvision, a specialist in email, he discovered the power of social media – Viaduc (Viadeo Center) and LinkedIn to know everything to do after the app – for your business acquisition activities. And as a quick answer to the (real) type of employment: “The genes of utility quand ils en on besoin, maí ça ne fonctionne pas. It’s a good idea to provide more information on LinkedIn.”

For a candy bar

When Emailvision was founded in Switzerland in 2008 to set up a subsidiary, the key themes are always there to win the first deals. “I have sent a message to all French connoisseurs in my life and a bar of chocolate for all contact qualifications in Switzerland, raconte-t-il. I’ve given out 30 and designed a shop for you! I want to finish off at a luxury hotel.” You need to let us know about the decision to install Trimester, make sure you have digital directors and agencies.

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Le Who is Who you digital

Mais le jeune directeur se lasse des navettes between Switzerland and Paris, oùil a laissé femme et enfants. Hervé Bloch revived in the capital in 2010. “As a link on the LinkedIn site, he continued to work, I was in the idea of ​​​​assembling a company in Paris, making it fruitful, but without having the idea of ​​precision. ” Digilinx, the combination of “digital” and the links (“lenses”), in relation to preliminary stages and functional directions, as a carrier of the classic business. At the same time, Bloch publishes a book in auto-edition – music history with image and fame -, The 7 Big Capitals of Digital Marketing. The throwback, in 2012, with Acquisition and Online Loyaltydon’t une big part est consacrée aux retours d’experience.

The BigBoss font for skiing. – © Jallal / Seddiki NKJS – BigBoss.

A gift to get into the companies and build a range of contacts that the interviewer Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, the founder of PriceMinister, will always notice. “Je choisis alors de tourner une courte video awe lui, puis je crée une Web TV – DGTV / LesBigBoss du E-commerce – pour interroger d’autres donneurs d’ordres.” In 2013, the accumulation of 100 portraits on a real Who’s Who’s website went digital – and decided to create a venue. We sell to restore everything. Soiree is a success. “That’s why we’ll be able to find you in December (photo here) for The Big Boss Font of the Ski, a concept taken from the inventory of all things. The problem is that we are not here!”

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20,000 euros for girls

Heureusement, le voyagiste Travelski vole à son secours. En un temps record, ils organizes an ensemble for a weekend in La Plagne (Alpes). Digilinx is privatizing a 150-room train and hotel, worth 182 people — 100 big bosses and a fifth of potential future partners. The coup is turned into a low-cost operation, rehearsed by the surviving model. Selection criteria for sponsors: At least 1 million euros in business. Invitations that are not out of place but potential partners (“sponsor” calls) will count against the 20,000 euro quota for a girl. Car, au-delà du fun, l’objectif est de faire du business: sur all contrat signé, Digilinx touche un pourcentage, et si un big boss ne signe rien dans les six months suivants il ne sera pas réinvité à l’édition suivante .

The weekend Summer of the BigBoss. – © BigBoss.

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In 2016, Hervé Bloch installed his offices and domicile in La Galerie Puteaux, in view of the organizer of the fairs by Thierry Ardisson, an anime of edition 93, Faubourg Saint-Honoré. He is a member of the company – exclusively for the recruitment of stagnant and emerging people in alternatives, who is also involved in the expert structure – and is professional: the specialists of the organization of events and the commercial staff Responsible for the entertainment of the prestates and the team, 100% dedicated to recruiting new big bosses. Other innovations: The speed of the data is based on a matchmaking algorithm. Hervé Bloch, Lui, s’étonne encore du chemin parcouru. “When I got on Digilinx I had a good time, I didn’t know what to do. Aujourd’hui, je suis à la tête d’une société de 15 personanes qui a fait 5.5 million d’euros de ciffre d’affaires en 2017. “Mais, en aucun cas, il n’envisage de s’arrêter là .

The team of Hervé Bloch (Assistant Schneider) consists of up to 15 people. – © Lea Crespi for Management.

The final clue is that they are active in the digital circle, which means you know, “why not transfer the big boss into the human and financial resources?” Il n’en oublie pas pour autant de cultivar ses réseaux virtualus i passe deux à 3 heurs par jour sur LinkedIn, où il totalise… 28,000 contacts. Some questions are still open.

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